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Key Resons to Sell Your Property to Melbourne Developers


If you are looking to sell your house at the right price, you need to get in front of the right buyers. We, at Develop Connect, are helping home owners get maximum value for their home by helping them sell directly to developers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Key Resons to Sell Your Property to Melbourne Developers

Key Reasons to Sell Your Property to a
Melbourne Developer
When you sell to property developers in
Melbourne, you will be spoilt for choices and
Develop Connect will be with you all the way to
ensure a hassle-free and fast transaction.
Sell your Melbourne house without an agent
No agents required - meaning faster site
acquisition. House selling is now fast and
subtle. We offer a unique platform for homeowners
to contact property developers directly.
Were Develop Connect
  • Develop Connect allows home owners to directly
    connect with property developers who are
    interested in your homes location. We specialize
    in site acquisition on behalf of developers,
    whilst simultaneously helping you sell your
    property above market value. Simply tell us about
    your home and the value you are looking to get
    for it. We then pass on this information to our
    network of developers and come back to you with
    the offers we have received. You then decide
    which offer you like the most and elect the price
    and conditions. Watch the progress of your sale
    while we help take care of all the paperwork,
    including legal documents.
  • The benefits of selling directly to a property
    developer is you will be able to sell above
    market value, you will not need a traditional
    real estate agent, you will avoid pre-sale
    maintenance costs trying to get your house

Higher Selling Price, No Maintenance, Less Hassle
  • At Develop Connect, we make it our mission to
    help homeowners sell their properties above
    market value. We help those who want to sell
    their home connect with property developers

How to Sell Your House Fast in Melbourne
  • By selling directly to property developers
    through Develop Connect, you will get offers a
    lot quicker than if you sell through an agent. We
    will find developers who are interested in your
    area/location and get their offers. Once we have
    the offers, we will present them to you so you
    can decide which one is best. From our extensive
    experience, we have found that by selling
    directly, deals are completed a lot quicker than
    dealing with an agent.

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Sell Higher Than Market Value
When you sell house without agent you spare
yourself from having to pay ridiculous agent
What You Need to Know About Selling Land to
Developers in Melbourne
  • At Develop Connect, we work with property
    developers in finding ideal locations where they
    can build real estate developments. We also
    specialise in site acquisition on behalf of our
    client developers and help property owners get
    the cost value for their properties and land.
  • Sell Your Land to a Developer Benefits
  • There are several reasons why you should sell
    your land directly to a developer as shown below
  • 1.You get higher profits.
  • Perhaps the single most notable benefit of
    selling directly to a property developer is that
    you get the highest value for your land. Theres
    no need to pay a local agent his or her
    commission. You dont have to pay for advertising
    or marketing. You sell directly and as a result,
    you get to keep all the proceeds from the sale.
  • 2. You can sell in private.
  • By sidestepping local agents you dont have to
    announce to the world that you are selling your
    property. And yet, you still get lots of offers.
    We have hundreds of developers in our network,
    something that real estate agents do not have. By
    deciding to sell your land with the help of
    Develop Connect, you can get lots of offers for
    your property.

How to Sell Your Home in Melbourne Without an
  • You can sell higher than the market value.
  • You dont have to pay agent commissions.
  • Selling your home on your own could mean you can
    sell it for a higher price but in addition, the
    sale process is also cheaper because you dont
    need to spend on advertising, marketing or agent
    commissions. As you known, the commission of real
    estate agents can be as high as 5. If you
    streamline the youll deal with fewer people
    which can translate to a cheaper sale.
  • Selling your home yourself enables you to sell
    higher than the market value especially if you
    transact with property developers. They will pay
    more for your home than traditional buyers and
    here at Develop Connect we have hundreds of
    property developers in our network that local
    agents know compared to homebuyers

How it works
Tell us the address.
We use this to contact developers looking in your
We let Developers know.
We contact HUNDREDS of Property Developers on our
database advising you are thinking of selling.
You assess the best offer based on your
Sort through multiple offers, then decide the one
you like most.
Choose your Price and conditions.
Choose the offer that best suits your needs and
Well Take Care Of The Rest
Watch the progress of your sale while we take
care of all the paperwork, including legal
And Youre Done!
You will receive the proceeds from your homes
sale on your chosen settlement date.
We specialize in site acquisition and we can show
you our database of information that is exclusive
only to us and our clients.
Contact us today if you have a property to sell..
Contact us
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