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Read the Top App Security Tips to Protect You App with Legal Action


The app development has proved to be a very profitable business since the last few years. Read the top app security tips to protect your apps legally from any trouble. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Read the Top App Security Tips to Protect You App with Legal Action

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  • Last few years we have witnessed some great
    mobile apps which have been hugely loved by the
    users and highly successful throughout the world.
  • With the world becoming connected to each other
    by internet means that as an app developer you
    app will be viewed by millions of people around
    the world.
  • If you are planning to get into the business of
    app developing then there are few things that you
    will surely help you in protecting your app.
  • Lets have a look at few of the top app security
    tips that will help you to protect your app from
    any kind of attack or breach.

Get a Logo for your App
  • You should make a copyright infringement claim
    for the app that you are making so that no one
    creates a clone of your app.
  • Because if you go through a game of similar
    category in the play store you will find so many
    clones of a particular game.
  • So it is necessary that you have a copyright of
    your app and get a trademark for your app.

Create a patent for the app
  • If your app is unique and exceptional enough then
    you might want to get your app patented for
    certain circumstances.
  • You must first look whether your app meets all
    the requirements to get patented or not.
  • You can also get the help of a patent attorney to
    see if your app meets all the necessary
    requirements for it to get patented.

Build your app
  • Having a great idea and the concept is a first
    and huge step towards building an app and once
    you have the code then you can start the
    development right away.
  • Copyright can save your app from its idea
    expressed being copied but it cannot save the
    idea itself.
  • So it would be better to save the code that you
    built into the computer.

Make the idea of your app Confidential
  • Creating an app needs lot of brain power and it
    isnt a one mans job to build an app, getting
    some help from the freelance app developers.
  • You should keep the functionalities of the app
  • You can get a non-disclosure agreement for your
    app before the freelance app developers start
    developing on your app.
  • The NDA provides you with a legal contract for
    your app between 2 people that will be kept
    confidential from others.

Be unique with your app
  • Lot of times the developers get inspired by the
    top running apps and games in the app stores and
    try to infringe their work.
  • It is OK to take ideas from other apps but
    copying the entire features might get your app
    into trouble.
  • As an app developer you must try to create
    something new , original not something which is
    totally popular at the moment by not imitating
    the work of others.

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