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Long lasting flower varieties


Long lasting flower varieties give information about flower varieties which are capable of keeping your environment fresh and energetic for a longer period of time compare to other flowers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Long lasting flower varieties

Long Lasting Flower Varieties
No matter whether you plan on sending a bouquet
of flowers to someone else or you're ordering
them for yourself, you likely want your bouquets
to last for a little while after you order them.
Best Bouquet Flowers Long-Lasting Varieties
While no bouquets will last forever, there are
certain varieties of flowers that have a longer
life span after they are cut, and these are among
the best types of flowers to select in your
bouquets when you place an online flower delivery.
Flower bouquets that have lilies in them are
great when you want to send online flowers to
someone and have the flowers last for more than a
couple of days.
Close up shot of blooming lilies amongst a group
of bright red roses.
Lilies tend to have long stems that make them
ideal for bouquets, and once they are cut, they
can usually survive in a vase for three weeks or
longer when they're properly cared for. There are
numerous types of lilies to choose from as well,
such as Peruvian lilies, Easter lilies, Asiatic
lilies, Oriental lilies and so on. 
Dahlias are also perfect for bouquets because not
only do these types of flowers have a long bloom
time, but they have strong stems that can
withstand being bound into a bouquet.
Roses dahlias glorious vase bouquet
These types of flowers are available in numerous
sizes and colors of blooms, so they can used in
virtually any type of bouquet. They are striking
and instantly demand attention, especially when
they're sticking up out of a vase and are set on
display where they can last for a couple of weeks.
Carnations are among the most popular types of
flowers to get in bouquets, which is fortunate
since they tend to have a relatively long life
span after they are cut. These flowers can
usually last anywhere from two to three weeks in
vase after they've been cut, sometimes longer if
they are carefully cared for.
Awesome hand bunch of lilies carnation
chrysanthemums wrapped in stunning pink paper. 
Because carnations have a low mineral content,
however, you should only place them in distilled
water. Carnations come in many colors as well and
an online florist can mix them with other flowers
to create a truly unique-looking bouquet.
Daises are some of the most traditional types of
flowers found in flower bouquets, so if you want
to go the timeless route, you might want to buy
flowers online that have daisies in them. Plus,
daisies are one of the hardier varieties of
flowers, and they can last two weeks or longer
when put in a vase.
Daisy bouquet
They have firm, long stems that make the ideal
for being put in a vase. Daises come in a variety
of vibrant colors too, so there's no end to the
types of bouquets that can be constructed with
Amaranths are extremely great for bouquets since
their drooping flowers tassels can be tucked into
the sides of bouquets and allowed to spill over
the edges of vases. They serve as the perfect
backdrop for other flowers and add a nice,
whimsical touch to any flower arrangement.
Orange Roses and Purple Stock with Green
Button Mums and Hanging Amaranths - Bouquet
When you order flowers online that have amaranth
in them, your bouquets will have an ornamental
quality that's unsurpassed. Moreover, amaranth
have hearty stems that can last more than two
weeks in a vase.
Anthuriums are another option for long-lasting
flowers since they can last approximately a week
when they're cut as stems rather than as single
blooms. They are both cheery and exotic, and they
can even be used alongside Annie Black orchids to
create a unique bouquet that will last a long
Purple Anthuriums
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