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Tips for Reducing Exotic Pets Stress During Vet - Stephanie Taunton


You must reduce your birds or exotic pets stress level during the day of Veterinary Exams. Taking your exotic pets to the vet for non-medical visits is a good way to show that these kind of trips are not harmful or stressful. Stephanie Taunton, the certified animal trainer says practice like this help’s when you are going to the Veterinary and it will keep your pets from only associating the vet with negative experiences. For more details : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips for Reducing Exotic Pets Stress During Vet - Stephanie Taunton

Tips For Reduce Stress When Taking Your Birds and
Exotic Pets for a Checkup - Stephanie Taunton
Make Towel Wrapping No Big Deal
  • A large number of pets (especially birds) acquire
    upset when theyre kept with towels. Since vets
    often have to inhibit animals by wrapping all of
    them in towels, you may reduce the stress simply
    by practicing this activity by home first.
  • Each period you practice, use the same towels (of
    the same color) and drop them off unwashed among
    sessions in order that your dog or cat can be
    reassured by simply her own scent.

Train Your Pet To Make Use Of Travel Carrier
  • This is often a tough one, as much birds and
    additional exotic pets never go out and so are
    afraid of actually the view of a carrier.
  • Thats why its essential to begin familiarizing
    your pet with her carrier weeks before any
    veterinary appointments.
  • Originally, place the carrier in your pets watch
    while fulfilling her with her beloved treats -
    once again, using the rules of positive

Get Familiar Your Pet With The Car
We ride in cars to ensure that for us often, its
no big package. But for many birds and exotic
household pets that never leave home, riding in a
car is foreign completely. Motion, street
sounds, road vibration - each is unfamiliar
sensations. You can reduce any anxiety by first
sitting together with your family pet in a parked
car with the motor running.
Reptiles Toasty On The Journey
  • Reptile proprietors are regularly hesitant to
    take their inhumane pets in for checkups since
    they're concerned the creatures will get chilled
    on the adventure and turn out to be sick.
  • While delayed presentation to icy temperatures
    can lower reptiles' imperviousness to infection,
    they generally tolerate short periods of reduced
    heat. You can constrain heat misfortune by
    setting plastic bottels loaded with warm water in
    the carrier your pet during transport.

Teach Your Bird To Perch
  • Unbeknownst for you to most people, birds
    dont naturally understand how to step up on
    or perhaps down off perches. These are skills
    they must end up being taught along with is
    actually convenient in finding birds out
    of cages.
  • Practicing step-up and step-down previously a
    good veterinary exam will minimize your own
    often scary technique regarding extracting a
    great nervous pet with the stability
    regarding her carrier on the animal hospital.

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