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Top 10 Way to Save on Energy Costs


Top 10 Way to Save on Energy Costs and next time you receive your energy bill and decide to make some changes, keep some of these ideas in mind and remember to stay warm this winter! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 10 Way to Save on Energy Costs

Top 10 Way to Save On Energy Costs This Winter
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1. Investing in a Power Monitor
  • Investing in a power monitor is a great tool
    for any home. They range in price from anywhere
    to 25-1,000. Power monitors are a great way to
    monitor your homes entire electricity usage, view
    electricity readings and project monthly bills.
    This way you will be able to see which household
    devices are draining the most power and adjust
    your usage as needed.

2. Dropping Your Thermostat
  • Dropping Your Thermostat Dropping your thermostat
    by one degree for eight hours at a time can help
    you save 1. For a mild climate such as San
    Diegos, the savings would increase far more than
    in a severe climate.

3. Rearranging Your furniture
  • Rearranging your furniture can also do wonders as
    many pieces of furniture may be blocking heating

4. Use of a Power Strip
  • The use of a power strip can also assist in
    saving energy. Having multiple devices plugged in
    drains energy much faster, whereas the power
    strip will help save energy. They are also very
    convenient in the fact that when items are not in
    use you can easily switch the power strip off.

5. Changing Ceiling Fan Direction
  • Ceiling fans can also be of great use to you this
    season! Naturally heat rises and changing your
    ceiling fan direction will push the warm air back

6. Avoid the Use of Your Fireplace
  • Avoid the use of your fireplace this winter, even
    though it sounds like a cozy idea. A fireplace
    actually sucks the warm air upward through the
    chimney and out of your home. If your flu is
    open, it allows for cold air to make its way

7. Finding and Sealing Leaks can Lower Energy
  • If you notice a door to the outside of your home
    is a little bit drafty, try placing a rolled up
    towel underneath it by the opening. According to
    the U.S. Department of Energy, finding and
    sealing leaks can lower energy use between 5-30

8. Taking off the Charger to Reduce Energy Costs
  • With the many gadgets we have lying around the
    house it is common for many to leave devices
    that are already fully charged remaining plugged
    in. If you notice your cell phone, tablet or
    laptop has a full battery, try taking it off the
    charger to reduce energy costs.

9. Replacing Your Furnace Filter once a Month
  • Replacing your furnace filter once a month or as
    needed will increase the airflow in your home.
    You may even contemplate switching to a permanent
    filter. These can trap about 88 of debris.

10. Use of Cold Water in your Washing Machine
  • And last, but certainly not least! Cut down on
    the use of hot water. This can be done by either
    taking shorter showers or even just switching to
    the use of cold water in your washing machine.

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