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Title: Member Site Live review-(MEGA) $23,500 bonus of Member Site Live

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  • Member Site Live Review As Promised Member
    Site Live is Now Open
  • Member Site Live is a program by Ron Douglas and
    Alice Seba that helps customers create recurring
    revenue with their own membership site. They
    leverage their combined 20 years of experience
    with membership sites to help customers succeed.
  • Member Site Live Review Member Site Live
  • Homepage Member Site Live Official Site
  • Product Name Member Site Live
  • Type of Product Premium Training Course
  • Authors Ron Douglas Alice Seba
  • Target niche Forum Marketing, Member Site
    Marketing Strategy, How To Build a simple
    membership site from scratch for your customers
    to watch and follow along.
  • Official Price 179
  • Special Discount NO! (They Are Absolutely
    Confident To Offer You REAL VALUE)
  • BonusesYes! You will get 2 extremely giant bonus
    packs. Click to see 12700 Bonuses pack and
    9700 Bonuses pack!
  • It's very huge - You will get 2 wonderful bonus
    bundle that could help you earn 135,000 in 18
  • Member Site Live Review What is Member Site

  • I have something pretty exciting to share with
    you todayand its free! Are you
  • Just getting started making money online?
  • Struggling to reach your online income goals?
  • Finding it difficult to have enough time for your
  • If you answered, yes, to any of these
    questions, you need to download this free report
    right now.
  • Its called Simple and Profitable Membership
    Ideas and Examples You Can Use, and it can get
    you well on your way to making residual profits
    with a simple membership site.
  • Member Site Live is a program by Ron Douglas and
    Alice Seba that helps customers create recurring
    revenue with their own membership site. They
    leverage their combined 20 years of experience
    with membership sites to help customers succeed.
    The product includes
  • 4 Live Coaching Workshops - They will teach
    students a simple way to create a membership
    site from scratch as they create an actual
    membership site and demonstrate each step live.
    They will also show them a simple method for
    promoting their membership site using viral
    social media content.
  • Recordings Package - Recordings, transcripts, and
    notes from each of the workshops will
  • be provided.
  • Done for You Tools and Templates - They will
    provide easy fill in the blank templates and
    tools students can use to make the process
  • Done For You Membership Site Option - Customers
    can purchase the option of having
  • us set up their membership site for them.
  • Elite Writer's Lab Membership - Customers can
    join their private networking and support group
    to get ongoing support from us and their experts.
  • Member Site Live Review Special Features of
    Member Site Live?

Here Are Some Basic Things You Will Learn From
This Spectacular Training Course 5 Ways to
Attract New Members to Their Membership
Site??? So, here's the question on a lot of
people's minds. Membership sites are a great way
to build residual income, but how the heck do
you attract new members? There are plenty of ways
to market your membership site and Ron Douglas
and Alice Seba have some pretty unique
easy-to-implement techniques to share in the
Member Site Live training (registration starts
next Thursday, April 28), but here are some ideas
that you can use right now to make your
membership offer enticing. If you haven't
downloaded Ron and Alice's free membership site
report, grab that now 1 What are the
Benefits? Clearly illustrate the benefits of the
continuity program. Yes, the features of your
product, membership, or service are important,
but when asking them to sign up for ongoing
payments, you really need to let them know the
benefits. For example save time, save money,
excel at a skill, ease stress, have more
stamina, etc. 2 Give Low-Cost Trials to Get
More People to Buy Even if your subscription
offer can be cancelled at anytime, people are
often weary of getting hooked into a
subscription of something theyre unsure of. You
can offer a free or a very low-cost trial to try
it out. For example, Ron and Alice offer a 1
10-day trial to their Elite Writer's Lab
program. 3 Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee A
guarantee can go a long way into instilling more
confidence to buy from your prospects. In the
case of membership sites where you are delivering
digital content, there are minimal costs per
member that offering a 30-day money back
guarantee, for example, is easy Enough to do. 4
Let Them Cancel Anytime In addition to giving
them a guarantee, make sure they know they can
cancel anytime. If you feel your offer requires
a time commitment (ex. 6 mo. contract on services
or coaching), its up to you, but in most cases
there is no reason to make people feel tied to a
subscription. They will more likely give it a
try if they know they can get out easily. Then
you just wow them with your content, so they'll
stay. 5 Get Your Customers to Promote Set up an
affiliate program that your customers are aware
of. Yes, you'll be recruiting website owners to
your affiliate program, but make sure its also
accessible by every day people who enjoy your
products and not just affiliate marketers. Make
the concept of the affiliate program easy for
your non-internet marketing members to
understand its simply a referral program where
they can refer family and friends. Make it
attractive by telling them they can earn enough
cash to pay for their monthly membership, or
even more.
  • Watch Out for These 3 Membership Site Mistakes
  • If you've been digging into the 24 Simple and
    Profitable Membership Site Ideas and Examples
    guide from Ron and Alice, you may have some ideas
    for your own recurring income product.
  • If you haven't gotten that free report yet,
    download it now
  • Before you jump in to building, let's a take a
    look at some of the common membership site
  • Mistake 1 Not Planning for Ongoing Content
  • A lot of membership site owners, start strong out
    of the gate, but then their ideas fizzle as they
    run out of content to provide their members. They
    key to this is to strategically plan a
    membership where your members need your ongoing
    support. The free guide highlights a number of
    those ideas for you.
  • Mistake 2 Not Having a Continuous Marketing
  • This is a big one. You see a lot of people launch
    their membership site with a big bang. They get
    a ton of new members and they work hard on
    delivering content, but suddenly, as members
    drop off, the income dries up.
  • The good news is, Ron and Alice have a unique
    Member Site Live Marketing Method to show you
    to bring new members without a lot of hard work,
    so you can truly experience consistent and
    reliable income. More on that soon, but the key
    here is, that content creation AND marketing are
    both important parts of having a successful
    membership site.
  • Mistake 3 No Member Retention Plan
  • Its true that not every member will stay with
    you forever. But there are things you can do to
    encourage people to stay onand you have to plan
    that strategically.
  • You can grandfather your charter members at a
    lower rate they can keep as long as they stay
    active. You can boost the value of the membership
    as you grow, so your long time members will see
    tremendous value in staying with you. You can
    also work to grow a community that your members
    love being part of and would hate to leave.
  • 4 Strategies to Keep Subscribers in your
  • We're very excited about the Member Site Live
    training coming up (registration opens at noon
    Eastern this Thursday, April 28) with Ron Douglas
    and Alice Seba, and they hope you're starting to
    see the power of taking your writing skills and
    turning them into a reliable, recurring income.
  • Grab the free membership site report before it's
    gone... So far, we've talked about
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to get members
  • ...but here's the next trick. How do you KEEP the
    members you have?

  • Over time, your members will inevitably start
    dropping off and it's important to continuously
    bring in new members (don't worry, there are
    simple ways to do this). But there are things you
    can do to keep more of your members.
  • 1 Give them great value
  • That sounds pretty obvious, doesnt it? Just
    dont forget it or youll have people leaving en
    masse. If you are making a content-based
    subscription, make sure your content is valuable
    and usable. If you are offering a service, make
    sure its timely and reliable. Make delivering
    value your priority and be responsive to your
    members changing needs.
  • 2 Sell products that make it difficult for your
    subscribers to decide to cancel
  • Of course, were not talking about holding your
    customers credit card numbers hostage, but
    about creating types of products and services
    that make it hard for them to make the decision
    to cancel. For example, storage of their data,
    content they've published, a service you perform
    that they need, etc.
  • You can also achieve the same results by building
    a solid community that your members love being a
    part of, so if they leave, they'll lose out on
    that community.
  • 3 Grandfather your members
  • Offer lower introductory prices that are
    grandfathered for existing members, making sure
    your the prices are still profitable. When you
    raise your prices, grandfather older members with
    their lower price and state they will keep that
    price as long as they keep their subscription
  • The strategies can keep members faithful to you
    for a long time. Ron and Alice have memberships
    they started many years ago and still have a lot
    of charter members because of the value they
    get. These people are also great cheerleaders for
    what they offer and refer new members as well.
    It's a win-win for a number of reasons.
  • 4 Offer more goodies as costs and time allows
  • As you grow and have the cash flow to invest more
    into your membership, bulk up the value of your
    subscription on a regular basis. It could be by
    providing more content (even if you sell a
    physical product), support and interactivity.
    This will keep your current subscribers hanging
    on because they keep getting more value and it
    will also attract new members who are getting
    extra perks.
  • Member Site Live Review Why should you get
    Member Site Live Now? Here Are Just A Few
    Reasons To Register Now
  • Step-by-step, live training sessions to take you
    through coming up with your lucrative membership
    site idea, setting up, launching it and keeping
    your income consistent for the long term.
  • Learn from two marketers with over 20 years
    experience running membership sites. Ron is a
    New York Times Best Selling Author who
    specializes in helping other online business
    owners grow their audiences. Alice is a
    sought-after Content Marketing Expert who focuses
    on helping her customers sell more through the
    power of information and content. Youre
    definitely in good hands here.

  • Watch Ron and Alice build and launch membership
    site from scratch this stuff it the REAL DEAL
    and youll see it firsthand, each step of the
  • Create residual income streams so you can enjoy
    working online and worry less about
    moneyprobably the best reason yet.
  • If any of those benefits appeal to you, get
    yourself in there, before its too late Classes
    start tomorrow and Id hate for you to miss this.
  • Why Consider A Membership Site?
  • With the monthly income you earn, you can plan to
    pay off debt or recurring bills. This means less
    stress and worry each time a payment comes due!
  • Want to see the power of simple membership sites?
    Lets do a little math.
  • If you had just 40 members at 11.99 per month,
    thats 480 thats a car payment each month.
  • Increase that number to 200 members to make
    2398that would cover most mortgage payments
    and even more.
  • And thats on the low end. With a higher
    membership fee (and its very possible when you
    deliver value), its even easier to get to more
    profits for your debt or bills.
  • For example, 20 members at 27 per month would
    get you 540 in recurring incomeagain, that
    would take care of your car.
  • 20 members. Thats easy to do, so lets aim a
    little higher.
  • 200 members at 27 would be 5400. That would
    probably cover your car, mortgage, utilities,
    groceries and then some!
  • Find out how you can do this
  • If these numbers excite you, do yourself a favor
    and sign up for Ron and Alices Member Site
    Live. The training they are providing is so
    easy, you dont need to be tech savvy to set up
    and manage these simple membership sites.
    Theyll even set your site up for you if youd
    rather focus on the content and not worry about
    the tech.
  • Plus, with the LIVE demonstration these two will
    be doing within the program, getting set up to
    profit with residual income is a breeze. Theyre
    setting up and launching a membership site from
    scratch in the training. As you can see, these
    two walk the walk and talk to talktheyll show
    you exactly how its done.
  • Member Site Live Review How Does Member Site
    Live Work?
  • New York Times Best Selling Author, Ron Douglas,
    and Elite Content Marketing Expert, Alice Seba,
    have created a comprehensive training program to
    help you easily create membership site that your
    members will loveand wont want to leave.
    Together, these two have over 20 years of
    experience creating profitable membership sites,
    so you cant go wrong learning from them.

Their new program is called Member Site Live
and with the step-by-step training, you will be
able to set up residual income streams in your
online business. And heck, theyll even do the
work for you if you dont feel like messing with
the technology. The coolest part is you will get
to watch Ron and Alice build a brand new
membership site from scratch. They will do this
LIVE and demonstrate everything, so you can
follow along with each step to create your
own! Plus, these two will show you how to get
more traffic and members to your sites, so you
arent just sitting there with a pretty website
no one is joining! Member Site Live is going live
tomorrow morning, so Ill be sure to send you a
link to check it out. If you are serious about
building residual income online, you will not
want to miss this incredible offer. Its time to
get your hard work online working for you by
paying you a recurring income!
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