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Top 6 reasons for choosing Automated Software Testing or Web Automation Testing


Read 6 reasons of why to go for Software automation testing or web automated testing. Automation QA testing is better than manual testing in many ways. Automation testing is saving time and money both. Its using test case again and again and also reduces the use of resources. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 6 reasons for choosing Automated Software Testing or Web Automation Testing

Reasons for choosing
Automated Software-Web Testing
Prepared by Nexsoftsys
  • Web Automation Testing or Automated Software
    Testing improves the software quality by
    providing various test scope.
  • Its better to use Testing automation in big
    software in which manual testing is critical.
  • When you have new releases and you have to check
    that for the bug in it. It may add the bugs in
    old functionality also. So you have to check them

  • So, you have to check all the modules again and
    Do it manually its a tough task.
  • So in such in regression work you have to do
    automation testing of web or Software.
  • Automation Testing is better than manual testing
    in many ways.
  • Because humans can't be so accurate as machines.

  • Here, Top 6 reasons for it are
  • Testing without supervision
  • Bug Detection is easy
  • Increase test coverage
  • Improved accuracy
  • Save Time and Money
  • Development team can also involve

1. Testing without supervision
  • There is no need to keep eyes on testing process
    whiles it running. You can start it for web or
    software and it will complete automatically.
  • So you can start web automation testing or
    software automated testing any time. Either you
    are free or not.
  • You can also start it while you are leaving
    office and when you come next morning you can see
    the result.

2. Bug Detection is easy
  • It can detect bug at the time of software or web
    development, which can reduce the time and money.
  • We can recognize any new bugs added as a result
    of the modification.
  • Automated testing tools often developed with
    inbuilt bug detection ability which helps in bug
    detection without spending extra efforts and time.

3. Increase test coverage
  • With Web automation testing, testers can
    increase the depth and scope of testing for hard
    or complicated test cases which increases test
  • Web or software Automated testing can perform
    lengthy tests which are avoided in manual testing
    like data, memory, files, internal programs, etc.

  • It can be run on many computers with different
  • Automated testing can easily perform thousands
    various and complicated test case at every test
    run by providing test coverage.

4. Improved accuracy
  • Humans cant be as accurate as machines. Even
    the most experienced software tester will do
    mistakes in manual testing.

  • But Software or Web Automated Testing performs
    same steps very precisely every time whenever
    its running.
  • Every time its also generating a detailed report
    of testing also.
  • Information which filled once will be taken
    automatically, so no worry about mistakes done
    during filling of information.

5. Save Time and Money
  • New release or new added features in Software or
    web needed to test each module or function again
    and again which results into waste of money and
  • In automated testing, same test case can be used
    many times and without any addition in time and

  • Web automation or software automated run same
    test case again for repetitive task which reduce
    time from days to hours.
  • We can test many devices at the same time
    resulting in relative full reports created in
    less time with the same factors, because the same
    scripts were run.

6. Development team can also involve
  • In manual testing everyone cannot see the
    result, but in automation testing everyone can
    see the result by signing into the testing system
  • The automated testing code often written in the
    same language used in development, So developers
    also easily understand it and worked on it.

  • As it runs on the source code, it will notify
    the developer about errors, so developer can
    resolve it before its going to a Software Tester.
  • This will reduce the time and helps to the
    tester and developer both which increase the
    level of their confidence.

  • Automation testing can be very useful in testing
    and especially in functional and regression
  • At the end of automation testing, you will have
    a better quality software or web or application
    with fewer bugs and you have do it with less
    human efforts and less resources.