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Solar Power Plant for Homes and Commercial Buildings


Insolergy Provides Aesthetic Solar Power Plant Solutions for Homes and Commercial Buildings, Start investing in Future Today. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Solar Power Plant for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Renewable Energy Source Solar Energy
Every year electricity Bills are increasing by
5-7 and the same trend is expected to continue
for years to come. Solar can help you secure your
future energy needs. With Solar you can lock-in
your tariffs for next 25 years.
Insolergy provides turnkey Solar Energy
solutions. We help you save on electricity cost
and contribute to the environment. We take care
of the entire process, so that you can sit back
and relax.
About Us
Founded by IIT Bombay alumni, Insolergy provides
turnkey Solar Energy solutions. Our core team
consists of industry veterans with extensive
experience in India and USA. We also have
strategic tie-up with US based Revio Energy Inc.
Together with our local partners we have the
technical expertise and last mile reach to
deliver excellence in terms of Quality and
Customer Satisfaction. We are also an approved
Channel Partner of Ministry of New and Renewable
Energy (MNRE, GoI), for grid-connected roof-top
What is Solar Energy
Solar energy originates with the thermonuclear
fusion reaction occurring in the sun. Represent
the entire electromagnetic radiations. This
energy consists of radiant light and heat energy
from the sun. Out of all energy emitted by the
Sun only a small fraction of energy is absorbed
by Earth. Just this tiny fraction of the Suns
energy is enough to meet all our power needs.
How much solar energy
The surface receives about 47 of the total solar
energy that reaches the Earth. Only this about
is usable
Why Solar Energy
The fossil fuels are non renewable sources so we
cannot depend on them forever. Though nuclear
energy is a clean and green energy, as said by
Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, there are always some
problem associated with it. So the only option
that we have is Solar Energy because it is a non
pollution and silent source of electricity and
also low on maintenance with a long life of more
than 25 years.
How does Solar Energy works
As we all know solar energy works with the help
of sun light and is said to be more reliable and
long lasting as the sun is about 4.5 billion
years old. It is a renewable energy as it
produces electricity by suns rays and hence
help in generating electricity without making
harm to the nature. Here is how the solar panel
works. Sunlight hits the solar panel and
generates an electric current (DC)The Electric
current flows to the inverter, which converts DC
Electricity to AC, the most commonly used from
of electricity. The AC electricity flows from
the inverter to the breaker box, which
directs the current to any appliance in the
building that is using electricity. Unused
electricity flows through a utility meter into
the grid. At the same time the electricity is
also drawn from the grid when the building needs
more energy than is produced by the solar panels.
Benefits Of Solar Energy Powering Your Home and
Commercial Building
GOOD AVAILABILITY Solar energy is available all
over the world. Not only the countries that are
closest to the Equator can put solar energy to
use Germany, for example, has by far the
highest capacity of solar power in the world.
REDUCE ELECTRICITY COST Electricity generated
by solar panel is free for life time only you
need to do is one time investment on solar
installation. So you dont need to pay for
electricity bill till the time all your
electronic appliances are working fine with
sufficient electricity generated by your
installed Solar. Another thing is you can also
send the excess electricity generated to girds
where you get an additional benefit on your
electricity bill and also enjoy a lot more tax
benefits from government. This means that
homeowners can reduce their overall electricity
expenses by going solar
Many Applications Solar energy can be used for
many different purposes. It can be used to
generate electricity in places that lack a grid
connection, for distilling water, or even to
power satellites in space. Solar power is also
known as The Peoples Power, which refers to
how easily deployable solar panels are at the
consumer level (both photovoltaic and solar
Benefits of Solar power Plant to Environment
As we all might be aware about solar power plant
derives pure and clean energy from the Sun which
is free to use and the best advantage of solar
power plant to environment is it does not emits
CO2 emission while producing electricity
eventually resulting in reduction of pollution in
the air, helps combat greenhouse gas emissions
and reduce our collective dependence on fossil
fuel. Traditionally electricity is been generated
from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.
As a result when these fossil fuel are burned to
create energy emits toxic gasses which
eventually result in causing air pollution and
global warning. Hence production of electricity
with help of these fossil fuels is bad to
environment and also the utilization of these
fuels are at large scale resulting in
eradication of these fossil fuels at an alarming
rate resulting in hike in electricity Bill year
by year. Which would be a major problem in coming
years. Traditional electricity is sourced from
fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. When
these fossil fuels are burned to create energy
they emit toxic gases which results in causing
pollution and global warming. Not only generating
electricity with help of these fossil fuel is
bad to environment but the supply to these
natural fossils are irradiating with an alarming
rate eventually resulting in hike in electricity
bill every year. Which would be a major problem
in the coming years. Hence we can see a lot of
major country like India are focusing more and
more on solar power installation to benefit
environment and reduce global warming to an
extent. So it is very important for us to get
the best benefits from this solar energy for our
better and clean future
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