Visit Rajasthan for Numerous Adventurous Activities – The Land of Rajput Architecture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visit Rajasthan for Numerous Adventurous Activities – The Land of Rajput Architecture


The adventure sports in Rajasthan are the ‘Sports of Royals’ that were instigated in the era of Maharajas but are enjoyed to date. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Visit Rajasthan for Numerous Adventurous Activities – The Land of Rajput Architecture

  • Visit Rajasthan
  • for Numerous Adventurous Activities
  • The Land of Rajput Architecture

  • Are you one of those personalities who love to
    live an active lifestyle jam-packed with vivid
    adventure sports and activities? Do you dream of
    visiting a place that can offer you not only with
    tons of adventurous activities to enjoy, but also
    consecrate you with the royalty of forts and
    secret sagas of palaces? If yes, then the
    wonderful land of Rajasthan is awaiting your
  • Situated in the north-western region of the
    country, Rajasthan is not only the largest state
    in the country but one such area that is packed
    with beautiful lakes, charming sand dunes, exotic
    adventure sports, colorful culture, rich cuisine
    and splendid flora and fauna. You must have heard
    about the exclusive culture and vivacity of
    Rajasthan, but if this time you are looking out
    for some truly incredible sports and fun-filled
    activities then Rajasthan is surely not going to
    leave you unanswered.
  • The adventure sports in Rajasthan are the Sports
    of Royals that were instigated in the era of
    Maharajas but are enjoyed to date. It was the
    Royal Rajputs who kept the sports spirit alive
    and who even today contribute to the sustenance
    of competitive sportsmanship within the locals.
    As a result, visitors can enjoy an array of
    adventurous activities while planning a tour to
    Rajasthan. So if you are really keen to know that
    how your visit to Rajasthan can be an adventure
    filled experience, then check out the below
    listed adventure sports that you can enjoy only

Elephant Safari
  • No matter to which corner of Rajasthan you are
    travelling to, if you want to enjoy your stay and
    enjoy the royalty of Maharajas, then Elephant
    Safari is the way to go. There is no other
    comparison to this adventure sport as it is a
    true depiction of royalty and serenity of
    Rajasthan culture. In a historical era, royals
    belonging to this state used to travel through
    Elephants to reach to their destination.
    Elephants were fashioned elegantly with the use
    of vibrant colours attires and exclusive
    accessories. Most of the times, a beautifully
    styled umbrella was placed on the back of
    elephants to offer adequate protection to the
    travellers from heat and sun. A journey through
    Elephant Safari can surely help you enjoy the
    traditional royalty of the past.

Camel Safari
  • Camel Safari is a perfect get away for those who
    wish to experience the golden sand dunes of Thar
    Desert. Even today, most of the voyages are
    carried on camel back or on camel carts. Besides
    a greatly enjoyable experience, you can avail
    comfort and convenience through this ride as the
    camels are well prepared and trained by experts,
    Raikas. Some major areas in Rajasthan where such
    rides are organized are Jodhpur, Shekhawati,
    Pushkar, Nagaur, Jaisalmer, Mandawa, and Bikaner.
    Depending on your convenience and suitability you
    can decide for total distance to be covered
    through camel rides. Usually, they cover a
    distance of around 40kms a day. In order to avoid
    experiencing harsh heat, it is wise to opt for a
    camel safari in the winter season.

Jeep Safari
  • To discover the picturesque beauty of Rajasthan,
    the finest way is to travel through Jeep Safari.
    It is a highly adventurous way to explore the
    lesser known corners and roads of Rajasthan.
    Excellent Jeep Safari is organized in areas of
    Shekhawati, like Mandawa and in regions around
    Udaipur in Rajasthan because the rocky landscape,
    desert, and hills offer an incredible site view.
    Jeep Safari is truly amusing and covers places
    like tribal regions, old forts, and shrines in

Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Another exceedingly interesting and amusing way
    to explore the glorious landscape beauty of
    Rajasthan is a ride via hot air balloon. To avail
    the finest experience, just soar away above the
    lovely Pushkar festival and delight yourself with
    magnificent views. You can even enjoy the
    wonderful beauty of capitals Pink City from the
    top as this ride will take you to the palaces,
    bewitching architecture, palaces and sensational
    sight views for which the city is known for. You
    can enjoy hot air balloon rides only on prior

  • Cycling is one of the most adventurous and
    cost-effective ways to enjoy the rich landscape
    of this state. You might be pondering how this
    can be adventurous! But, you can travel through
    the hills and other beautiful spots of Rajasthan
    through hired bicycles. If you wish to enjoy some
    serious cycling ride in the state, then the
    option of hiring geared bicycles is also
    available in all major towns and areas of this
    state. Cycling is an amazing way to explore
    villages and towns with narrow roads in areas
    like Ranakpur, Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, Mount Abu
    and more.

  • Camping under the glittering clear sky of
    Rajasthan can offer a perfect treat to your eyes.
    A night camping in the state can make you enjoy
    the splendid view of celestial wonders. It is an
    amazing adventure activity that is treated like
    just another art form here. For this reason,
    there are numerous campsites established in
    various localities that would befit royalty. The
    experience of camping expeditions in Rajasthan is
    not limited to adventure, but it also offers a
    spectacular outdoor experience couple with
    comfort. One can get pampered and enjoy spending
    time in contemporary camps situated at Sam
    Village, Jhalawar, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, and

  • Although this sport has not yet been developed to
    fullest, still there are certain prime locations
    in Rajasthan that offer adventure lovers a
    doorstep to paragliding. Even if you are a casual
    vacationer, you can still capture unforgettable
    memories by enjoying this sport above the
    mesmerizing, sand-based crimson coloured
    countryside of Rajasthan. The service, till date,
    is offered only by those operators who have
    appropriate equipment with them. You have to do a
    little research work in order to find out the
    places that offer paragliding in Rajasthan.

Water Sports
  • Definitely, you must be wondering, that
    Rajasthan, a place known for its sand dunes and
    desert areas, can be a destination point for
    water sports! Well, it is true that despite being
    an area filled with sandy climate and a perfect
    desert paradise, there are few regions in
    Rajasthan that can offer you with fascinating
    water sports throughout the year. There is no
    shortage of huge, clean lakes in Rajasthan and
    you can find them in Udaipur a region in
    Rajasthan known for its natural beauty and
    water-filled lakes. Performing water sports
    during sunset is a great way to enjoy the
    ethereal beauty of rainbow colours that fall on
    the water. Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur is one of
    the ideal destinations to enjoy this adventure.
    In addition to this, there are also lakes
    offering such sports in Alwar.

Wildlife Safari
  • It might be an unexpected surprise, but this
    dessert terrain is a house to vast species of
    wildlife. From a couple of endangered species to
    exotic birds to mammals, you can enjoy watching
    them in the sanctuaries of this state. The birth
    of a vast variety of flora and fauna has been
    possible in Rajasthan due to its immense
    latitudinal and size variations. So if you are
    travelling with family, specifically with small
    kids, then you can enjoy vivid and spectacular
    views in numerous sanctuaries of Rajasthan. The
    semi-green, partially dense forests of Mount Abu,
    the dry deciduous regions of Aravali, the
    wetlands of Bharatpur and more such regions await
    your visit. To enjoy a wildlife safari in
    Rajasthan, you can check out the sanctuaries
    located in Alwar, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Kota and

  • The sports and adventure of trekking are not only
    limited to the hilly areas of Himalayas, as the
    hills and routes of Rajasthan also offer great
    trekking opportunity. Whether you talk about the
    Sariska-Alwar-Amer belt, or you are keen to trek
    through the Udaipur-Kumbahlgarh-Chittorgarh belt,
    both these locations offer a spectacular trekking
    experience. The ideal time to trek in Rajasthan
    is winters, but you can also go during the
    monsoon season as there are very fewer chances of
    encountering a landslide. There are various
    hotels available on the trekking route but opt to
    stay in a Haveli to enjoy the true royalty of
    Rajasthans culture.

Zip Line
  • There is no limit to your adventure in Rajasthan
    as you can discover new angles as you glide over
    the widespread landscape of Jaipur, or you fly
    above the exterior battlements of desert lakes
    and fortress in Jodhpur. Neemrana a hot-spot in
    Alwar district is also a perfect answer to your
    question that allows you to travel in the middle
    of the enchanting hills.
  • So wait no more to enjoy an adventure-packed
    holiday in Rajasthan as the region awaits your

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