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Kamyabology Provides Management Training presentations


Management Training presentations focuses on a manager's skills to motivate and coach his/her team. You can order online for best management training ppts from kamyabology. Click here to get More Information. Contact Detail - Deepak Kumar Sales@kamyabology.com Tel no -98991 90519 Website: www.kamyabology.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Kamyabology Provides Management Training presentations

  • Unbelievable facts These are your Best Gurus

Unbelievable gurus
  • The CEO of Max Advertising, Amrit Khanna, was
    awarded the Best CEO. Among all the pomp
    celebration, he was being interviewed by Time
  • Amrit was asked, who were the people who
    contributed to his success. His mind traversed 25
    years back, from the starting of his career.
  • While answering he realised the people who had
    contributed the most, were the people whom he had
    acknowledged the least.
  • That night went sleepless, instead he kept
    introspecting found something unbelievable. He
    realised these were his gurus who encouraged him
    the most.

Parent Instill values
  • Parents are your first teachers. Even before you
    go to school, they set the environment to learn.
  • You observe them learn about how to behave,
    what things are important in your life, how to
    deal with people, communication, etc.
  • They are the ones to instill values in us. You
    learn from them about valuable virtues like
    truth, love, family bonding, hardwork, duties
    towards parents society.

Siblings Cooperation
  • You have a wonderful relation with your sibling.
    You share a lot of things with him or her.
  • This sharing teaches a lot about loving people
    caring about others.
  • As you play with your siblings you learn to share
    work along with a team.
  • You learn to co-operate, adjust, understand
    give in relations. Your relationship with your
    sibling builds the edifice for future
    relationships in your life.

School Knowledge
  • School imparts knowledge skills for your future
    career. It is a base on which your future life
  • You learn new things everyday, explore your
    talent understand various streams of knowledge.
  • It teaches you that learning never stops, you
    should keep learning all your life. It builds
    confidence in you to face the world.
  • It gives you the sensitivity to be among people
    who come from different backgrounds.

Boss Development
  • Most of us dont like our boss. We crib about his
    authoritativeness presence.
  • But, surprisingly he is the one to shape your
    career. He finds out your strong weak points to
    guide you in your work.
  • Your professional development depends upon what
    kind of boss you have. He also hones leadership
    skills in you by handing over responsibilities
    teaching you decision making skills.
  • He teaches you to work in a team co-operate.

Spouse Support
  • Your spouse teaches you to give in a relation
    love selflessly.
  • She or he supports you throughout your life. You
    learn to adjust, understand be empathetic.
  • You become patient to understand others point of
    view listen.
  • This relation of lifetime, teaches you to be
    non-judgemental be a patient listener.

Children Patience
  • Children are your best teachers you learn to be
    patient with them.
  • They have loads of questions for you they share
    many things with you. Thus, you learn to listen
  • They are innocent curious. This inspires you to
    nurture the child in you absorb new things.
  • Sometimes, their questions amaze you. This leads
    you to look at things from a fresh perspective.

Friends Sharing
  • Friends are support system of your life.
  • They guide support you during challenging
    times. You learn how to support your near dear
    ones, from them.
  • You also pick great habits like sharing
    teamwork, from them.
  • They teach you that if one is not good at
    something you should support him by lending an
    helping hand.

Skill Development
  • Amit was furious as to why his boss Vijay,
    pointed out in a meeting that he needed to pick
    on his communication skills.
  • Infact, Vijay shared his views on everyones
    skills in the meeting. He encouraged Amit to come
    forward speak in meetings give a presentation
    in the next meeting.
  • Initially, Amit found this burdening but, after a
    couple of meetings his confidence level
    communication had improved.
  • Vijay had pulled Amit out from his shell to learn
    the importance of communication.

Listening habit
  • Keshav refused to listen to his son Chetan, who
    was sharing with him about his school experience.
  • Chetan was trying to speak Keshav would
    interrupt to make his point.
  • At the end Chetan yelled, Why cant you just
    listen dad? You never listen to me.
  • And Chetan ran away. Keshav then introspected
    realised he didnt have the habit of listening.

Difficult times
  • Amar was going through tough times he had lost
    his job.
  • The only person who stood by him was his wife
    Kiran, she took Amars anger spell frustration.
  • His moods swings were getting worse but, Kiran
    always stayed calm.
  • After around 3 months when he got a job, he
    realised how he had behaved with her. He took her
    out on a holiday made up for his unreasonable

Self confidence
  • It was Revas first day at her new school. Maths
    teacher entered the class started teaching.
    Reva could not understand a word.
  • Reva had learnt from her previous school that if
    you dont understand anything you should ask
  • She boldly asked her teacher to teach the sum
    again. Her Maths teacher was impressed by her
    confidence obliged her.

Our Gurus
  • Parents are our first teachers. Even before you
    go to school, they set the environment to learn
    they teach you values for life.
  • As you play with your siblings you learn to share
    work along with a team.
  • At school, you learn new things everyday, explore
    your talent understand various streams of
  • Boss is the one to shape your career. He finds
    out your strong weak points so as to guide in
    your work.
  • Your spouse teaches to adjust, understand be
  • Children teach you to be patient, listen look
    at things with a fresh perspective.
  • Friends teach you to understand support your
    near ones in times of challenge.

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