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Benefits Of Installing Retractable Awning


Advaning Provide 7 Benefits of installing retractable awning. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Benefits Of Installing Retractable Awning

Benefits Of Installing Retractable Awning
  • Advaning Provide 7 Benefits of installing
    retractable awning.

Retractable Awning
  • Retractable awnings provide shade and shelter
    for your deck or patio as needed. Much more
    affordable than building a permanent cover or
    enclosure, retractable awnings are a practical
    way to expand the usable time of your outdoor
    areas. While you could hire a carpenter or
    handyman to install your retractable awning, you
    can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

Install Retractable Awning
  • Determine how high you would like to install your
    retractable awning. To do this, you must take
    into account how much pitch your awning has and
    how high you would like the front rail of the
    awning to be. Add the amount of pitch to the
    front rail height to come up with a mounting
  • Snap a chalk line across the exterior wall at the
    height you wish to install the awning. Make sure
    the chalk line is level using a carpenter's

  • Use the stud finder to locate the structural
    elements of the exterior wall on which you plan
    to mount the awning. You may have to locate the
    studs on the inside of the wall and transfer your
    measurements to the exterior. Retractable awnings
    must be securely mounted to studs, joists or
    headers because winds can have a large effect on
  • Locate the center of the stud by drilling small
    holes an inch below the chalk line until you find
    the outer edges. Draw a long, level vertical line
    through the hole that represents the center of
    the stud. Fill the other holes with silicon

  • Mount the awning brackets to the exterior wall
    along the vertical line. Different-sized awnings
    require more or less brackets, so let the
    instruction manual for your particular awning be
    your guide for how many to use and where to
    position them in relation to each other.
  • Install the hood on the mounting brackets
    according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Insert the bar of the awning into the mounting
    brackets and secure using the bolts and washers

Benefits of Retractable Awning
  • Advaning provide 7 benefits to install
    retractable awnings in your home or at your
    business premise.

Having a priority to choose whether to enjoy the
sun or have shade
  • Retractable awnings are designed in a way that
    you can easily set them up or remove them. This
    gives you the great freedom from deciding whether
    to allow the sun rays fall on you or protect the
    rays from falling on your skin in case the day is
    too hot. For healthy skin you need some heat from
    the sun but at a regulated rate. With retractable
    awning you can just sit on your seat in a
    preferred position and use the remote to control
    the structure that will allow you enjoy whether
    the heat or the shade.

Protects Harmful Sun's Rays From Falling on your
  • In case you have a complication of the skin and
    you would not like to be exposed to too much sun
    this is the best solution for you. The materials
    used on them can totally block the harmful rays
    from falling on your skin in case you shelter
    under in outside your house.

Ensures ling life to your house hold
  • Your house may be having doors or windows that
    allow in some strong rays from the sun that end
    up discoloring the furniture or carpets in your
    house, or you may be taking the seats outside to
    enjoy the natural scenery .Sometimes the rays
    from the sun can make the furniture to fade in
    color. Installing these shades will ensure you
    avoid that problem completely.

They are very affordable
  • Setting this structure outside your house is
    cheap compared to building a permanent structure
    outside your building. You will save on the cost
    of building expensive pillars for setting up
    other structures because using this you will just
    attach it to your roof.

Reduces obstruction
  • In front of your premise in case it is a business
    premise you would like the place to be clear for
    reasons such as safety. Erecting up other shades
    will require you to build walls or pillars which
    will end up causing obstruction. Using these
    awnings you will be assured of no obstruction
    because neither pillars nor walls are used.

Different styles and sizes to choose from
  • It is highly advantageous to a buyer when buying
    these awnings as the buyer will be able to choose
    the size that best fits his premise. Colors and
    designs are also varied hence meeting the
    different requirements in people.

Easy and convenient to operate and install
  • Installing them is much easy as compared to any
    other structures which you may want to build.
    They are also very advantageous when operating
    them. You can imagine just using a remote you can
    have full control of them. You can easily leave
    your aged grandparent under them and he can
    assist himself in getting the shade when

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