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Top 10 List of Strange Phobias and Fears |


A fear, by definition is an extraordinary and regularly preposterous apprehension of something. Let's be honest, we as a whole know of either thing that sends chills down our spines. A few of us hop out of our skins at seeing a reptile, while for whatever is left of us, poop hits the fan at the notice of apparitions. In spite of the fact that these are fears that are basic, there are a large group of other irregular fears that may appear to be silly to you, yet have individuals attempting to overcome every day ordinarily. Here is a list of top 10 strange phobias and fears: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 List of Strange Phobias and Fears |

List of Strange Phobias and Fears
List of Strange Phobias and Fears
A phobia, by definition is an intense and often
unreasonable fear of something. Lets face it, we
all know of one or the other thing that sends
chills down our spines. Some of us jump out of
our skins at the sight of a lizard, while for the
rest of us, all hell breaks loose at the mention
of ghosts. Though these are phobias that are
common, there are a host of other weird phobias
that may seem irrational to you, but have people
struggling to get through each day
normally. Check this https//
List of Strange Phobias and Fears
Somniphobia (The Fear of Falling Asleep)
What is the most awaited part of the day for a
lot of people is perhaps the most dreadful
experience for somniphobes, who fear sleeping.
The fear of falling asleep mostly manifests from
their association of bed with death. The feeling
of powerlessness while experiencing nightmares
can also trigger this phobia. You never know
they probably fear that Freddy Krueger is still
on the prowl.
List of Strange Phobias and Fears
Bibliophobia (The Fear of Books)
Books are considered a powerhouse of knowledge,
but they dont enthuse bibliophobics one bit.
Bibliophobia is often found in people who cant
read or those who have had traumatic memories
associated with books. Heredity and genetics can
also play their part in triggering this fear.
List of Strange Phobias and Fears
Nomophobia (The Fear of Being without Mobile
Phone Coverage)
Of all the fears on this list, this fear is
probably the most common one in this day and age.
Nomophobia or the fear of being without mobile
coverage is a recently discovered phenomenon and
was coined a couple of years ago. The fear
extends to running out of battery or not having
access to a cell phone.
List of Strange Phobias and Fears
Chrometophobia (The Fear of Money)
As bizarre as it might seem, there are people in
the world who fear money. These people are often
homeless and live on the streets. Having this
unusual phobia is also found in individuals who
have less money, and their worry about their
inability to manage a livelihood with the few
bucks they have makes them turn away from it
List of Strange Phobias and Fears
Anthophobia (The Fear of Flowers)
Yet another uncommon phobia, anthophobia is a
fear of flowers that are usually considered an
epitome of beauty. Anthophobics experience
symptoms like panic attacks, trembling and
increased heart rate when they see flowers. Like
other phobias, even anthophobia can get triggered
by a negative experience associated with flowers.