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IT Training Courses in Pune, Computer Training in Pune | ECTI


IT training courses and computer training is provided at totally professional institute Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI), Pune. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IT Training Courses in Pune, Computer Training in Pune | ECTI

  • Looking into the future

Technology has become ingrained in the
educational process. The computer is one of the
most brilliant gifts of science. Computers are
constantly being updated to make out lives
better. In fact the computer is a wonderful
electronic brain that we have come to rely on in
our everyday life. The computer has proved
a friend and servant of science, technology and
industry. Most offices, shops, factories and
industries use computers. The Internet on a
computer is a storehouse of information. The
computer is a boon to all. The most that any
field has gained from the invention of the
computers is the business field because of its
nature. Software is a general term used to
describe a collection of computer programs,
procedures, and documentation that perform
some task on a computer system. Practical
computer systems divide software systems into
three major classes system software, programming
software, and application software.  
What is a Computer Language....?
What makes a computer language? Why do computers
have them? Why are there so many different
computer languages?
  • Two Basic Types of Computer Language
  • Low-Level Languages A language that corresponds
    directly to a specific machine
  • High-Level Languages Any language that is
    independent of the machine

Computer software developers often work in one
of two major areas systems and applications.
Engineers working in the systems sector develop
operating systems for computers. Those who work
in the applications sector design computer
programs and modify existing programs to perform
specific tasks. Each sector requires engineers to
be knowledgeable in development software such as
C, C and Java. And so on.....!!! It would be
difficult to argue that, along with many other
facets of modern life, technology has become a
common part of educational institutions around
World, many other parts of the world. Of course,
the use of technology in schools, business so
on... its continued prevalence amongst the
lives of young people - remains a much-debated
topic, and it is one that teachers are forced to
grapple with on a daily basis.
What Computer Programmers Do...?
Computer programmers write code to create
software programs. They turn the program designs
created by software developers and engineers into
instructions that a computer can
follow. Computer Programming Code helps to
create things. Things which in a way help to
communicate to know to feel and to earn, Ex. C,
C, Java, .NET, PHP and So on.. Computer
Programming makes Interfaces GUI which make
interaction between computer and Human.
  • Since the technology industry is constantly
    evolving, its essential that workers in this
    field stay abreast of the latest innovations.
  • To remain competitive in the job market, computer
    programmers should head back to class,.
  • Getting additional training to build competency
    in both emerging languages and updated versions
    of existing ones.
  • Equally important, earning an advanced degree can
    qualify programmers for more senior roles. They
    can advance to become software developers,
    computer systems analysts or information systems

One perk of the job is that programmers can
often work remotely, offering a flexible working
environment. Although companies are expected to
outsource some jobs to workers in other
countries, programmers can also use their
expertise as a solid foundation for a career in a
field that is less likely to be moved abroad.
Indeed, jobs that encompass the broader field of
computer science are expected to increase their
percent over the same period.
  • Although jobs for computer programmers are only
    expected to increase at a modest rate. It is also
    predicted that 1 million computer programming
    jobs will go unfilled by 2020, meaning that
    demand is significantly outstripping supply.
  • Since practically all industries require software
    services, jobs for computer programmers should
    increase at a decent clip.
  • Many firms look to Internet-based applications as
    a way to lower costs while simultaneously
    reaching customers in their homes.
  • The boom in the healthcare sector also bodes well
    for computer programmers, specifically those who
    hold a bachelors degree or higher and can work
    in several programming languages.

Software developers and engineers do not have
professional licensing requirements but may need
certifications. However, if one chose to certify,
one possible option is certification from the
Computer Society of the Institute of Computer
Engineers, which offers software development
credentials for beginning and experienced S/W
engineers. Computer Certification helps in
better future, with perfect place in Job, in any
Industry. It the best way for a successful future
If computers and technology get you excited,
then you will face a very bright future if you
also plan to translate that passion into pay
check. That said, youre definitely in a good job
market for the foreseeable future if you plan to
take out a living from your knowledge of one or
more esoteric languages used in IT.
About Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI)
Since its inception in 1999, Envision Computer
Training Institute has been effectively
substantiating the ever rising needs of technical
support in the social and business scenario. The
institute is successfully paving its way through
the fields of Programming and Engineering acting
as a full proof educational facilitator thus
consistently delivering the demand of industry
ready professionals. Envision has always been in
the quest of building a technical edifice for the
students with its underlying values and core
competencies in technical excellence, quality
training and innovative concepts.
Why ECTI ?
If you are looking for the best Training to suite
you, you have reached the right place our best
team give your learning/training initiatives a
cutting edge over other. We impart training as
per the technological advancement so that the
trained personnel should match the challenges in
the market. Envision has always been in the quest
of building a technical edifice for the students
with its underlying values and core competencies
in technical excellence, quality training and
innovative concepts. Envision is a hope for the
perfect new desire, a hope which fulfil you and
your brain with the knowledge one needs, on
which ones journey is based. Envision training
institute provider's a professional learning, a
mean to survive in the fast running world
Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI)
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