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Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets


Do you have dirty carpets at home? Call professional carpet cleaning services in Brisbane and follow these top 10 DIY carpet cleaning secrets. Following a regular carpet cleaning regime not only means cleaner carpets but also a healthier environment. A dirty carpet acts as an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and virus while causing mold growth. This can eventually give rise to several air-borne diseases while also affecting the quality and visual appeal of your carpets. For more details visit - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets

Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets
Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
Cleaning your carpets removes harmful pollutants
eliminates dust-mite infestations and controls
mold growth. In addition to this, cleaner carpets
enhance your home décor and promote a healthier
atmosphere. Although calling a carpet cleaning
service in Brisbane is required once in a while,
but some precautionary measures from your end are
also necessary.
Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
Here is a list of top 10 carpet-cleaning secrets
which will make your task a lot easier.
Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
1. Furniture
  • Make sure you remove the furniture from the
    carpeted area before cleaning.
  • If the furniture is extremely heavy, place a
    plastic film below the surface and around the
    legs of the furniture.
  • Let the carpet completely dry before placing the
    furniture back or walking on the carpet.

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
2. Vacuuming
  • You must vacuum your carpets at least twice in a
    week especially in high-traffic zones.
  • Vacuuming can have very positive impact in the
    Brisbane-based carpet cleaning process. Make sure
    you use the correct attachment and method to
    fully clean your carpets.

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
3. Cleaning Solution
  • To begin with, do not use too much detergents
    while carpet cleaning.
  • Test the cleaning product on small patch first.
  • Avoid adding some other chemical or
    under-diluting your chemical to improve its

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
4. Watering the Carpets
  • Avoid over-wetting the carpets.
  • Remove as much water as possible while carpet
    cleaning in Brisbane.

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
5. Cleaning Method
  • Clean your carpets from the farthest point of the
    door and continue cleaning backwards so that you
    can move out when you are done.
  • For better results, call carpet cleaning services
    in Brisbane

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
6. Train Your Pets
  • For a clean carpet, it is better to train your
  • Please ensure your dog, cat or any other pet does
    not create a mess on your carpet.

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
7. Drying The Area
  • Ventilate the carpeted room as much as you can.
  • DO NOT close the room with a wet carpet.
  • Keep the HVAC system switched on till the carpets
    are completely dry.

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
8. Stain Removal
  • Blot and dry the stain as soon as it occurs.
  • Avoid scrubbing as it may harden the stain while
    damaging its fibres.
  • Make use of hard-bristled brush, water solution
    or carpet shampoo to remove the stain.

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
9. Carpet Cleaning Methodology
  • Professional carpet cleaning services in Brisbane
    use three methods for carpet cleaning which are
    Hot water extraction, Dry Powder Cleaning and Dry
  • Make sure that before hiring any Brisbane-based
    carpet cleaning service, you get some info on the
    specific method used.

Pam Eco Cleaning - Brisbane
10. Cleaning Machine
  • If you have a fully carpeted home, it is better
    to use a carpet cleaning machine instead of doing
    it by hand.
  • For 100 satisfactory results, call
    Brisbane-based carpet cleaning professional at
    least 2-3 time in a year for a detailed job.

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