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The 6 Night-Time Skin Care Tips That Work


Wow, I know you can’t wait to tray out all these tips that I have laid out here today. But that’s so much fine with me, I totally understand as I was right in your shoes when I was given them too. In this case contact our dermatologist to know your skin type too. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The 6 Night-Time Skin Care Tips That Work

The 6 Night-Time Skin Care Tips That Work
  • Night-time skin care is pretty much essential for
    every person who wants to have an impeccable
    skin. At night your skin cell reinvigorates and
    enhances their ability to repair damages and give
    you back your youthful glow.

  • But which are some of the best nigh-time skin
    care tips that every person should use to achieve
    this? Here are what our estheticians say about it

Have A Cleansing Routine
  • After accumulating all the germs from the days
    activities always ensure that you have washed
    your face to prevent the closed pores from
    developing acnes or any other forms of blemishes.
    In fact if you have sensitive skin, think of
    using mild cleansers with less lather. Visit your
    skin doc to find out your type of skin.

Always Apply A Moisturizer
  • It very important to use a moisturizer thats
    suited for your skin type. The reason is simple.
    At night when you sleep, your skin is also at
    rest. At this point the skins permeability is at
    its top level. Meaning it will easily allow the
    active ingredients of the moisturizer to be
    absorbed deep into the skin.

Look For Performance Formula
  • During the day your body is active and so is your
    skin. The skin is exposed to the environment and
    to all its elements including the suns UV rays,
    unstable oxygen molecules, and the smoke among
    other environmental pollutants. At this point
    your skin needs environmental protecting
    ingredients. But at night the skin is
    regenerating so it needs ingredients that can
    repair, exfoliate, and fuse in anti-inflammatory
    ingredients like rose from the dermactiv skin
    care advises.

Use Baby Wash Cloths For Bath
  • Baby wash clothes are often advisable for people
    with sensitive skins. But what harm is there in
    using them even if your skin isnt sensitive? I
    guess none. Nothing can be quite fulfilling such
    as taking a gentle care on your skin and a gentle
    birth with a baby wash cloth with be an awesome
    option to go with before hitting the bed.

Think of That Wrinkle Reducer
  • If you have your best brand of wrinkle reducing
    product you shouldnt keep it for day time use
    only. Actually you would love it when it sinks
    deep into your skin as the skin regenerates all
    its abilities. My mom was a fan of a great brand
    of Instant Wrinkle Reducer and I remember she was
    always applying it every night. And trust me it
    worked like magic. Apply it after cleansing.

Stay Clear Off Greasy Hand Cream
  • Greasy hand cream at night could easily get the
    touchy you to clog their skin pores and prevent
    the skin from reliving once again.

  • You want your pores to be opened so that the skin
    can absorb its moisturizers. Greasy hand creams
    can easily mess that up.

  • Nothing quite boosts your confidence like a great
    skincare routine that gives your skin the best
    look youve yearned for everyday. Because of this
    reason its always advisable to work with the
    most recommended products from your skin care

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