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Best SAP Web Dynpro Training | SAP Web Dynpro Online Training.


SAP Webdynpro online Training starts with the primary ideas related to ABAP Webdynpro followed through one of a kind tiers of examples.Hyderabadsys will offer there are mainly languages which can be used in Webdynpro, ABAP and Java. As in step with the records there was a lot of confusion between the mentioned programming languages. SAP Webdynpro Training is taken into consideration to be one of the excellent internet software packages, with most design and minimum coding.additionally it provides a very efficient way for creating the consumer Interface with drag and drop alternatives. Contact Us: HYDERABADSYS.COM INDIA: +91 9030400777 USA: +1-347-606-2716 Email: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best SAP Web Dynpro Training | SAP Web Dynpro Online Training.

SAP Web Dyn Pro Online Training
  • Web Dynpro is a new SAP programming model to
    develop SAP web based applications.
  • Web dynpro is delivered in 2 languages.
  • Web Dynpro ABAP and Web Dynpro Java.
  • Web Dynpro ABAP is released from SAP ECC 6.0.

  • Clear separation of business logic and display
  • Uniform metamodel for all types of user
  • Execution on a number of client platforms
  • Extensive platform independence of interfaces

  • 1. Reduces implementation effort. 2. Separation
    of layout and business data. 3. Reusability of
    components. 4. Automatic data transfer using
    context binding. 5. Support stateful
    applications. i.e. Even when the pages change the
    data in the previous page still remains.

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Metamodel Concept
  • Web Dynpro provides support for developing Web
    representation of a business application. You use
    specific tools to describe the properties of a
    Web Dynpro application in the form of Web Dynpro
    metadata. The necessary source code is then
    generated automatically and executed at runtime.

Error Messages
  • Error Messages Messages are reported using
    methods of IF_WD_MESSAGE_MANAGER. By using the
    REPORT_ATTRIBUTE_ methods, you can link a
    message to a specific input field, which will be
    highlighted on the view. Unlike in dynpro
    programming, processing does not stop when you
    have raised an error message. Therefore you need
    to consider if you should exit the method after
    an error has been raised or just continue,
    possibly to identify further errors to report.
    Similarly, raising an error message does not
    automatically cancel any screen navigation. If
    you want the user to stay on the same screen when
    an error message is raised, then you need to set
    the CANCEL_NAVIGATION' parameter.

Dynamically changing UI Elements
  • Something you may want to do in response to user
    input, is to dynamically change properties of
    your UI elements. Specifically, we may want to
  • Visibility
  • Read Only
  • Required
  • Enabled

  • Configuration offers a further option for
    changing view layouts. Configuration may be
    thought of as being equivalent to transaction
    variants in dynpro applications. Within a
    configuration, the properties of UI elements may
    be changed in much the same way as the dynamic
    options described above

  • Webdynpro ABAP code can be debugged by setting
    external breakpoints. When the breakpoints are
    hit, the (new) debugger will be launched. Note
    that you must not already have the maximum number
    of SAP GUI sessions open - if you do the debugger
    cannot launch and the application will not stop