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Persian Cat


Presentation containing about persian cat review that includes history persian cat, persian cat species, persian cat food, and how to persian cat care. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Persian Cat

Persian CatKnowing The History, Types, And How
To Care Persian Cat
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History Persian Cat
  • History Persian CatsPersian cat is a cat breed
    that we can recognize because they have long
    hair, has a wide face and the latter has a pug
    nose. The origin of these cats from the Persian
    state, so from this cat's name we can guess that
    these cats are Persian or now we know Iranian
    state. The first time these cats be brought or
    introduced to the Italian state in prominence in
    1620 by Pietro Della Valle and then introduced or
    be brought also of the Turkish state to the
    French state by Nicholas Claude fabri de Peiresc.
    In the history formerly mentioned that persian
    cat does not have long hair, this cat was raised
    in the country of turkey is then mated with
    Turkish Angoras cat who have long hair. While the
    history persian cat in another version, says that
    race persian cat breed with wild cats of Africa
    to get the cat has long hair. The point in any
    version about the history of persian cat says as
    the oldest breeds of cat and has a high value.
    History Persian cats in other versions as regards
    this cat felis Libyca descent from Asia and
    Africa. In the early 1900s these cats were first
    introduced to Canada and the USA, a pet cat
    becomes the most preferred, preceded by a period
    of persian cat it at a rapid pace becoming a
    popular cat breed in the eyes of the world
    community. At the present time, persian cat race
    is often used as a theme in a variety of pet
    contests are of high value.

Type of persian cat
  • Traditional Persian cat / cat Persian
    Doll-FaceThe first Persian cat could you know is
    a traditional persian cat, persian cat species
    which is a type of persian cat who still has a
    persian cat breeds that are still original. That
    is persian cat resulting from mating between the
    original persian cat with fellow original persian
    cat, why so-called traditional persian cat.?
    Because persian cat is already experiencing
    marital second generation, then persian cat is
    not original anymore, but is commonly known or
    referred to as the traditional persian
    cat.Persian cats flat face/ Peak-FacePersian
    cat flate face may be one type of persian cat
    that you can know, but this type of somewhat
    controversial for the cat lover. Therefore, this
    type of cat in doubt by the association certified
    persian cat world, which says that the flat type
    of persian cat face is not similar to persian
    cat. They have reason that persian cat has a flat
    face nose height layout that is not in front
    under the eyes, which is why the persian cat flat
    face not internationally recognized.

Himalayan Persian catsHimalayan persian cat is a
hybrid of the original persian cat breeders with
this type of Siamese cats. Judging from its shape
still looks the same as the original persian cat
species, but has a body that is much more visible
strapping. It is very reasonable if himalayan
persian cat has a robust body, because the body
has a bit much to have genes from the body
Siamese cat. While the look that has changed with
persian cat in general, because the himalayan
persian cat has a face that looks a little more
fierce than the type of original persian
cat.Exotic Shorthair Cats/Persian cat American
ShorthairType of exotic shorthair Persian cat is
a hybrid of persian cat breeders with local cat /
cat usual, so the seedlings were produced is
persian cat that has a size and short hair the
same hue with shades of local cats / ordinary
cat. But to the size and shape of her body is
still the same as persian cat, but her body
little unbiased and quite a bit shorter.Persian
cat mini / Persian cat Tea-Cup SizePersian cat
mini often also known by the name of persian cat
"pixie" or "pocket". Giving the name could not be
separated from the body size that is owned by
persian cat mini. Persian cat mini only has a
body size of a teacup of poselin, even the size
of which is owned by persian cat mini could be a
little smaller than the size of the porcelain.
Peculiarities size body shape owned by persian
cat mini result from derivative that crosses more
than 5 times, so the genetic system in body size
of which is owned by persian cat mini shape the
size unnatural.
Chinchilla longhair persian catThe next type of
chinchilla longhair persian cat, persian cat of
this type is the result of sterling mating,
namely mating between different persian cat. From
the marriage then the resulting type of
chinchilla persian cat with characteristics have
long hair then has a silver color and gold. How
sterling mating only works on persian cat who is
a descendant of the fifth. But in fact type of
chinchilla longhair persian cat was not
recognized by the international association of
persian cat. Persian cat of this type is only
recognized by the Association of African persian
cat.Flat Nose Persian CatsThe next type of
persian cat is kind of flat nose persian cat,
persian cat of this type is the result of a cross
between a persian cat that has been in the top
five generations. The characteristics that can be
identify is to have a body size and body shape as
persian cat is usually, but especially on the
face is different, for persian cat flat nose has
the shape of a rounded face and impressed chubby,
but on the part of a snub nose and a little bit
tiny.Persian cat MediumThe latter type of
persian cat is a medium persian cat, persian cat
this type are also commonly referred to as the
modern persian cat, which for this type of
persian cat originated on persian kitten who has
undergone several crosses. Traits that you can
identify this type is persian cat has a physique
that responsibility with long fur that is not too
heavy like other persian cat. As for the fur
color mostly have a pure white color, but there
also has a bit of brown fur.
How to persian cat care1. If the persian cat fur
you have already started to look dull and matted,
then you can consult a person skilled in dealing
with persian cat fur. This is because the matted
fur on persian cat can lead to a sense of painful
and make their skin attracted even in a case can
make your persian cat injured.2. If your
persian cat has long hair, then you have to do is
to comb his fur at least 2 times a day, and do
not forget to use a metal comb in order that your
persian cat fur well maintained and clean.3.
You should also pay attention to food, give a
special meal for persian cat, you can buy at a
pet store, because there are many available that
special meal for persian cat. And do not forget
to provide enough nutrients and vitamins to
persian cat you have with intensity every day
will impact better and make your persian cat stay
healthy and fit. By providing sufficient
nutrients and vitamins that will make your
persian cat fur maintained its beauty.4. You
need to know also that there are some cases that
say that persian cat lots had problems with the
tear ducts. If you already have then this happens
in persian cat you have, then you also need to
know these cases are usually due to persian cat
will be a lot of tears, as a solution to this
case is that you can buying wipes specifically
for cleaning the eye area and nose.
5. Take time each day to play or joking with
persian cat you have. It is intended that persian
cat you become docile and obey your commands. You
can do this on a regular basis even though the
time you give only briefly.6. You can give time
to persian cat you have to bask in the morning.
Heat during the morning is also good for the
health of your pet persian cat.7. The age of
persian cat can live for more than 20 years. For
that you have to take care of him in earnest so
that persian cat you do not easily affected by
the disease.8. And do not forget to maintain
the cleanliness of your Persian cat cage, you
should clean their cages every day in order
maintained clean. you must create cage conditions
are always clean and comfortable as possible for
your persian cat.9. And you need to remember,
do not commit violenceand snapped your persian
cat, because it can lead to persian cat you
become increasingly strees.10. In order for you
keep fragrant persian cat then you can wipe the
cat's fur daily using baby wipes, using baby
wipes will not make you into a persian cat
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