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How to Pass (Any) Drug Test


| Drug use has become more common worldwide, and yet employers and law enforcement officials still use drug testing to ensure that potential employees and parolees are not under the influence. In this presentation, we’ll go over the most common forms of drug testing, including steps responsible users can take to pass a drug test. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Pass (Any) Drug Test

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  • Although drug use has become more accepted among
    the general public, workplaces worldwide still
    sometimes require employees to submit to initial
    or recurring drug tests.
  • Professions that require operation of heavy
    machinery or interaction with customers are the
    most likely to test for drugs, as are most jobs
    within the government, military, and police.
  • If you have to pass a drug test and fear that you
    might not (no judgement here!), were happy to
    provide you with some information on the various
    types of drug tests out there and how to pass

  • While a variety of different types of tests and
    panels exist to test for narcotics, most people
    (regardless of if they are employers or law
    enforcement officials) perform the same basic
    5-panel drug test.1
  • This urine test is specifically devised to flag
    for the following drugs
  • -Marijuana
  • -Cocaine
  • -Opiates (including Heroin)
  • - PCP
  • -Amphetamines

  • Different drug tests test for different things.
    Hair follicle tests, for instance, are used to
    test for long-term drug abuse. Urine tests,
    however, can catch more recent, or even singular
    instances of use. Because of the vast differences
    in how they impact the body, the elimination rate
    (the amount of time it takes to get out of your
    system) of each drug varies.
  • Marijuana 1-12 weeks depending on long-term use
    and body fat percentage
  • Cocaine 1-4 days
  • Heroin 2-4 days
  • PCP 3 days 2 weeks
  • Amphetamines 2 days

  • Hair drug tests Using 50-80 strands of hair
    that are at least 1 ½ inches in length, hair drug
    tests can detect traces of drug metabolites in
    the follicles of long-term users.2
  • Urine drug tests The most common type of test
    performed, a urine test is best at finding out if
    someone has used drugs in the past few days or
  • Saliva drug tests Due to their low level of
    cost and invasiveness, saliva tests have grown in
    popularity in the past years. However, its also
    one of the weaker forms, only failing users if
    they have consumed the drug orally hours or days
    before the test.

  • Detoxify your hair. ClearTest offers a
    specialized hair wash that was created to wash
    out the traces of drug metabolites in hair
  • Wash it out. A potential home remedy hair wash
    made out of white vinegar, laundry detergent,
    salicylic acid, and hair dye may be an
    alternative, but most would find this method
  • Shave your head and body. Although this method
    will surely be suspicious to those performing the
    test, it can work if youre desperate enough.

  • Use a substitute. Depending on the amount of
    privacy your test provides, using an authentic
    synthetic urine substitute may be your answer. By
    mixing it with warm water during the test, you
    can pass it off as your own.
  • Detox your system. While a myriad of detox
    products are currently on the market, be sure to
    do your research and find the ones that actually
  • Flood your system. Depending on the substance and
    the frequency of use, it may be possible to fool
    a drug test by safely drinking as much water as
    you can in the days before the test.

  • Give it a rest for a day. Because of the limited
    nature of saliva tests, users of most drugs can
    simply abstain for 1-2 days and still pass the
  • Wash out your mouth. Although mouthwash may seem
    like an intuitive choice, the alcohol present in
    most commercial brands may invalidate the test.
    Try drinking or gargling water several times
    throughout the day instead.
  • Eat lunch. Most saliva tests will try to stop you
    from eating or drinking 30 minutes prior to the
    test, but theyre not the boss of you.

  • If youre given enough of a warning, simply
    abstaining from drug use in the days, weeks, or
    months prior to the test (especially if youre a
    long-time user) may be the best option.
  • In some cases, this isnt an option. We
    completely understand that and want to help our
    customers overcome any obstacles necessary in
    order to gain employment and live their life in

  • Since 1998, ClearTest has proudly offered drug
    testing products to people all over the nation.
    By helping our clients beat drug tests of all
    kinds, we have helped thousands of people stay
    employed, and have even given opportunities to
    people who otherwise wouldnt have been
    considered for their position. For more
    information on our products, visit

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