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Why Good Writing Skills Matter


| We may be living in the age of 140-characters but having strong writing skills will always be of importance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Why Good Writing Skills Matter

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  • It may be the age of the Internet and
    140-character messages, but strong writing skills
    and basic English grammar still matter. Believe
    me, they will make a difference in achieving many
    of your life goals.

Success in college depends on coherent writing
skills, whatever your major, and especially if
you aspire to become a professional writer.
Access to the college of your choice is more
likely if you put effort into building your
writing skills and can make a polished written
case for why you should be admitted.
  • Most jobs require writing skills, and the better
    yours are, the more likely you will be first in
    line for the next chance to advance your career
    or qualify for a raise.
  • Studies show that better writing skills increase
    your credibility. Carefully written communication
    conveys a sense of responsibility and shows you
    care about getting things right.1
  • If your job has the word writer in the title,
    or even journalist, you will be held to a
    higher standard, and must have polished skills.

  • You take some care in how you dress and groom
    yourself for the workplace, because you know it
    affects how people perceive you and your work.
  • Writing has the same effect, so make sure
    everything you share with coworkers, clients, and
    supervisors is as polished as your look.
  • Start by using your computers built-in
    spell-check tool, then go over your document
    again to check sentence grammar.

  • Language and writing skills in early education
    are the foundation of all future learning.
  • Show your child the fun of forming letters and
    writing small notes to friends and family at
  •  Build skills early with books for each stage of
    development. Read to them and with them, and as
    they become more proficient, let them read to

  • Careless writing seems rushed, distracting from
    the message you want to communicate.
  • LinkedIn member profiles examined over a ten-year
    period showed that those who made 45 more
    grammatical errors were promoted one to four
    times, while those who made fewer were promoted
    six to nine times.2
  • For help polishing a resume, document, and more,
    call on a professional copy editor like The
    Sentence Doctor to give your writing more impact.

  • If you own a small business or hope to develop
    one, your future could depend on your ability to
    communicate in writing.
  • Less is more in business writing. Be concise and
    learn to convey ideas in a straightforward, clear
  • Quote hard facts and figures to make a case, for
    example, to present a business plan. Double and
    triple check your sources, and document them to
    demonstrate your works authenticity.

  1. Get to the point. In the business world, no one
    has time to wade through text to find a kernel of
  2. Construct sentences in the active rather than
    passive voice whenever possible. Passive voice
    weakens the idea you want to convey, diluting the
  3. Write to your audience. Think about the intended
    reader(s) and gear your writing voice
    accordingly. An email to a colleague or peer can
    use a much more casual tone than one to a
    potential client.

  • As with any essential skill, writing should be
    practiced and maintained throughout life. It can
    always be improved and will reward your effort on
    many levels. Good, fundamental writing will
    enable you to
  • Express your inner self, helping you refine and
    clarify your thinking.
  • Retain your ideas to go back and revisit later.
  • Explain complicated thoughts to others.
  • Stand out in a competitive work environment.

  • Need another pair of eyes to make your writing
    clear and stylistically excellent? Thats the job
    of Phyllis Wooten, the Sentence Doctor. She is
    dedicated to perfecting your writing at
    reasonable cost.
  • Contact her for help composing a resume, e-book,
    and more at thesentencedoctor_at_gmail.com. Visit
    the web site, www.sentencedoctor.com for more

  1. http//smallbusiness.chron.com/importance-good-wri
  2. http//business.time.com/2013/04/19/good-writing-c

  • When you need to communicate in writing at school
    or work, through instant message, email, or in a
    more formal document, your writing skills
    determine how you are perceived at the other end.
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