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Agriculture Global Market Report Released By The Business Research Company


Agriculture Global Market report provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global agriculture sector. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Agriculture Global Market Report Released By The Business Research Company

The Business Research Company
Agriculture Global Market Report
Agriculture Global Market Report Characteristics
  • Agriculture is the worlds largest industry,
    employing more than one billion people. Globally,
    one third of the economically active population
    works in the agriculture sector.
  • Agriculture involves the cultivation of plants
    and rearing of animals and birds for food,
    fabrics, fibers, bio-fuel, medicinal and other
    products used to sustain and enhance human life.
    It also includes horticulture and aquaculture.
  • Agricultural industry activities range from
    preparing the soil for optimum returns,
    harvesting and improving crops, livestock
    feeding, dairying, services relating to
    horticulture, landscaping services, veterinary
    services, managing labors or farmers etc.

Key Trends in the Agriculture Global Market Report
  • Agriculture commodity price dynamics are broadly
    based on supply and demand. In the recent past,
    demand has surpassed supply to the extent that
    agriculture commodity prices are at a historic
    high. Recent innovations in seeds, chemicals and
    fertilizers helped producers to meet only a
    portion of the demand. The oil price is also a
    driving factor of commodity prices. This is
    because oil is a key ingredient in many
    fertilizers, required to run modern agricultural
    machinery and is used in transporting of goods.
    Other factors which contribute to supply and
    demand imbalances include poor harvests because
    of bad weather conditions, restrictive trade
    policies, varying cultures and outdated
  • Australia, Argentina, Canada, EU and the US are
    expected to remain important suppliers of staple
    agricultural goods. Other countries like Brazil,
    Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are investing
    significantly in agriculture. This can help to
    fill the supply and demand gap.

Agriculture Global Report Market Size
  • The total value of the agriculture sector
    globally in 2015 was xx billion. Related to a
    world population of more than xx billion in 2015
    this equates to about xx per person per annum.
    Given that World Domestic Product was
    approximately xx trillion in 2015, the market
    makes up about xxof the global economy.
  • The contribution of the agriculture industry to a
    countrys economy varies majorly from developed
    countries to developing countries. For example,
    agriculture and agriculture related industries
    contributed around xx billion of the US gross
    domestic product in 2014, which is almost xx
    share. But for a developing country like Djibouti
    agriculture contributes to xx of the countrys
    GDP. This is mainly because developed countries
    generally have their economy based on the
    tertiary sectors such as Telecom, IT, financial
    services and hospitality tourism.

Agriculture Global Market Report Segmentation
  • The largest market segments in the agriculture
    sector were dairy cattle and milk production,
    general animal production and beef farming as of
  • Dairy cattle and milk production was the largest
    segment market in the agriculture sector with xx
    share of the global market which is approximately
    xx billion in market value. Approximately xx
    million tons of cows milk was produced globally
    in 2013. The USA is the largest producer of cows
    milk accounting xx of world production

Agriculture Global Market Report Segmentation
Agriculture, Market Segments, 2014
Agriculture Global Market Report Description
  • Agriculture Global Market Report from The
    Business Research Company covers market
    characteristics, trends, size and growth,
    segmentation, regional breakdown, competitive
    landscape, market shares, company profiles, value
    chain, customer analysis and key strategies for
    this market.
  • A concise executive summary highlights the most
    important insights and information on the market.
  • The market characteristics section of the report
    defines the market in technical terms, including
    key sub categories or segments such as
    Agriculture extraction and petroleum refineries.
    The sectors value chain is described in terms of
    raw materials, production, distribution and
  • Drivers and Restraints looks at the external
    factors supporting and controlling the growth of
    the Agriculture market.
  • Future Developments highlights the most
    interesting technological and commercial changes
    which will be shaping the Agriculture market in
    the years to come.
  • The market size section gives the revenues and
    volume data, covering both the historic growth of
    the market and forecasting the future. The
    market is compared to similar markets through a
    BCG matrix analysis framework.
  • Market segmentations break down the key sub
    sectors which make up the sector. The regional
    breakdowns section gives the size of the market
    in leading countries and regions.
  • The customer information chapter highlights key
    customer groups for the product, and gives data
    on the end users and their preferences.
  • Competitive landscape gives a description of the
    competitive nature of the market, including its
    concentration or fragmentation, and the
    attractiveness and profitability of the market is
    analyzed through a Porters Five Forces analysis.
  • Market specific company profiles of leading
    players are provided, along with market shares.
  • The strategies section highlights successful
    product, promotion, placement and pricing

Agriculture Global Market Report Scope
  • Markets Covered Farming, Oilseed, Grain,
    Vegetable, Fruit And Tree Nut, Greenhouse,
    Nursery, And Floriculture Production, Beef Cattle
    Ranching And Farming, Dairy Cattle And Milk
    Production, Animal Production, Poultry And Egg
    Production, Forestry And Logging, Fishing,
    Hunting And Trapping, Support Activities For
    Agriculture And Forestry
  • Companies Mentioned Cargill Incorporated, ADM,
    Monsanto Co, Syngenta AG, Bunge Ltd, Tyson Foods
  • Geographic scope Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle
    East and Africa
  • Time series five years historic and forecast.

Agriculture Services Global Market Report Scope
  • Data Market value in billions and market
    volume in units.
  • Data segmentations regional, market share of
    competitors, key sub segments.
  • Analytical frameworks BCG Matrix, Value Chain,
    Porters Five Forces, Four Ps of marketing
  • Expert Interviews five or more interviews with
    leading market experts summarized.
  • Sourcing and Referencing Referencing of all data
    and analysis throughout the report with end

Agriculture Services Global Market Report
Reasons to Purchase
  • Agriculture Global Market Report provides
    strategists, marketers and senior management with
    the tools they need to make drive strategy in the
    global Agriculture sector.
  • Get the most up to date information available on
    the Agriculture market globally.
  • Identify growth segments and opportunities.
  • Facilitate decision making on the basis of strong
    historic and forecasts.
  • Develop business strategies before your
    competitors with the help of specific insights
    about future developments.
  • Counter your competitors business plans.
  • Read word of mouth interviews with leading
    executives and opinion leaders.
  • Plan your strategy with advice from expert

Agriculture Services Global Market Report -
Table of Contents
  • Agriculture Market Characteristics 4
  • Agriculture Market Size and Comparisons 2016 5
  • Agriculture Sector Historic Growth 6
  • Drivers of the Market 6
  • Restraints on the Market 7
  • Agriculture Market Forecast 8
  • Drivers of the Market 8
  • Restraints on the Market 9
  • Agriculture Market Segmentation 11
  • Agriculture Market Geography Split 13
  • Agriculture Market Competitors 15
  • Cargill, Inc 16
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) 16
  • Tyson Foods 16
  • Agriculture Market Key Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Agriculture Market Trends and Strategies 19
  • Appendix 21
  • Abbreviations 21
  • Currencies 21

Agriculture Services Global Market Report - List
of Tables
  • Table 1 Global Agriculture Market, Historic
    Market Size, 20112015, Billion 6
  • Table 2 Global Agriculture Market, Forecast
    Market Size, 2015 2019(e), Billion 8
  • Table 3 Global Agriculture Market, Split By
    Segment, 2015, Billion 12
  • Table 4 Global Agriculture Market , Split By
    Region, 2015, Billion 14
  • Table 5 Global Agriculture Market, Key
    Competitor Market Shares, 2015, Percentage() 15

Agriculture Services Global Market Report -
Table of Figures
  • Figure 1 Global Agriculture Market, Historic
    Market Size, 20112015, Billion 6
  • Figure 2 Global Agriculture Market, Forecast
    Market Size, 2015 2019(e), Billion 8
  • Figure 3 Global Agriculture Market, Split By
    Segment, 2015, Billion 11
  • Figure 4 Global Agriculture Market , Split By
    Region, 2015, Billion 13
  • Figure 5 Global Agriculture Market, Key
    Competitor Market Shares, 2015, Percentage () 15

Agriculture Services Global Market Report - Buy
  • Agriculture Global Market Report is a detailed
    report giving a unique insight into this market.
    The report is priced at 500 for an individual
    user. To use across your office the price is
    1000 and 1350 if you wish to use across a
    multinational company.
  • Clients are able to input on the design of the
    report and highlight points of special interest.
  • In order to ensure all the latest data and
    analysis is added report may take up to 10
    working days to deliver.

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