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Civil Identity - Who are You? Key Words: Unequally yoked, equally yoked, egalitarianistic, introduction to social-psychology, sociology, violation of social mores, social science, deviancy, deviancies, aberrant, perversions, abnormal psychology, psychopathology, equallyoked, equallyokedtarian, equallyokedtariaism, dyadic psychology, marriage, family, and child psychology, sociocultural anthropology, human ecology. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Just What Does the Term EQUALLYOKED - Mean?
Equally Yoked?
Hook Up
  • Cultural/Casual
  • A specific time when two people meet to join in
    together-for a mutual event, or if,
  • two individuals from diverse backgrounds form a
    cheap/easy intimate relationship, or if...
  • an epiphany moment - a time - when a certain
    couple are shaking hands and realize/discover
    together that they are equallyoked.

- Slang Dictionary/Urban Words
  • Endogamy means, In-marriage and is when an
    individual according to his/or her own social
  • (comment this may be more like a community
    health principle, such as, a social mores or even
    an actual religious law).
  • .marries an another individual1 within his or
    her own cultural Social group.
  • Note a Social group may be a village, a
    tribe, a sect or cult,2 a geographic region, or a
    de facto Civil identity, etc.

- Sociocultural Anthropology
Who are You?
Social Identity
  • A persons sense of belongingness to a collective
    of identified important identified social groups
    such as
  • Citizenship a Nation
  • Property Deeds and co-ownership in Real estate
  • e.g., vacation homes, office buildings, land, and
    may include motor homes, RVs, cars, boats,
    planes, etc.
  • Profession in a trade, vocation, skill, craft
    boards or union organizations, an actual member
    of, etc
  • Education Credentials, degrees, diplomas,
    certifications, Grad-documentation of schools
    successfully attended.
  • Religious or Political Affiliations Title in
    religious organizations or Card carrying
    political party memberships.
  • Socio-economic class Amount of money in bank, in
    stocks and bonds investments, in bank notes and

- Social Psychology
Equally Yoked
  • The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked)
  • an adverb
  • Equally - means alike 1, in a balanced
    manner, the same or to the same degree of,
  • a verb
  • Yoked - means (Latin jungere 'to join) 2,
    something fastened around the neck to join
    together, burdened with.
  • in history
  • May have evolved from synonyms, with meanings,
    such as Equitably, Fairly, Justly3
  • Sentence They were an equally yoked couple
    from families of just ordinary means.

- Word Meanings Etymology
Equally Yoked
  • The term Equally yoked (also, equallyoked)
    probable came about from the Holy Bible wherein
    Jews marrying Jews, Muslims marrying Muslims,
    Christians marrying Christians, etc, etc, etc.1
  • - It is more than that - it is a social phenomena
    that exists in all multicultural societies, i.e.,
    peoples of the same de facto civil identity'
    bonding and marrying one another.2
  • - The best reasons3 for equally yoked marriages
  • self- esteem, religious beliefs, and
    preserving the integrity of the family identity,
    abiding in good social mores and community
    (psychosocial) health.

- Word Origins/Philosophy, and Sociology 101
Civil Identity
- Ethnicity - Religion - Race -
Color - Age - Gender -Sex - Marital
- Ethnicity - Religion -
Race - Color - Age -
Gender - Sex - Marital Status
de facto (in fact, in reality)
Civil Identities
  • - Ethnicity Asian
  • - Religion Christian
  • - Race Oriental
  • - Color Yellowish Complexion
  • - Age 21
  • - Gender Male
  • - Sexual orientation Heterosexual
  • - Marital Status Single

- Ethnicity Asian-American - Religion
Christian - Race Oriental - Color Yellow
Complexion - Age 18 - Gender Female - Sexual
orientation Heterosexual - Marital Status Single
1, 2
- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology
Social Mores
  • The term Social Mores refers to.
  • Social meaning - to associate in a social way,
    i.e., folkways, socializing, socialization 1,
  • Mores - concerns that of moral codes, mental
    health values, standards, spiritual ideologies 2.
  • Also, customs, proper conduct/etiquette, health
    behaviours/norms, healthy lifestyle. 3
  • Use in a Sentence Their family abided in good
    social mores that reflected their sense of
    integrity. 4

plural noun
- Word Meanings Etymology
Sexual Orientation
  • Biological orientation The natural innate
    neuroendocrino-physiologic-programming of the
    hetero-sexual genders.1
  • Psychological preconditioning Any
    mental/emotional sexual orientated event, e.g.,
    engrained memory of a sexual encounter in
    childhood sex in an observed media event an
    actual witnessed live account of sex2 a sexual
    violation of social mores or a fanaticized
    mental picture of healthy sex (a sexual
    encounter for only pure pleasure). 3
  • Social conditioning Any familial or other social
    sexual experience, e.g. friendships in school,
    neighborhood, church, out in the community-that
    physically effected and/or mentally affected
    psychological preconditioning.4
  • Sexual preference a complex sexual orientation
    comprising of biological, psychological, and
    proper social patterns as the predilection for
    personal sexuality.1,2,3,4

- Concepts in Psychotherapy 400/ Intro to
Physiological Psychology/ Biology 101
  • v. is a biopsychosociocultural process of forming
    interpersonal attachments between a couple. Its
    proper activation and development is based on
    quality social mores.
  • 1. A sharing (mutual participation in) of an
    event that ties an equallyoked couple together
    as in such, it fostering a more meaningful
    interpersonal relationship.
  • 2. It is as coupling up - with an SoP
    (Significant other Persons) for a closer
    relationship neurochemical engraining into the
    memory banks the face of the SoP.
  • 3. Similar to the true bonding between mother and
    child, trust and security develops within an
    equally yoked relationship-which further
    strengthens the ties, e.g., equallyoked couple
    family members, friends, and other trusted

- Neuropsychology Bonding Social Mores
Any couple who are equally yoked
  • Pronounciation Eek quel ee yoakd tar ee ins
  • Definition - are any individuals who by choice,
    i.e., purposefully choose to bond with and marry
    another of the same (or nearly the same) Civil
    identity, within any multicultural society are
    Equallyokedtarians-couples equallyoked.2
  • Recall a Civil identity - describes a
    collective of features about a persons present
    ethnicity, political party affiliation, race and
    color complexion, religious membership,
    disability/ handicap, age group/generation,
    proper sexual orientation, and marital status.3

- Intro. to Social Psychology
Coupling up.
in a hook up culture
  • Nonequallyoked
  • - Couples who do recognize equallyokedtarianism
    as a social mores and yet for their own ulterior
    motives still choose to violate social mores as a
    rash option.1
  • Unequallyoked
  • - Couples who are naïve, thus inadvertently
    demonstrate opposition to equallyokedtarianism-a
    social mores.2
  • Anti-equallyoked
  • Couples who are a bit mentally/emotionally
    disturbed and are deliberately active against
    proper socialization, contrary to
    equallyokedtarianism and social mores,3

- Intro. to Social Psychology
..a Social Phenomena..
  • A couple (usually a heterosexual dyadic) who are
    of very similar or the same civil identity. 1
  • Any couples who are bonded together and who are
    of the same or very similar civil
  • A marital couple who marries 3- with their
    backgrounds related to their civil identities.

Sociology 101Social Phenomenology
- Intro. to Marriage, Family, Child Psychology
Dyadic-Social Psychology
  • Equallyokedtarians are of interest to
    psychologists because they represent a dyadic
    group of the same civil identity 1
  • - Couples who primarily choose to bond and
    marry together because they are the same or
    very similar civil identities among other
    reasons-may contribute to marital longevity
    -staying together for a lifetime if evidenced.2
  • - The measured self esteem of individuals of
    a marital couple who marries with backgrounds
    related to their civil identities are worthy
    marital satisfaction studies.3

- Marriage, Family, Child Psychology
Un-equally Yoked
  • Inequitable -
  • - Unjust, an injustice.
  • Iniquitous -
  • - Unrighteous, a sin.
  • Inequality -
  • - Unfair, imbalanced.1

Intellectually socially
Existentially morally
Emotionally constitutionally
II Corinthinans 614-18
- Biblical, Moral, and Doctrinal Studies
  • A couple who experience their very first sexual
    encounter together and their baby is born out of
    that union are Soul-mates1 for life and if,..
  • ..a couple who bond with each other, falls
    deeply in love and is the happiest they have ever
    been with each other are Soul-mates2 and if,
  • ..a couple who are married and truly
    equallyoked are Soul-mates., i.e., of the
    same or very similar civil-identities. 3

- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology
Life Partner
  • A Life Partner refers to a lifetime, romantic
    and very close mate. A couple who are truly
    life partners are equallyoked.1
  • - It is true that life partners usually develop
    strong platonic relationships as a mutual serious
    long term goal together.2
  • - Life partners may based their relationship on
    moral/or immoral grounds whether married/
    monogamously or can be individuals such as

- Intro. to Social Psychology
Equally-yoked Principles
  • On the Same Page Love Mapping.
  • Nurturing fondness and admiration.
  • Face-to-face in total sincerity.
  • Sharing in each others personal power.
  • Co-solving solvable-problems, and....
    overcoming any gridlock/barriers.
  • Creating communication with shared meanings as
    valuable moments.

- Marriage Family Therapy
..a Public Health Issue
  • As a Public Health Issue, Equallyokedtarianism as
    a social mores is a phenomena observed amongst
    the most conservative segments of a
    multi-cultural society.1
  • - Marriage Family and Child Psychology addresses
    the Self-esteem of the individuals who are (or
    arent) equallyoked as an important issue in
    mental health/ emotional health/ and naturally,
    self-preservation, as well as of the integrity of
    their family identity.2
  • - As a Civil Rights issue, justice of the
    peaces-as civil servants who perform marriage
    ceremonies attaching a signature may be held
    responsible as attesting to the competence (or
    incompetence, e.g., drugs abuse) of the
    individuals present while performing marriages
    considering community (psychosocial) health

- Introduction to Public Health
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