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Pass4sure 9l0-012 exam questions


New pass4sure ACMT 9L0-012 questions available to download. Go ahead and download for only $49.99 and pass your ACMT 9L0-012 Exam today. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Pass4sure 9l0-012 exam questions

9L0-012 ACMT
  • Mac Service Certification Exam

Apple Certified Mac Technician Certification
Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT)
certification verifies the ability to perform
basic troubleshooting and repair of both desktop
and portable Macintosh systems, such as iMac and
MacBook Pro. ACMT certification exams emphasize
identifying and resolving common Mac OS X
problems, and using Apple Service and Support
products and practices to effectively repair
Apple hardware.
Who Should Seek ACMT Certification?
ACMT certification is intended for technicians
employed by an Apple Authorized Service Provider
(AASP) or Self Servicing Account (SSA), or for
persons motivated to demonstrate their knowledge
of technician-level service and support skills.
For persons not employed by an AASP or SSA,
attaining ACMT certification verifies skills and
knowledge that may be sought by a prospective
employer, such as an Apple Reseller or a
self-servicing entity like a school system.
About The Apple Certified Macintosh
Technician (ACMT) credential offers a gateway
into a variety of Apple hardware-related
certifications. Apple uses this curriculum
internally to train its own in-house support
technicians and Apple Store employees, and its
authorized service and repair partners as well.
The ACMT curriculum seeks to verify candidates'
ability to conduct basic troubleshooting and
repair on a variety of Apple platforms, including
desktop and portable systems, such as iMac,
MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
A lot of work
Getting Apple certified is no small effort, but
certification also give you some definite
benefits. First, it allows you to repair Macs
that are currently under AppleCare warranty
without risk of violating that warranty. Next,
youll be able to order parts for your clients
machines via Apples Global Service Exchange
(GSX)including the obscure, hard-to-find parts
that are almost impossible to get your hands on
via eBay or Craigslist this kind of access can
make you feel as if youre part of the club. The
prices are available at Apples prices, with no
retail markup.
Whats involved with the Exams
  • Rules regarding testing to become an Apple
    Certification Macintosh Technician changed
    significantly. The exam, which has traditionally
    been hosted at assorted, proctored Prometric
    testing sites around the country as well as at
    specified testing locations and online, switched
    to an online-only format (find full details on
    the companys ACMT FAQ page). The current U.S.
    Apple certification exam schedule is here.
  • Youll need to know the following categories for
    the exams, which are presented in multiple-choice
  • Macintosh Service Certification Exam 9L0-010
  • Demographic Questions
  • Embedded Battery Safety
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Precautions
  • New Product Troubleshooting and Take-Apart Tips
  • Technician Safety
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Troubleshooting Exam
  • Applications
  • File Systems
  • iCloud and Messages
  • Installation and Recovery
  • Networking
  • Peripherals and Printing
  • Security and Privacy

Best Way To Prepare for And Take The Exams
While most of the exam focuses on diagnosing
potential issues, Peachpit Press sells a good set
of Apple Pro Training Series study guides. The
core book sells for about 45 in print and 36 in
eBook format. The guides include review sections
and quizzes. You can also find courses lasting as
long as several days at authorized training
centers. The cost and depth of the courses vary
from center to center.
Good luck for ACMT Apple Exam
Going through Apple Certified Macintosh
Technician training and exams is a rough,
somewhat expensive process, but it also opens new
doors. And if you love diving into Apples
hardware and doing that is a significant part of
your living, the certification is indispensable.
Find the study materials that work for you, read
and reread everything carefully, get comfortable
with every chunk of Apple hardware you can get
your hands on, be as efficient as possible at
diagnosing problems, and youre on your way.
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 1
A physical assessment of the Mac should be
performed in which of the following
troubleshooting stages? A. Isolate B. Resolve C.
Evaluate D. Template-Match
Answer A
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 2
When applying thermal grease during a repair of
the Mac Pro (Late 2013), which of the following
are required? A. Access card tool B. Putty
knife C. CPU grease ruler D. CPU grease
stencil E. Capacitor shield
Answer A
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 3
Examine the image. When repairing a Mac mini (Mid
2011), which areas of the logic board assembly
should you avoid touching?
A. The top and bottom of the assembly. B. The EMI
fingers and gasket. C. The grounding pad and
cable guide D. Thermal pad and heat sink clips.
Answer B
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 4
Identify the memory module technology used by the
MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) and MacBook Air
(13-inch, Mid 2013). A. DDR3L B. LPDDR3 C.
Answer A
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 5
Which two components inside an iMac are energized
if the computer is plugged in, even when the
computer is turned off? SELECT TWO. A. Logic
board B. Hard drive C. Memory D. Speakers E.
Power supply F. LCD
Answer E,F
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 6
Francine states that she does not see anything on
her iMac display when she turns it on. Which of
the following should you use first to isolate as
either a backlight issue or a video signal
issue? A. A flashlight B. A replacement LCD
panel C. A replacement logic board D. A
replacement backlight power board
Answer B
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 7
When one or more keycaps need to be replaced on a
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch Late 2013), a keycap
kit can be used rather than replacing the top
case assembly. Which of the following statements
is true? A. Use the Keycap Kit for Apple
Portables to replace missing keycaps. B. The
keycap kit is cross compatible with the MacBook
Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) and MacBook Pro (Retina,
15-inch, Early 2013 and Late 2013). C. Use any
portable keycap kit. D. If more than three
keycaps are need to be replaced, replace the
entire top case assembly for that specific model
MacBook Pro.
Answer B
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 8
Which of the following features of Power Nap will
only occur if the portable Mac is plugged into a
power adapter? A. Backing up the Mac using Time
Machine. B. Checking for new email in Mail. C.
Updating events in Calendar. D. Updating
Answer B
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 9
You must know theAppleCare name of an Intel iMac
before performingwhich of the following
actions? A. Starting up from OS X Recovery
HD. B. Running Mac Resource Inspector. C.
Replacing the logic board D. Resetting the NVRAM.
Answer C
Apple 9L0-012 Practice Test
Question 10
William states that the Ethernet ports do not
function on his Mac Pro (Mid 2012) when
pluggedinto the network at his office.He
demonstrated that he knows how to connect
Ethernet cables and was able to connect to the
Internet on your known-good Ethernet network. You
ran MRI and and the computer passed all tests
when run using either Ethernet port. What
question should you ask the customer next? A.
Are any other computers able to connect to
Ethernet at the office? B. Have you installed all
system software and firmware updates? C. How did
you damage your Ethernet cable at the office? D.
Did you change the default network settings?
Answer B
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