How To Prevent Forgetfulness Habit And Increase Memory In Adults? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Prevent Forgetfulness Habit And Increase Memory In Adults?


This powerpoint presentation describes about how to prevent forgetfulness habit and increase memory in adults. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Prevent Forgetfulness Habit And Increase Memory In Adults?

How To Prevent Forgetfulness Habit And Increase
Memory In Adults?
Prevent Forgetfulness And Increase Memory
Being forgetful can be an aggravating and
frustrating experience that could also lead to a
low self-esteem and other problems. Being
forgetful could affect a person of any age group
when it happens more often, one could suppose it
is either looming dementia or Alzheimers
disease. It would be the best to first discuss
the common reasons why a person is forgetful
before we go to how to prevent the forgetfulness
Causes Of Forgetfulness Habit
Understand the causes of forgetfulness before you
know how to increase memory in adults. Lack of
restful sleep leading to mood changes and anxiety
could lead to problems with memory. Also
forgetfulness could be caused by use of certain
medications like tranquilizers, antidepressants
and some blood pressure medicines that cause
sedation and confusion.
Causes Of Forgetfulness Habit
It is the best that you consult your doctor
before taking such medications if you suspect
that a new medication is causing loss of memory.
Next an underactive thyroid could cause a
disturbed sleep and depression that could also
lead to slips of memory. It is also significant
that drinking too much alcohol can interfere with
short-term memory this varies from person to
Causes Of Forgetfulness Habit
One more answer to the question how to prevent
forgetfulness habit lies in eliminating anxiety
and stress both can interfere with attention and
block the formation of new memories or the
retrieval of old ones. The last but most
important cause of forgetfulness lies in
depression forgetfulness can also be a sign of
depression or a consequence of it.
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