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How to Prepare for the Perfect Family Photo Session


A picture is a worth a thousand words and a photograph of a family tells many untold tales. It is perhaps more meaningful than many words and many incidents. Each individual personality, the bond, and the expression add more to memories and relationships. If you and aspiring to make it into your family photography, then view the full show - here are a few tips for you. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Prepare for the Perfect Family Photo Session

How to Prepare for the Perfect Family Photo
  • Some Helpful Tips for You!

Leave the Studio
  • A family photograph becomes more meaningful if
    its clicked at their home or at a joyous even
    rather than lining them all up in a deliberately
    decorated studio. Let it be organic and natural
    rather than made up. Let nature of the bonds fill
    the charm in the shots.

Son and Daughter together Photo
Environmental Shots
  • Capture the life as it is Instead of making up
    the scenarios, using the artificial studios and
    those old and many used props utilize the habits
    and lifestyle. Make a few environmental
    portraits. Find the children playing in the
    backyard or the father washing the car.

Mom and Baby together Photo
Click a shot of the yummy food that the young mom
is cooking or find the grandma reading the
newspaper by the fireplace in her armchair. The
moments that they live each day yet without
realizing the significance of them in their
lives. The life a family leads adds a peculiar
uniqueness to their bonds and environmental shots
are the most appropriate way to define them
through a silent photograph.
Newborn Baby Photography
  • Let the members freely choose how they wish to
    act and pose rather than arranging them all up as
    if they are forced to be a part of a silent act.
    Let the children play about or pose as they want,
    the elders have their chosen expressions. Adding
    monotony or arrangements might just take away the
    beauty of the familys harmony in diversity.

Playful Portraits
Catch them in their moods, their natural actions
and reactions and their impulsive and reactionary
movements. Take shots while they delve in the
depth of their bonds revealing their true selves
and the beauty of their relationships. These
candid shots are the ones they shall treasure.
Maternity Photography
Before Time, Not On Time
  • Be early to their place Catch them while they
    are still gearing up for their family photography
    session with you. You can capture some of the
    most naturally, beautiful, candid and meaningful
    moments while they all act about their nature
    unaware of and unconcerned with artificially

Sweet Baby Photography in the Garden
Photograph the mom chasing the children, the dad
looking for his own stuff, the children running
about playfully or acting sluggish and stubborn.
These are the moments that make for a perfect
family photograph.
The Parents as Props
  • Full Family Photo
  • You may use the parents props to bring out the
    most genuine and natural actions and reactions
    from the young ones of the family. Capture the
    moments when the parents entertain their children
    or the children react on impulse to speech or
    actions. Capture the funny faces, the laughter,
    the screams everything

  • Capturing the strength of the unique bonds is the
    essence and beauty of family photography. Do not
    wash it away with tonics of setups and artificial
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