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Renewable Energy For a Better Tomorrow


Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation helps India build energy efficient buildings which rely on renewable sources of energy, and help save our country for our future generations. For more information, visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Renewable Energy For a Better Tomorrow

Renewable Energy For a Better Tomorrow
Its no secret that us humans are slowly
destroying planet earth and over the past decade
efforts have been stepped up to combat the
effects of global warming and reduce the carbon
footprints left by buildings and factories. Its
been scientifically proven that if we dont do
anything to change the way we live the carbon
emissions worldwide could double by the year 2050
and most coastal areas will be submerged by
melting polar ice caps. A recent study proved
that buildings are responsible for about eighteen
percent of global emissions which is equivalent
to about ten billion tons of carbon dioxide
produced annually.
What we can do differently
  • When we use the term energy efficient building,
    these are buildings that use new and innovative
    techniques to use energy in a sustainable way so
    that future generations are not impacted by our
    life styles and also to be eco friendly in the
    way of emissions. For a building to be classified
    as energy efficient, more than seventy percent of
    its power sources should come from renewable
    sources of energy like solar, wind, hydro, or
    sometimes even from biogas. India is growing at
    an alarming rate and the increase in building is
    in direct proportion to the power needs and the
    carbon footprints or environment impact left

The Shakti Foundation
  • When the environment is impacted by pollutions,
    what we are doing is leaving the quality of air
    and the general state of the planet in a poor
    condition for our future generation, not to
    mention that if we use up all the conventional
    sources of energy like petrol, coal and diesel it
    will take millions of years for resources to
    build up enough to be useful for our future
    generations. For this very reason Shakti
    Sustainable Energy Foundation was set up in 2009
    to help India build energy efficient buildings
    which rely on renewable sources of energy, and
    help save our country for our future generations.

How we are falling way short of the mark
  • If you live in big metropolitan cities of India
    you may not realize this but our country has a
    perpetual shortage of power. Most people living
    in rural areas are below the poverty line and
    many do not have access to electricity. To
    eradicate poverty in our country, power is of
    high importance and we need to increase our
    output buy about seven times to match the rate of
    growth by year 2022. Now as far as our current
    consumption, we already use a few million barrels
    of imported oil a day just to get by and this not
    only affects our economy but also our
    environment, if we dont switch to energy
    efficient buildings soon, there will be nothing
    left for our future generations, nothing in terms
    of fuel, and nothing in terms of environment.

A greener tomorrow
  • At Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
    consistent efforts are in place to propagate
    renewable sources of energy and a recent effort
    to promote rooftop solar panels across the
    country has come to fruition with the solar
    rooftop policy coalition. In this policy, the
    Shakti foundation, along with the UK department
    for international development and other partners
    are developing and implementing policies that
    will scale up private investors in rooftop solar
    panels. These panels can make up a significant
    percentage of the nationwide shortage and is a
    great step toward an energy efficient country.

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