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What To Do If Your Hard Drive Fails


I will discuss it in a moment. Before I do, I want to talk about the risks involved. Options trading systems are not a sure bet. The random, and unpredictable fluctuations in the stock market don't allow for a sure fire way to make profits. If that was possible, everyone would do it! The idea of options trading systems is to minimize risk, and maximize profits. They cannot guarantee anything. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What To Do If Your Hard Drive Fails

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Forex options are a derivative instrument that
gives the option holder the right but not the
obligation to sell a specified amount of currency
(notional) at a pre-agreed price (strike) at a
given date (option maturity).If the option holder
has the right but not the obligation to buy the
currency cross (remember in forex the purchase of
a currency always implies the sale of another
one), the contract is called a call option. The
contract holder has the right to "call" the
asset.If the option holder has the right to sell
the currency, it's a put option. The party has
the right to "put" back the asset.Most forex
options are of European style. That is the option
can be exercised at one and only pre-agreed date
only. Sometimes these contracts can be exercised
at any time prior to maturity, in which case they
are American call options. A last variant are
Bermudan options which are in between these two
extremes (hence the name). These can be exercised
only between specified time windows.
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Another type of forex options are Asian options.
Asian options don't settle against one specific
day like European, American and Bermudan options
do but they settle against average prices. One of
the most common type of Asian options are monthly
Asians. For these instruments the strike price is
compared to the average price over the specific
month. If it's a call option and the average
price is above the strike price, the option
holder receives the difference between the two
numbers. Else, he receives nothing.Finally,
binary options are very common amongst forex
options. They are called binary because they
either payout a fixed amount or nothing. For
example, a binary call option with strike 1.40 on
EURUSD would pay 1 USD if at maturity EURUSD is
above 1.40 and nothing if it's below. In a
similar way to the other options, binary options
can be European, Asian and sometimes Bermudan.
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There is a large number of ways you can benefit
from forex options. Either as an additional
instrument to express your market views or as a
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Digital options, also known as binary options,
are options whose returns can only be two (2)
possible outcomes, 'In The Money' or 'Out Of The
Money'. In addition, the payout of digital binary
options are fixed beforehand regardless of
whether the underlying asset price is one (1) pip
or one hundred (100) pips above (for call
options) or below (for put options) the strike
price. In other words, whether the fact that you
are in the money by 1 or 5, the payout that you
will receive is the same. Off late, they are
becoming more and more popular among retail
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