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Blood Type Diet (1)


Healthy eating means ingesting the right quantities of foods from all food groups. As we know food is very important part of our life, So in order to live a healthy life; we need to take a healthy food. Plasma diet provide better guideline. visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Blood Type Diet (1)

Plasma Diet Pty Ltd
  • Welcome to Plasma Diet

Website http//
The Plasma Diet PhilosophyThere are 2 key areas
to your ultimate health and well being.LOOK
  • Our core philosophy is to heal your insides first
    using specific tailored nutrition and fitness
    programs based around your individual blood type.
    Just like a pool has to be the right PH level
    to be able to swim in so does your body need the
    right alkaline balance in your body to allow it
    to function at its optimal.

The days of one diet or one fitness program for
all is over and the new world will come to
embrace the very nature of who you are based upon
your blood type. Our program is based upon a
combination of easy to make fresh and nutritious
meals and personalized simple fitness programs
that will make your FEEL GOOD and LOOK
GOOD. While on the Plasma Diet your friends and
family will notice how bright your eyes are and
your overall shine along with your more
powerful, confident nature and more importantly a
more healthier YOU!.
Why You Gain Weight
  • Basically you gain weight due to the body having
    too many white blood cells and the body struggles
    to heal itself. Eat the wrong foods for your
    blood type and watch as your body struggles to
    carry around the right amount of oxygen while
    trying to remove toxins. This means that your
    bodys natural repair process is slowed down and
    stops you from burning off any of the unnecessary
    food. This is purely natures balance being out of
    order. Your body knows what to do if you treat it
    right. There are 3 key descriptions we use to our
    nutrition program

Highly Beneficial Foods that feed your cells and
act as a catalyst to restore your inner body your
best. These foods act like a medicine. Neutral
Foods that cause no damage and act indifferently
with your blood type. These foods act like
food Avoid This is like adding poison to your
body and may end up being harmful.These foods
act like Toxins. Remember One mans food is
another mans poison
Blood group O The Hunter
  • Background
  • This blood group along with being one of he most
    common is linked back to the caveman or hunter
    gatherer some 40,000 B.C. You have more physical
    strength and need exercise to release your
    stress, worries, fears and anxieties.
  • Technical Aspect
  • If you belong to the blood group 0, you have
    neither A or B antigens on the surface of your
    red blood cells but you have both A and B
    antibodies in your blood plasma.

Nutrition You are a fast oxidizer and therefore
can tolerate red meat, but should consume fewer
carbohydrates and should avoid wheat. You are
naturally Acidic and this allows you to break
down protein extremely well. Excessive adrenaline
and gluten intolerance are your two main
problems. Avoid processed carbs, dairy, wheat,
corn, kidney beans, peanuts and potato to name a
few. Fitness Program Fitness Program Your
fitness regime needs lots of vigorous exercise
such as interval training including weight
training, aerobics, running and swimming.
Exercise for you is about an emotional outlet.
Blood group A The Cultivator
  • Background
  • This blood group emerged from the Neolithic
    farmers and cultivators and posses the
    characteristics of farmers who are deeply
    sensitive and need inner resolution which the
    right fitness program can bring out. You need to
    produce peace and harmony as you are sensitive.
  • Technical Aspect
  • If you belong to the blood group A, you have A
    antigens on the surface of your red blood cells
    and B antibodies in your blood plasma.

Nutrition People are said to be slow oxidizers.
They are able to consume more carbohydrate than
others, but should avoid red meat and dairy. You
are basically a vegetarian filling your plate
with fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and
fish. Avoid kidney beans, potatoes, cabbage,
eggplant, bananas and tomatoes to name a
few. Fitness Program For you it is all about
peace and tranquility so your fitness program
should be centered around Yoga, Tai Chi, or
other similar stretching and tension release
programs. The meditation will help calm the mind.
Avoid aerobic exercise as this may be bad for you.
Blood group B Travelers
  • Background
  • This blood group emerged from the Himalayan
    highlands some time between 10,000 and 15,000
    B.C. Basically decedents of the Nomads and tribes
    you will do well on a balance of meats and
    vegetables. You are still physical but not as
    much as O type blood group. You are highly
  • Technical Aspect
  • If you belong to the blood group B, you have B
    antigens on the surface of your red blood cells
    and A antibodies in your blood plasma.

Nutrition People are said to be fast oxidizers.
They are supposed to avoid corn and wheat
products. Avoid chicken, corn, buckwheat,
lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds and
tomatoes. Fitness Program Exercise for you is
important to release tension. You will best
respond to a cross training fitness program that
has moderate exercises such as swimming, Pilate,
jogging, hiking and walking. Even add in Tai
Chi or Yoga or game of tennis for good measure.
Blood group AB Evolved Ones
  • Background
  • One of the most rarest blood groups with around
    5 of the world population being in this group.
    Your DNA is a hybrid inheriting aspects from the
    A and B blood groups. You are sensitive like
    A but organized like the B. You are forward
    thinking and some may find you hard to
  • Technical Aspect
  • If you belong to the blood group AB, you have
    both A and B antigens on the surface of your red
    blood cells and no A or B antibodies at all in
    your blood plasma.

Nutrition People are slow oxidizers, but unlike
blood type A people, they can sometimes tolerate
dairy products, without adverse effects. In
addition to eating fresh fruits, veggies and
whole grains you will lose weight by cutting back
on red meat, avoid chicken, corn, buckwheat, lima
beans and sesame seeds to name a few. Fitness
Program As you are prone to getting muscle and
joint stiffness from high powered cardio sessions
you are best suited to engaging in forms of
relaxation and exercises that shift you into a
calming state while providing muscle and joint
relief. Morning yoga and afternoon aerobics will
give you a boost.
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