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Top 10 tips for Outlook MAC 2016


Regrettably, our primary tip for several Outlook 2016 users is a caution that Office 2016 in universal was fairly regally screwed by entrance of El Capitan (OS X v10.11), though the earlier update of El Capitan - 10.11.1 – emerges to encompass few issues. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 10 tips for Outlook MAC 2016

Top 10 tips for Outlook MAC 2016
Tip 1 Outlook crashes in Office 2016
  • Regrettably, our primary tip for several Outlook
    2016 users is a caution that Office 2016 in
    universal was fairly regally screwed by entrance
    of El Capitan (OS X v10.11), though the earlier
    update of El Capitan - 10.11.1 emerges to
    encompass few issues.
  • Reports of crashes were extremely large in number
    while operating 2016. It may merely be secure to
    grasp off El Capitan update or keeping Office
    2011 if you already have updated Mac to El
    Capitan. Its almost certainly shrewd to make use
    of MS automatic update for regular checkups.

  • Outlook for MAC thats referred to as OLM has
    been endowed with various number of extraordinary
    updates that can enjoyed with the most recent
    version of Outlook for MAC 2016.

Tip 2 The Ribbon in Office 2016
  • The toolbar of Ribbon in Outlook 2016 might
    comprise turning blue in color, but you wont
    find the change to be extremely dramatic in
    comparison to a quantity of additional Office
    2016 apps.
  • If you do not love the innovative blue color of
    theme then you can again opt for the previous
    classic grey version with the help of Theme
    option within general Outlooks panel of
    preferences. You will be coming couple of options
    at this position one is the basic grey, second
    will be the new colorful Ribbon that was
    commenced using Office 2016.

  • Simply keep in mind that choosing a theme using
    one app will be relevant to that theme to various
    other Office 2016 apps counting MS Word, MS
    PowerPoint and MS Excel hence you cant make
    use of dissimilar themes within every app.

Tip 3 Message previews in Outlook
  • Theres isnt too much of variation in the color
    of Ribbon, but some useful tweaks were still
    there to the interface of Outlook within this
  • Message Preview does not now display the topic of
    email all along the first row of significance
    itself, that turns it simpler to rapidly glide
    all through the stuff stored in your inbox.

  • Tabs that were responsible for switching between
    People, Mail, Calendar and additional views
    within Outlook have also been shifted. Now
    operate being on the bottom line of Outlook
    window, releasing up a few additional room within
    the Folder panel so that you can mound up some
    extra folders for systematizing emails.

Tip 4 Conversation view
  • Earlier version of Outlook came with a
    Conversations sight that permitted following an
    argument that took place crossways a number of
    replies and emails. On the other hand Outlook
    2011 may at times turn confusing if there are
    presence of unrelated emails that had a alike
    theme line similar to Apple updates or News.

  • Ive noticed emails to be included mistakenly as
    fraction of conversation Outlook 2011, that
    creates problems if you reply to unwanted person.
    Outlook 2016 has enhanced Conversation sight and
    does better job of maintaining every conversation
    thread split.

Tip 5 Push mail in Outlook
  • Previous Outlook versions permitted creation of
    schedules that executed tasks at precise
    intervals and also involved default agenda that
    checked fresh emails after every 10 minutes.
  • Outlook 2016 supports push mail, that signifies
    latest emails are robotically pushed through
    your server directly into Inbox.

  • Few do like to be continuously updated about new
    emails, but others can discover it off-putting if
    theyre striving to spotlight on something
    besides. Luckily its yet likely to alter such
    settings with Tools command to edit and view
    details of account.

Tip 6 Calendar in Outlook 2016
  • Lets not forget that Outlook also includes
    features for organizing your calendar and
  • The Calendar gets some new features in Outlook
    2016, including the ability to view multiple
    calendars side-by-side. That will be handy if you
    have separate calendars for business and personal
    events, as you can look at them side-by-side to
    see if there are any dates or events that clash.

  • If youre super-organized you can view a maximum
    of three calendars at a time, and Outlook can
    even look up the weather for the next couple of
    days and display it on the calendar for you.

Tip 7 Outlook for business
  • Many businesses and companies also use MS
    Exchange for their domestic email and calendar
    schedule and for number of extra attributes that
    can aid you to systematize your calendars.
  • You can make use of the latest calendars that
    appears side-by-side view for displaying
    colleagues calendar at the side of your calendar
    so as to view best times for conducting meetings.

  • Business users can as well generate online
    archive that proceeds as kind of run over inbox,
    tolerating you to slacken a little space within
    your main Inbox by formulating archive of
    previous emails on your mail server.

Tip 8 Adding events in Outlook 2016
  • Similar to other email tools, Outlook can
    distinguish emails that consist of requests to a
    event or meeting, and will inquire you want to
    admit or refuse it. On accepting, Outlook will
    add event to your calendar automatically.
  • Here a new option has been added known as Propose
    New Time. If you wish to be present at meeting
    but you make a decision that recommended time is
    not suitable, then you can reply with another
    email advising your preferred schedule or timing.

Tip 9 Exchange Servers Clutter
  • One more available option is known as Clutter to
    commerce users who enclose Exchange Servers. This
    is quite alike to focused inbox trait
    established within iOS Outlook version, since it
    observes your emails over specific time duration
    and make effort to study emails that are
    extremely significant for you.

  • It will not reinstate your obtainable spam filter
    that still continues to throw debris emails into
    folder of junk. Nevertheless Clutter will
    endeavor to categorize low concerning emails that
    you may dislike to read, and will store them to
    distinct folder that your primary Inbox preserves
    to be read straight away.

Tip 10 Repair damaged OLM file
  • OLM gets corrupted or damaged for number of
    reasons and people barely backup their data from
    time to time. Therefore if you have back
    maintained you can overcome any sort of issue and
    error regarding OLM data loss but if you do not
    have back-up then to get back your valuable files
    and crucial data you have to make use of some
    third party repair tool. For this purpose OLM
    Repair Tool is the best available option. The
    tool is professionally designed to eliminate
    issues responsible for corrupt and damaged files
    and can be used devoid of any technical

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