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How to Write a Personal Statement with no Work Experience


Check our presentation that will tell you how to write perfect personal statement without work experience! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Write a Personal Statement with no Work Experience

Analyze the question(s) asked on a specific
Know what you are applying for. Giving impressive
insights about yourself (academic background) in
your personal statement will give you a shot at
getting the job. It is important to understand
what the application may ask from you. In
drafting an engineering personal statement, for
example, you should formulate and/or research on
questions that will possibly be asked in relation
to the engineering job you are applying for.
Analyze these questions carefully, and the
answers you will come up with may take part in
the content of your personal statement. Remember
to be honest and confident in your statements. Be
coherent and interesting.
Research the institution/company to which you are
Unlike other scientific and/or research fields,
biomedical engineering institutions are only a
handful worldwide. Because of its unique and
complicated studies, only a few endeavor to take
up this kind of engineering in college. Most of
these biomedical engineering institutions
maintain a high standard of service, which
accordingly hire only those highly qualified in
the field, i.e. those coming from top rank
universities or academic institutions usually get
into the biomedical engineering profession. Also,
these institutions take note of the professional
engineering personal statement of each applicant.
This greatly affects the applicants chances in
getting the desired position.
Clearly and concisely define your statement of
A clear and concise statement of purpose is one
of the essential parts of a personal statement.
This portion gives the applicant the opportunity
to write from his heart. Not only your academic
proficiency gives you a shot at landing a job,
but also your personal information which must
relatively match with your expertise. The
statement of purpose helps the admission
committee of an institution to get to know the
applicant in a personal level. However, you do
not need to reveal every information you wish to
tell the committee. A lengthy engineering
statement of purpose does not interest a reader.
Make it concise yet clear.
Write an effective essay.
In this case, writing a personal statement
engineering must be focused on. An effective
essay is one which focuses on a specific idea.
Avoid beating around the bush. Tell your
narrative straight to the point. But, at the same
time, make sure all the ideas in your essay are
coherent and relevant. It is also important to
note to make your first paragraph the best
paragraph in the essay. The first paragraph (main
paragraph) contains the main idea of the entire
essay. The succeeding paragraphs must support the
idea of the main paragraph.
Revise your essay for form and content.
In the professional field of science personal
statement must be almost perfect, if not perfect.
Like the law profession, biomedical engineering
is complex in itself. Only a few take a chance at
treading their path towards working in this
business. Consequently, admission committees are
very particular with an applicants personal
statement. They consider this piece of paper,
specially the essay part, as the applicants
passport to landing the job applied for. So, you
should always revise the essay of your personal
statement because this serves as the introduction
to who you are as a person and as a possible
asset of the institution to which you are
Ask for comments or suggestions from others.
Seek assurance from people you know who are
experienced in applying for jobs. Preferably a
faculty member in your academic institution may
check on your personal statement for possible
revision. You may also ask for comments from your
parents, who are professionals. This is to make
sure that your personal statement will be
effective. For example, a physics personal
statement may be submitted for revision by your
Physics Department Head or any professor.
Revise for the second, third, etc. time.
Given this field, it is advisable to revise
everything in your personal statement, if any.
For the SOP engineering is particular with your
personal circumstances, academic background, and
intention in applying for the job. Also, re-check
the format of your personal statement. As much as
possible, make your personal statement
presentable and organized. Consider the readers
convenience in taking a look at your statement.
Again, if you think there is something lacking or
wrong with your personal statement, consider
revising it.
According to some sources, proofreading of any
written material is the final step that must be
taken before a document can be considered
complete. When proofreading, you should first
read it slowly and carefully to determine whether
or not it communicates its message. For the SOP
biomedical engineering institutions are
particular with its conciseness and clarity. This
part must be proofread very carefully. You must
perform a more exacting analysis of the entire
personal statement.
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