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Veichi Electric - Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturer


The document shares the brief introduction about Veichi Electric such as its history, products, R&D team and more. Its products cover variable frequency drives, PLC, HMI, servo dirve and servo motor. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Veichi Electric - Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturer

Top Brand
AC Drive/ Frequency Inverter/ AC Servo Drive/PV
Inverter/Intelligence Robot/PLC/HMI/
Shenzhen Suzhou China
1. About VEICHI
2. Fast Development Of VEICHI
3. Awards And Honour
4. Veichi Product Line
5. RD Center
6. Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
Management, and PMC.
7. Veichi Sales, Service and Support
8. Veichis Partner And Customer
9. Veichi Culture and social responsibility
10. Veichi products brief introduction
Veichi Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech
enterprise that is engaged in the development,
manufacturing and marketing of variable frequency
drives. The main target areas include electric
drive, industrial control, solar inverter ,
intelligent robot, etc. Since the start-up in
July 2005, the company has grown quickly into a
well-known provider of VFDs and motor control
solutions. In 2012, with a sales value above 320
million (CNY), we ranked among the top three
domestic frequency inverter manufacturers. Over
the the past few years, we have been dedicated to
the delivering well proven automation products
and solutions in the industrial and renewable
energy sectors. We have steadily progressed hand
in hand with our partners, based on our leading
drive and control technologies and our rapid
response in meeting customer needs. We committed
to being the world's leading and most respected
provider industrial control systems to deliver
the high grade and competitively price products
in market.
Registered Capital 5 millions CNY(0.83 millions
USD ) in 2005, added to 30 millions CNY( 4.92
millions USD ) in 2010. Factory Locate in Baoan
District, Shenzhen, Guangdong China. occupies
more than 5,500 squares meters , and another
manufacturing base are constructing in Suzhou
with 150,000 squares meters from 2013, will push
to use in 2015. Staffs over 500 employees in
2014 Products A wide range AC drive( Frequency
Inverter/VSD/VFD), Specific Industrial Controller
and Inverter, Integrated Industrial System,
Photovoltaic Inverter, AC Servo Motor and Drive,
Intelligent Robot, Motor soft starter, Braking
Unit, PLC, automation manufacturing
machine. Annual Turnover 310 millions CNY(
51.23 millions USD ) in 2012, 430 millions CNY (
71.07 millions USD ) in 2013. Sales network over
40 offices and service center in China, many
distributors in oversea market.
Fast Development Of Veichi
Before 2005
Mr. Hu and some founders have been work in Taiwan
frequency inverter company, Mr.Hu as the chief
engineer during that periods.
In 2005
In July, Shenzhen Veichi electric co.,ltd is
founded by Mr.Hu. Veichi founding with good
technical support. Creating values for
customers is our core business philosophy said
by Mr. Hu.
In 2006
In September, Have Passed ISO90012000 Quality
Control System
In 2007
In November, have certificated Hi-Tech enterprise
of Shenzhen.
In 2008
In April, Veichi factory expanding, and have
moved to Baoan Shiyan Yingrenshi Wentao Science
and Technology park new plant. 5500 square meters
working areas. In August, Veichi have passed
Shenzhen Software Enterprise certification.
In 2009
1. In June, applied ERP System, customer
tracking system.etc advanced management system to
improve the working efficiency and product
quality. 2. In December, Veichi Year Turnover
break trough 100 millions CNY (16.53 millions
USD). 3. Have award and honored top 10
 satisfied brand of frequency inverter, Top
ten national brand by Electrical Trades 
Fast Developing Of Veichi
In 2010
In March, Have passed ISO90012004 Quality
Control System. In May, Veichi is honored as
magazine. Took out 2 national design patent, 6
utility model patent, 8 national computer
software copyright. Have awarded Best 10
enterprise in electrical field.
In 2011
Took out 6 utility model national patent. In
March, approved GB/T 19001-2008/ISO90012008
standard quality management system
certification. In June, have employed advanced
Digital Intelligent Office Systems and
manufacturing system.
In 2012
The sales turnover up to 320 millions CNY ( 52.89
millions USD), become top 3 manufacturer of AC
drive in China. Intelligence Robot project have
been set up. Veichi owned Frequency Inverter, Ac
Drive, Photovoltaic Inverter ( Solar Inverter),
Intelligence Robot .ect four main stream product
In 2013
Took out 6 utility model national patent. The
sales turnover break through 430 millions CNY(
71.07 millions USD) Veichi started to set up
another new Veichi owned factory in Sunzhou for
raising production to meet market demand and keep
leading position in China. Vecichi PLC and HMI is
coming out.
VEICHis factory, Office environment ,Product
Veichi Factory
Reception hall
Office environment
Modern production line
Awards And Honour
Shenzhen Hi-tech enterprise Also national Hi-Tech
ISO90012008 certification
SGS certification.
Registration of foreign trade
Product testing report
Top 10 national Brand in China
Software enterprise certification
business license
1.AC60G Construction Frequency Inverter 2. AC60Q
Ball Mill Frequency integrated Inverter. 3. AC61
IMM purpose Frequency Inverter 4. AC62 Wire
Drawing Frequency Inverter. 5. AC65-F Fixed
Length Cutting Purpose inverter. 6. AC60-S Sealed
Frequency Inverter with IP56 enclosure 7. SI10
Solar (Photovoltaic) Pump Frequency Inverter 8.
AC60 Middle Voltage Frequency Inverter (3 PH
AC60 Series General Purpose/ Fan pumps
Veichi Product Line
AC60E Series Mini General Purpose Inverter
1. AC Motor Drive ( Frequency Inverter/ Variable
Speed Drive/ Variable Frequency Drive )
AC70 Series Sensorless Vector Control Inverter
1. AC70-K Air Compressor Specific Inverter
1. AC80B-C Machine Tool Purpose Inverter 2. AC90
High Performance Tension Control Inverter 3.
AC80S Building Crane Purpose Frequency
Inverter 4. AC80B-M Wood Veneer Lathe
Inverter 5.AC100K PMSM Sensorless Vector Control
Inverter (new)
AC80B Series High Performance Vector Control
1. RC10-02 Wood veneer lathe controller 2.
IC10-02 Fixed Length/ Generating Cutting Machine
Controller 3. PL10-01 Dosing Machine Controller
4. GS10 Constant Pressure Water supply
controller 5. S200 construction Crane Integrated
Controller 6. S200B Building Crane Integrated
Specialized Industrial Controller
Veichi product line
Motor Soft Starter CMC-L
1. TS-100 Hoisting Standard Control System 2.
ZJ-100 Paper Machine Control Cystem.
Integrated System.
1. BU20 Braking unit, 2.RS485 Comm. Card 3,
AC80PG Card 4. Profibus-DP card, 5. IMM Signal
Converter, 6. LCD keypad
Optional accessories
1. SD600 AC Servo Drive And Servo Motor 2. SF81
Injection Molding Machine Asynchronous Servo
Drive 3. SF91 Injection Molding Machine
Asynchronous Servo Drive 4. SD610/620 Hydraulic
Electrical Servo Control System (For PMSM)
2. AC Servo Drive system
3. PLC VE224/VE226
4. Photovoltaic Inverter SIT100K, SIT100KTL,
5. Intelligent Robot
Veichi Product Family
Frequency Inverter, Servo drive system and Solar
Inverter is our main production line
AC60E, AC60E,AC80B,AC90, PV inverter have
approved by CE certification.
CE certificates
Take two examples for showing only, We will sent
all CE certification and report for you review
if need.
Veichi VSD provide intelligent motor control for
automation control and energy saving. You will
find more and more Veichi VSDs have been using in
various industries application instead of ABB,
Schneider, Danfoss
Energy Saving
Lift it
Hoisting , Machine Tool Metallurgy , Mining
Textile machinery , Oil filed Plastics
machinery Printing, Packaging Paper making ,
Water treatment Metal work cables Building
materials Fan pumps, Chemicals Robot ,
Automatic assembly line Woodwork machinery Air
compressor Electronic manufacture Glass ,Steel,
Leather Ceramics , textile, HVAC, Fans ,Pumps,
Automation control line
Application fields ( Hot selling in oversea
AC60E AC60 AC70
AC60E mini general purpose inverter AC60
general purpose fans pumps inverter AC70
sensorless vector control inverter AC80B high
performance vector control inverter AC90 tension
control inverter SI20 solar pump
VSD Performance and Price AC60E lt AC60lt AC70
ltAC80B ltAC90.
Veichi drive Suits for high Demand application
very well.
RD Center, Innovation
RD engineers over 93 staffs (to May
2014). Veichi Invests at least 8 of annual sales
revenue for RD per year from 2005. Veichi owns
top notch RD engineer team, RD laboratory and
experiment equipment instrument. Technology
innovation leading. At present we grant and being
applied 11 computer software copyright, 8
national design patent, 36 National Utility
Model Patent already, 4 appearance design
patent. The RD operation principle ( IPD
process). Veichi RD employ matrix management (
IPD), including vertical  line and horizontal
line. Vertical line RD team 1( software team),
RD team 2 ( electrical hardware team), RD team
3( mechanical design), Production team( model
selection, BOM management, Process design) ,
Testing team. (Testing and validation). Horizontal
line Project management and Integrated product
development management (IPD function)
Marketing demand And feasibility analysis
Product planning
Project Set up
 initial developing  stage
First Sample develop
First sample testing
Normal sample developing
Normal sample testing
Normal sample pilot testing
Pilot test and first produce
Mass produce
Pilot test validation
The strength of RD of Veichi Veichis RD focus
on customer demand, reliability and ease of use
as following --The applications
--The operating
environment --The performance requirements
--Ease of use and other customer
The core technology of Veichi
Vector control technology with magnetic linkage
closed loops
Drive technology and AC motor parameters
identification technology
Three-level neutral point control technology
AC PMSM sensorless vector control technology
The technology of achievement
In 2005 In 2006 In 2007 In 2010 In 2012
V/F control mode Open loop vector control mode technology Close loop vector control mode, torque control Servo drive control, Synchronous motor close loop vector control 3 level technology, Synchronous open loop vector control
Veichi have advantage test equipment 1.
Three-phase synchronous motor 2. Temperature hot
and humid boxes 3. Comprehensive test
instrument 4. The automatic test bench 5.
Electronic load 6. PESD1610 electrostatic
discharge device 7. IMM, tension control bench,
lift .
8. Oscilloscope 9. FLUKE 2625 a hybrid
recorder 10. CS2674C withstand voltage tester 11.
Three-phase PWM dedicated tester 12. Torque
meter 13. FLUKE187 multi-meter 14. Three-phase ac
reactor 15. DC variable power supply .
Veichi RD team, RD Office Environment. Veichi
have building up powerful RD team, and we will
continue to spare no efforts in reinforcing its
technology top position. Mr. Lou RD Director
said By solidly sticking to innovation, we see
what we are lacking, and we never stop
accumulating and improving .
Manufacturing and Quality Control Assurance
Management, and SCM.
  • Veichi have been established modern, intelligent
    and flexible manufacturing system. 3 production
    line (800 sets of inverter manufacturing is
    available), testing room, aging room, advanced
    testing bench, etc.
  • Production technology team (18 engineers),
    production team ( 110 workers), quality control
    and assure team (22 engineers), total more than
    150 staffs.
  • Veichi zero defect manufacturing principle
  • Paperless on-line management, providing highly
    detailed and up-to-date work instructions for
    every process step. Veichi employed ERP (
    Enterprise source plan management system),
    product tracking system since 2009, and built
    advanced intelligent manager system in 2011.
  • Skilful and experience workers
  • All components are verified and approved before
    coming, whole process quality control and
  • Quality control and assurance department was
    independent of manufacturing department, report
    to General Manager directly from Feb. in 2014 for
    maintaining good quality

We execute producing according to ISO90012008
Quality Management Standard strictly, and insist
quality through continuous improvement for ever.
Changer for better.
Material preparing
FQC test
Modern manufacturing line, assembly line,
skillful worker .
Quality Control And Quality Assure Management
Automation packing and finial check
PCB board validation
Function testing before leave factory
Function testing and repairing
Automation PCB painting
Supply Chain Management Timely and accurate
delivery, reliable quality and highly efficient
operation are life of SCM said by Ms MO, SCM
director. ? Flexible and high efficiency
management . ? Reliable quality assurance ?
Internet/ ERP/MES-base interactive management of
supply china information. ? Rapid logistics ?
Excellent material supply platform
Veichi VSD in detail pictures shows.

Veichi Sales, Service and Support
1. Our sales turnover maintains a rapid growth
every year, which better supports us in
benefitting the society and realizing our
long-term strategic objective. Veichi have been
ranked top 3rd maker of variable speed drive,
frequency inverter in 2012 with 320 millions
sales. In 2009, the sales turnover break through
100 millions CNY( 16.53 millions USD). In 2010,
the sales turnover up to 150 millions CNY (24.79
millions USD). In 2011, the sales turnover have
been over 230 millions CNY ( 38.01 millions
USD) In 2012, the sales turnover achieve to 320
millions CNY(52.89 millions USD),was ranked top3
manufacturer of AC drive among Chinese vendor.
(Top 1 is Inovance, top2 is INVT, top3 is
Veichi) In 2013,the sales turn over increased to
430 millions CNY (71.07 millions).
Millions CNY
Over 40 annual growth rate !
Sales net world in domestic
Veichi China national sales market strategy
  • We have set up more than 30 sales offices and
    service center all over the China, that
    contribute to make delivery quickly and provide
    fast service is possible. Now we owned more than
    130 sales staffs including marketing people.
  • Large inventory in factory or in sales office ,
    quick delivery. Provide standard product through
    160kw in stock, also back up several pieces
    larger power range. Generally, delivery will not
    exceed 7 days for big power.
  • Distributor sales and Direct sales.
  • Specific industrial field sales. We have
    Frequency inverter sales team, AC servo drive
    dales team, Crane lifting sales team, Hydraulic
    electrical servo team, photovoltaic inverter
    sales team.
  • Focus on the technical promotion, technical
    communication and technical training.

Shenzhen Veichi Electric
Main sales channel
Direct Selling
Distributor Channel sales
OEMs factory
 OEMs factory
Project user
Elevator, Tool machine, crane equipment, air
compressor, metal machinery, plastic machinery,
textile machinery.etc
Automation control and energy saving retrofitting
of steel plant, pharmaceutical factory, chemical
plant, cement plant, ceramics plant, paper making
Have big order demand, high customer made demand,
or important OEM clients
Veichi Overseas market sales strategy_1
  • We also pay attention on overseas market, we set
    up overseas sales team since 2011.
  • Now there are 5 overseas sales manager, 2 service
    engineers ( 1 application engineer, 1 after
    service engineers). We have built exclusive
    distributor in Pakistan and Jordan. Now we are
    looking for distributors and partners all over
    the world.
  • We insist on providing mature, high reliability
    product which have been tested well by our
    domestic market for a long term to overseas
  • Overseas distributor business sales flow chat.

Potential customer finding
Initial negotiation
Factory visit or sample order
Distributor PO receive
30 deposit should pay first
The rest payment Should be balance
PO/ contact review
Order Producing
Effect shipment
High competitive and flexible price for overseas
marketing. Although our price is higher10-15
than other Chinese brand AC drive in China
national market due to our good quality and good
service. But for Oversea market, we apply more
aggressive and flexible price strategies.
Especial for above 11kw power of inverter
including 11kw, we have very good price.
Veichi Overseas market sales strategy_2
  • A, Distributor Channel first, retail sales
  • We focus on developing distributor channel , to
    achieve win-win cooperation.
  • B, Stars distributor management.
  • We will list 5 star level for customer. The
    highest start enjoy more support.
  • C. Regional Sales management for protecting
    distributor business.
  • Veichi overseas sales staffs dont allow to
    promote sales over region.
  • D. Quick delivery time with large storeroom.
  • For below 160kw power of standard inverter in
    small order, delivery time will be within 3 days.
  • ? For above 50,000USD order, delivery will be 3-5
  • ? For above 100,000 USD order, the delivery will
    be within 5-10 days.
  • ? For above 200,000USD order, the delivery will
    be within 7 to 15 days.
  • ? For above customer make and large power order,
    the delivery will not over 1 months.
  • ? We also consider to set up 1-2 overseas
    inventory for delivery quicker in future.
  • E. Long term guarantee
  • ? 18 months guarantee is available after factory
    leaving, also can extend to 24 months.
  • ? Provide free space parts for repairing in
    guarantee, reasonable price of space parts will
    be charge if out
  • guarantee, spare parts back up for a long time.
  • F. Quick respond service support.
  • ? Service respond within 24 hours

Veichi Service Support
Veichi provide quick response after service. We
own over 25 after service engineers. As part of
Veichis outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Program, Veichi offers a wide variety of help and
support to ensure that Veichi products run
effectively and efficiently. In doing so, Veichi
provides the following services including
technical support, technical training, a parts
and distribution center, a repair and
modification center, field engineering services,
extended warranties, preventative maintenance and
retrofits. We are providing ? Technical
Support, offer 24/7 service, your response within
24 hours. ? Technical training, factory and
customer site training. ? Parts Distribution
Center, free spare parts provide within
guarantee. ? Repair/Modification center, provide
free repair within guarantee. ? Field Engineer
Service, provide free installation for big power
of inverter, on site service. ? Extended
Warranty, 24 months can be extend. ? Retrofits
Solution. Free solution provide. ? Customer
tracking system and CRM for quick and high
efficiency providing.
Veichi personnel take a genuine interest in
helping you resolve any application or technical
issue you may have."  - Mr. Dengxiong, customer
service manager
Veichi have a large goods storage. Delivery is 1
day is available for below 200kw inverter.
Veichi s Partner And Customer.
Veichis partners. As a leader in the China,
Veichi is famous for its quality, reliability and
cost-efficiency in an ever-increasing number of
markets worldwide. We cooperated with Word-Class
power electrical supplier. Power technology only
adopting World-Class components to make sure our
products has perfect performance, stable quality.
The reliable quality of Power technology products
never let customer down.
Veichis main customers Veichis drive have been
installed in many famous electrical plat, petrol
factory, steel plant, coal mine, Foxconn, HP in
Chengdu, chemical plan and sea port ,shenzhen
metro.etc.( famous company in china as below)
Veichi culture and social responsibility The
culture value of Veichi personal first, creative
technology and service leading. we are very
focused on biggest value for clients basic on
innovation, collaboration and high efficiency
company spirit . Veichi are commit to provide
innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions
for a better tomorrow, focuses our role in
addressing key environmental issues such as
global climate change.
Veichi is dedicated to the principles of social
responsibility in the workplace. We believe in
the dignity of our employees, are convinced that
all employees must work in safe and healthful
workplaces, and are committed to workplace
practices that are not harmful to the environment
we all share.
Enjoy Life, Enjoy Working
Traveling and enjoy life
Mountain climbing
Team training
Evening party
Touring and sight seeing
Playing basketball
Thank You For Your Great Attention!
We give top priority in customers and meeting
customer needs. Veichi, your true and reliable
partner !