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4S Telecom a Top Notch Business VoIP Solution Provider


4S Telecom offers quality business VoIP solution services at affordable prices. It’s time to equip your company with our business VoIP solution package and get benefit from it. We are among the top notch business VoIP solution provider group and we can fulfil all your communication requirements. Selecting a good service provider is very necessary as many of the VoIP service providers don’t give expert advices suiting your business needs. As a small business owner the VoIP phone system will allow you to stay flexible and enjoy the speed, security and reliability. A small research and business VoIP service providers comparison will make you aware of the best VoIP phone system for small business. You can visit our site link to get more information about our business VoIP service. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 4S Telecom a Top Notch Business VoIP Solution Provider

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Voiceoverinternetprotocolservice One of the
most effective ways to cut down extra cost in the
office is to use a VOIP service. A VOIP service
is a service that allows you to make calls but at
very low prices. A VOIP service uses two things
it uses the telecommunication infrastructure and
the internet. When you use VOIP, you can make
calls both inside the office and outside the
office too. When you use VOIP services, you
connect the telephone lines to the computer. And
then when you have to make a call, you
actually use the internet to transmit the packets
of data (your call). You are simply using the
internet to transmit packets of data from
one location to another. The VOIP services that
we, 4S Telecom, offer to you are extremely
reliable. There is nobody who can be parallel to
us in providing you with excellent VOIP services.
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Whywholesalevoip? VOIP has been the mightiest
sensation in the sphere of technology in past few
years. Besides masking the life easier for common
household users who could now opt to talk to
their loved ones, at super-cheap rates, it also
has a great impact in commercial circles. Our
Wholesale VOIP in particular has been proven to
be quite expedient when it comes to running
businesses that have strong links with the
telecommunications. Even if it is general purpose
business in any other field, it would require
heavy communication with the suppliers,
customers, banks etc to ensure that the chores
run smooth and steady.
Aneconomical expedient
Tired of paying up those excessively higher bills
for your international calls? Well you need a
good VOIP. The advancements in the past decade
have made VOIP a possibility- transmitting your
voice over IP is no more a fiction. The most
recent form of residential VOIP introduced by 4S
Telecom is even a better thing than that of
Skype, or Yahoo where you are mostly in need of
PCs on both the ends. The recent development
means that you could call someone on their
telephone with your VOIP software
either installed on the pc or laptop, and more
excitingly even on your cell phone or PDA. More
and more VOIP providers are now developing the
software versions for smart phones, keeping in
view the ever rising inclination towards
smart phones even in developing countries.
4S Telecoms Business VOIP is a surefire way to
augment the
performance of your business. It is also quite an
easier way of simplifying the communication cores
in your business. The most reputed
providers include the like of Skype, Yahoo and
others, but these are usually attributed more as
being the part of residential VOIP. The likes of
Smart VoIP are more suited to your business
needs. Not only it offers very competitive rates,
but also offers very exciting packages every now
and then. When choosing the VOIP make sure that
you make a thorough research as there quite a few
second-rate and shoddy software also available in
the market that terribly fail to deliver supreme
performance. Make one thing in your mind crystal
clear- the completive rates are not the only
factor that one needs to look out for, but the
superior quality of voice is also quite essential
including the bandwidth speed. The business VOIP
is usually considered to be far more effective if
different packages are signed for greater merits.
Callcentersvoip Call centers basically
consist of groups of people who receive
calls from people, answer them and also make
calls to customers to inform them about a product
or a service. People in call centers make use
of automated phones systems to give a quick
response to the quarries of people. Most of the
business owners around the world have
incorporated VOIP technology into
their businesses, and as things stand,
this technology is rapidly improving and a day
will come when telephone lines will become a
thing of the past.
VOIP enables different strategic business units
of the company to connect effectively with
each other. Call centers VOIP is a tool which is
essentially used for marketing purpose. This tool
also has vast implications for customer relationsh
ip management. It can prove to be an effective
way of direct selling. This communication tool
helps the people at call centers to interact more
freely with the target audience and that too at a
low cost.
New technology is incorporated into call centers
to enable the agents to answer phone calls
through internet. This new technology is
commonly known as call centers VOIP. Call centers
VOIP has many benefits for the call center
companies. The main advantage is that it can save
huge cost. It also results in improved performance
of employees because an efficient and effective
response mechanism is developed. mall changes
need to be made to existing system if you want to
enjoy VOIP or utilize VOIP technology through
a separate system and a new gateway.
VoipTechnologies Callshopsvoip Call shops
VOIP to enable people to make cheap
calls anywhere in the world. However, there are
some requirements for establishing call shops
VOIP. The first basic requirement is that you
should be a registered international call
service provider. Secondly, in order to manage
prices and rates of calls you will need a call
billing software. You will also need a 4 to 8
port VOIP box. VOIP box is an integral part of
all call shops VOIP. Last and perhaps the most
important thing is that you should have internet
access. VOIP technology is totally dependent
upon internet for providing services to the
customers. There are two types of call shops
VOIP. The types are categorized on the basis of
method in which people pay the bills. One is
known as prepaid and other as postpaid.
Callbackvoip Call back service basically works
in a way that a third party which is usually the
company helps people to connect with each other.
Call back VOIP is generally used by people
to connect with people in other countries. In
order to avail call back VOIP, all the customer
has to do is to purchase the calling card from 4S
Telecom. These calling cards are both available
online and offline. The whole process
of communication and connectivity also involves
an access number which is given by the service
provider to the user who can use it to avail
multiple benefits of call back services. Call
back VOIP equally benefits the general public
and multinational companies. It enables the
travelers to connect with people all around the
globe by following a simple procedure. It is also
fruitful for multinational companies who have
business units in different countries and need
to connect quickly with employees around the
Dialer... Pcvoipdialer PC VOIP Dialer is a
device, or more commonly software that could be
installed on the pc to make voice call over IP.
These dialers are more suited to broadband
internet in order to ensure maximum quality and
speed of transmission of voice. These software,
dialers are aimed to convert the analog signals
to digital and again to analog after reaching
the end point. This entire procedure might seem
to be quite complex in theory, but with
the recent advancements in VOIP mean that all
this happens within a fraction of second. PC
VOIP dialers make use of SIP, expanded to
Session Initiation Protocol.
Voipmobiledialer VOIP on mobile is an extension
of the similar technology that governs the
traditional VOIP, however certain
advancements are made. The major advancements are
in the smart phones technology, and the ability
to install software on them is a real factor that
accounts for the popularity of our VOIP
mobile dialers. Our VOIP mobile dialers are
easily configured and most developers make the
interface as simpler as possible. 4S Telecoms
VOIP mobile dialers come in different generations
, and finding the one that works well on
your phone is not really an issue. Thefirstevermo
OURCONTACTDETAILS Let's have a meeting together
and get more information on our products,
services and prices.
Konstitucijos Pr.23-201,Vilnius,08106,
Lithuania. www. 4stelecom.net info_at_4stelecom.net
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