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10 WordPress Plugins To Harness The Power of Facebook


Here's hoping that the aforementioned list of plugins will help you harness the power of Facebook social media network efficiently. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 WordPress Plugins To Harness The Power of Facebook

10 WordPress Plugins To Harness The Power of
  • Presented By
  • Amy Brown
  • At WordPrax Ltd.

  • Social media is an easy yet powerful source of
    online marketing that help businesses of all
    sizes to reach out to their targeted audience
    with ease. While there are many popular social
    media channels out there that helps businesses in
    driving traffic and sales, but Facebook still
    remains the most preferred source when it comes
    to expanding business reach to a wide global

  • Luckily, there are many useful Facebook plugins
    for WordPress that provides plenty of options to
    integrate and make the best possible use of the
    social network. Right from encouraging users to
    like your Facebook page, to sharing Facebook
    updates, events and so much more, Facebook
    plugins can help you perform lots of tasks with
    very little or no coding knowledge required.

1. Facebook
  • Open Graph protocol that helps in optimizing
    WordPress website content for social sharing, and
    also allows to preview the content on Facebook,
    and other social media channels.
  • Help in tracking users' data powered by Facebook
    profiles, and even allows to view how the data
    are distributed on Facebook.
  • This plugin enables to add 'Like', 'send', and
    'follow' buttons to every WordPress post and many
    more features.

2. Facebook Widget
  • Want to add a simple Facebook like page to your
    website widgetized regions? In that case, the
    Facebook widget plugin is exactly what you need.
    It helps add a 'Facebook Like' widget into the
    sidebar or footer area of a WordPress site. And,
    the widget provides a simple yet attractive way,
    to showcase the likes you have received on your
    Facebook page, in your website sidebar.
  • The Facebook widget plugin can be easily
    configured with your site's admin area. Once the
    plugin gets activated, you can simply drag and
    drop the widget just like any other widget.
    Remember, to use the plugin, you need to add your
    Facebook application id and URL into the widget.
    Incase the plugin is not compatible with your
    wordpress theme, then you can consider opting for
    WordPress theme custiomization services to
    accomplish your objective.

3. Facebook Members
  • Whether you would like to add the Facebook
    LikeBox or Recommendation Bar feature into your
    WordPress site, the Facebook Members plugin can
    help achieve such needs in the most efficient
    manner possible. Also, the plugin offers many
    more options to customize the Facebook LikeBox
    and Recommendation Bar functionalities.
  • For instance, you can change the background color
    or border color of the likebox and recommendation
    bar. What's more? The plugin allows to read
    recent posts on your Facebook page, enables to
    like the page with a single click without having
    to actually visit that page.

4. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox
  • Are you waiting for your target users to like
    your Facebook page associated with your WordPress
    website? Well, then you might not be able to
    drive traffic to your site. Wondering why? With
    millions of WordPress sites over the web, each
    containing a social media channel such as the
    like of Facebook, you can't expect that users
    will come and like your page. Instead, you'll
    have to promote your Facebook page. This can be
    achieved with the help of Facebook Page Promoter
    Lightbox plugin.
  • This plugin, basically, helps in displaying an
    already configured Facebook Fan Page-Like Box
    in a lightbox. You need PHP 5 or a higher version
    to use the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

5. Simple Facebook Plugin
  • As the name implies, the Simple Facebook Plugin
    gives Facebook page administrators the ability to
    incorporate and promote their Facebook page right
    from their website. The plugin also benefits
    users, as it enables them to like or share the
    Facebook page without leaving the site. With the
    Simple Facebook plugin, you can embed a Like Box
    easily via widgets or shortcodes.
  • This plugin provides also provides several other
    capabilities to users, such as
  • Enables them to see the number of users who've
    already like your Facebook Page. Additionally, it
    even lets you know which of your users' friends
    like the page too.
  • Allows users to like the page in just a single
  • Help read the latest posts from the page.

6. The Facebook All Plugin
  • Want to boost your WordPress blog conversions?
    Well, then adding the power of social media using
    the Facebook All Plugin will help prove quite
    useful to you. It helps in making a blog social,
    as it allows visitors to post their comments, by
    logging or registering using Facebook as well as
    Google networks.
  • What's more? The plugin gives you the option to
    choose where you want to display your Facebook
    login page. Some great features of the Facebook
    All plugin are user-friendly admin interface,
    Buddypress compatibility, highly customizable
    Facebook icon and much more.

7. Srizon Facebook Album
  • If you want to show your Facebook images or photo
    album on your WordPress site, then the Srizon
    Facebook Album will best suit your needs. It is
    simple to use, and allows to show a thumbnail of
    every Facebook album, which display all of the
    album's photos in a gallery as soon as the album
    is being clicked.
  • While this plugin is free to use, however, if you
    don't mind spending a little money, then you
    should consider utilizing its premium version.
    The paid version of the plugin allows to display
    over 25 images in each album. In addition, it
    shows 25 album thumbnails for each gallery.

8. The Facebook Tab Manager
  • If you want to save yourself from writing fancy
    code for displaying landing pages or other
    content within your Facebook business page, then
    the Facebook Tab Manager is worth a try. It
    provides a hassle-free way of incorporating
    interesting layouts and functionality within your
    Facebook pages without experimenting with the

9. Embed Facebook
  • This is yet another plugin like Srizon Facebook
    Album that helps in embedding Facebook photo
    albums in WordPress. However, the Embed Facebook
    makes the process of adding photo album to a WP
    site much more simplified. All you have to do is
    to paste the URL of your Facebook album in either
    your WordPress page or post, and the rest of the
    task is handled by the plugin.

10. Facebook wall and social integration
  • And last on our list is Facebook wall and social
    integration that enables to show the Facebook
    feed that is published on any Facebook
    page/profile/group. You just require a Facebook
    ID of your page/profile/group within the settings
    of the plugin to display the feeds from Facebook
    in an efficient manner.
  • The plugin provides several options like
    background color, editable css, etc. to customize
    the Facebook feeds.
  • Conclusion
  • Here's hoping that the aforementioned list of
    plugins will help you harness the power of
    Facebook social media network efficiently.

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