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VeriShow's Multi - Channel Platform for Personal Engagement


VeriShow is an easy–to-use live interactive platform for businesses and organizations that want to deliver a personal, high-touch customer experience.   VeriShow is applications-based solution. The multimedia communication and collaborative apps (below) designed to engage visitors in the most effective way. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: VeriShow's Multi - Channel Platform for Personal Engagement

Overview Introduction
VeriShows Multi-channel platform For personal
Personal Engagement Technology for Live
Support Our Vision Be the leading live personal
engagement technology solution for a world where
people need more and better personal online
customer service than they get offline.
VeriShow is an interactive customer service
SaaS platform that provides organizations with a
host of tools to engage customers in a live
session.   The platform can be used to help
online customers while searching for products or
services, by companies that provide online expert
advice as well as by companies that want to
provide on-premise kiosk stations with remote
live help. Tier 1 clients include global
companies such as in the cosmetics,
transportation and financial sectors.   VeriShow
is protected by an engagement patent (US Patent
No. 9,043,386).
About HBR Labs
VeriShow is an easyto-use live interactive
platform for businesses and organizations that
want to deliver a personal, high-touch customer
experience.   VeriShow is applications-based
solution. The multimedia communication and
collaborative apps (below) designed to engage
visitors in the most effective way.
How does it work?
Most sessions would first start with chat or
video chat and then based on the conversations
context, expand to include co-browsing and
content sharing
An agent (the lady) and a customer communicating
via video chat in real time
In addition to video chat, the agent can
co-browse or share content with customer
  • Benefits
  • Increase Sales and Average Order Value
  • Deliver Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Improve first-contact resolution rate
  • Increase Productivity your team gets more time!
  • Modular App-based Solution you select what you
  • Integrates with Customer Service solutions such
    as Salesforce, LivePerson, Zendesk, Wordpress
  • Vertical focus solution Financial Services,
    high-end retaile, healthcare, education and
  • A personal live engagement
  • platform that allows
  • Personal selling and the ability to provide
    instant customer service help
  • Expert advice sessions for consultation
Verishows set of apps to choose from
Co-Browsing lets participants browse the same
website together. Agents can help customers
find information, or complete a transaction. It
supports mouse cursor and navigation sync, field
masking, browsing behind login and data
This app enables visitors to upload their
documents to the session. The document (Office
and PDF or image files) can be viewed and
annotated by the agent and customer and both
participants can then save the document for
future reference.
This app allows the agent and customer to share
and review together in real time documents that
reside outside a web site.  The app supports
Office, PDF documents and image files.
The Form Completion app lets the agent and
customer to complete forms together
collaboratively and the save them. As part of
this app, an electronic signature can also be
The Video Sharing app allows participants to
share, view and review in real-time video clips
such as of product demonstration.  The app
supports common video files formats.
The Whiteboard allows to draw, take notes and
create content together that can be also saved.
This application comes with an easy to use set of
annotation tools.
This WebRTC-based app is designed to let agents
share their screen with participant. The
broadcast of their desktop (window or
application) allows the visitor to view data or
an application on their screen.
This app allows agent to use a second camera to
show the visitor real-life objects in real-time.
The Chat Translator app lets participants
communicate in two different languages in case
needed. The Chat Translator is based on Google
Translate's engine.
The app lets agents use the participants camera
to take snap shots of objects or themselves (e.g.
proof of ID).
Text chat - standard live text chat that can be
escalated to video chat, content sharing and
co-browsing. Video chat One or two-way audio
or video chat. WebRTC is used whenever possible
for interactions on PCs and mobile devices
(browser-based or in-app SDK), with the aim to
deliver low latency and high-quality. Web-to-phon
e Customers can be connected from their browser
or phone to a vendor's phone to communicate.
Communication Channels - options
Multiple interaction flows with agents On site
call buttons, e-mail invite, phone
invites. Monitoring and rating website visitors
Relevant information can be viewed prior and
during the session. Proactive invite - Customers
can be invited to join a session after spending a
certain amount of time on the site. Setup
options Agents can be set up based on their
groups/skills and assignments (e.g. Sales vs
Support groups). Reporting Up to date
analytics dashboard with in-depth
reports. Session History Chat transcripts, in
session activities and (optiona) video chat
recording. Security VeriShow is being audited
regularly by a third-party security auditor.
VeriShow Management Features
White Labeled Solution
White Labeled Visitor Experience Chat and session
window, actual interactive sessions and invite
email will not have the VeriShow logo or
name. Backend look and feel Certain aspects of
the VeriShow account backend such as logo and
colors can be customized. Custom login page an
optional custom login page with your company's
look and feel can be created to be used by your
Video Chat  Android  Chrome browser in mobile
Mobile Chat And Video Chat
Text Chat- iOS and Android mobile browsers.
Customer side browser-based solution Customer
communicates with agent via chat and video chat

Mobile Cobrowsing
Available on Android and iOS on Chrome Companies
and consumers want to be able to interact
in-person as well as to co-browse. The VeriShow
platform allows such communication .
VeriShow on-Premise Interactive Kiosks
  • VeriShows iLiveKiosk provides a comprehensive
    answer to a growing need of organizations for
    in-store live multi channel customer service
    stations. In those stations a remote agent helps
    address a customer need for help while on
  • iLiveKiosks Main Features
  • Text chat and/or audio video chat
  • Co-browse websites in real-time
  • Share documents, images and videos and video
  • Share screen, window or application
  • Complete forms together
  • Help complete transactions
VeriShow On-Premise Kiosk solution cont.
No need for special computer or equipment A kiosk
station can be run on a standard PC or a powerful
Windows-based tablet as Microsoft Surface Pro III
with a 3 or 4g connection. Most affordable
on-premise kiosk solution The VeriShow kiosk can
either be set up for a short (for example,
special promotional event) or long period of time
without a major capital investment. Easy to
use The agent can choose to engage the customer
or not based on their criteria. At the end of
the session, the solution automatically returns
to the default window so that the next customer
can start engaging in a new session.
System Modularity and APIs
  • The platform is modular and features can be added
    or removed based on the business requirement.
  • VeriShow's features can also be provided via an
    API (or SDK in some cases) for seamless
    integration with other solutions
  • Video Chat - one or two way video or audio chat,
    with customized look and feel.
  • Website co-browsing - standalone co-browser to
    allow and agent and customer co-browse a website
  • Content sharing / Screen Sharing - any of
    VeriShow's content sharing and collaboration
    capabilities can be integrated into other
A bank decided to provide assistance to its
clients when they visit their web site by
allowing the agent to co-browse the banks site
together with the client. Using VeriShows secure
co-browser, the agent is able to help the
customer navigate to the right page. Certain
fields of information are masked so only the
client can see the information, yet the agent can
provide the needed online help. Communication
can take place via text chat, video chat or over
the phone. This results in a satisfied customer,
the bank resolving a customer need quickly
(shortening support process and saving costs) and
more revenues generated from completed
transactions (such as loans).
A global retailer in the jewelry industry is
offering personal live help to better serve
customers who are interested in their high-end
line of jewelry products. The consumer calls in
from their digital device and a representative
can help in finding the right diamond to meet
their needs. The experience includes the usage
of video chat as well as co-browsing. Customers
report that they are very satisfied with the
A local car dealership in the Midwest has been
looking for a new way to sell cars online. The
interaction can start on the web or a call from
the site can ring at the dealership's phone. No
online inquiry remains unanswered. VeriShow can
also pass the vehicle details in which the
customer is interested in to the agent at the
start of the interaction, which makes the sales
process more effective! When interacting with
the customer, the agent can share brochures,
complete relevant documents as well as co-browse
the site. A simple inquiry can end up as an
online sale or a visit of the customer to the
dealership showroom.
A local Healthcare practice in New Jersey has
been using VeriShow to help prepare its patients
for medical procedures planned to be taken place
at the practice a few days later. The patient
contact the nurse directly from the practices
website and the nurse communicates with the
patient via video chat while reviewing related
materials using the offline co-browsing
functionalities such as share document app. At
the end of the session, the patient acknowledges
through an electronic signature that he or she
received the information. By using this method,
the patient avoids the need to come to the
practice and wait, or go through a lengthy phone
conversation, and the nurse reduces time needed
to prepare the patient, by interacting with them
in person.
VeriShow quickly improved patient access and
decreased endless phone calls that often left
patients on hold ..... VeriShow is an excellent
solution to the growing demands placed on the
healthcare industry.
Advanced Gastroenterology of Bergen County, June
Use Case Scenario Real Estate
A large Real Estate company in Asia with a
significant amount of properties was looking for
a way to become more efficient in discussing
deals with interested parties. By using
VeriShow, the company is able to interact
in-person with prospects and show them brochures
online. The company continues to grow and
expanding the services it offers with VeriShow.
Agent is annotating the image and explains the
product details to the customer in real-time
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