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Offshore Product Development Best Practices


It is important to keep the best practices in mind, before choosing an outsourcing partner for your offshore product development process. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Offshore Product Development Best Practices

OffShore Product Development Best Practices
  • Introduction
  • Hire Expert Remote Teams
  • Language and Cultural Evaluation
  • Use of The Right Tools
  • Time Zone Management
  • Development Methodology
  • Review Product Management
  • Inspecting The Product
  • IPR Protection
  • Experience
  • Infrastructure
  • Time To Market
  • NDA and NCA

  • Offshore product development can be a very
    different ball game from onshore development.
  • It is important to keep the best practices in
    mind, before choosing an outsourcing partner for
    your offshore product development process.

Hire Expert Remote Teams
  • One of the keys aspects of offshore product
    development is to set up remote teams to work on
    the projects. The teams must be carefully chosen
    by evaluating the skill set they have in the
    specific technology that needs to be worked on.
  • The teams must be fully trained to take complete
    ownership of the project.

Language and Cultural Evaluation
  • One must ensure that the outsourcing partner is
    proficient in the English language or the
    preferred language of communication.
  • The associated teams must be skilled in language
    and communication and must understand the
    business requirements clearly.

Use of The Right Tools
  • Management of offshore teams is one of the most
    important aspects of the business. Using the
    appropriate communication tools like Skype and
    Google Drive helps in efficient management.
  • Using productivity and time management tools like
    Jira and Invoicera is equally important.

Time Zone Management
  • Deployment of a resource for remote team
    management is essential as well. Understanding
    the timezone they are working in and deciding on
    a suitable meeting time is useful as well.
  • Getting access to daily reports is helpful in
    understanding the level of output being achieved.
    Briefing about the product in an appropriate
    manner, is necessary for its success.

Development Methodology
  • One of the key aspects of offshore software
    development is the development methodology thats
    adopted. Agile, today is one of the most popular
    development methodologies for offshore product
    development. The methodology ensures timely and
    successful delivery of projects. Here are some
    key aspects of the Agile Development Methodology
  • Timely and early delivery of targets in the
    development process
  • Frequent delivery by dividing the product
    development into short cycles called sprints
  • Everybody involved in the project must
    communicate on a daily basis regarding progress
    and course of action
  • The team is self organised and motivated to work
    on the project and make it a success

Review Product Development
  • Every stage of development is crucial for the
    development of the product. Conducting reviews
    and assessments on a regular basis, is a standard
    practice, to improve upon the current level of
  • Making sure that every change, the product goes
    through is checked and consistent with the
    desired requirement is crucial. Rechecking is
    done, in case of any unusual problems that the
    product may be facing.

Inspecting The Product
  • Here are some essentials of inspecting the
    product thoroughly
  • The code should be checked thoroughly to ensure
    that the desired outcome of the designs has been
  • The re-usability components of the code must be
    analysed carefully
  • The usability of the issues resolved earlier

IPR Protection
  • As a business, one invests huge amounts in a
    product. While choosing a partner for offshore
    product development, one must evaluate its track
    record carefully.
  • Keeping the IPR secure is very important part of
    successful product development.

  • You need to evaluate the partner, on the
    experience they have in the development of a kind
    of product you are looking for.
  • This is very important for better outcome of the

  • Knowing about the infrastructure provided by the
    product development partner is important as well.
    One must find out about the work culture and
    facilities of the vendor before choosing one.
  • This plays a crucial role in the successful
    delivery of the project.

Time To Market
  • The time to market the product must be usually
    short, depending on the market conditions. One
    must plan the product and its development
  • The expectations of project delivery time must
    also be set appropriately.

  • A non-disclosure and a non-competing agreement
    must be signed with the outsourcing partner to
    ensure the safety of the project.

Choosing The Right Partner
  • Virtual teams are a cost effective way to grow
    your business and improve productivity. Hiring an
    expert agency like ValueCoders helps in hiring
    the best-fit teams for your project requirements.
    This simplifies the management process and makes
    the hiring cost effective as well.

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