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10 Benefits of Home Awnings for you


Awnings for homes can be a simple solution for such problems. They can give you the outdoor space you need and can shade you against rain or shine, so that you can enjoy your improved living space in any season. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Benefits of Home Awnings for you

10 Benefits of Home Awnings for you
  • Awnings for homes can be a simple solution for
    such problems. They can give you the outdoor
    space you need and can shade you against rain or
    shine, so that you can enjoy your improved living
    space in any season. Here are some of the
    benefits you can get from having residential

Protection from the sun in more ways than one
  • The sun can cause a lot of problems. The heat can
    sometimes be unbearable, not to mention youre at
    risk of having skin cancer from the harmful UV
    Rays. Retractable sun awnings on your outdoor
    areas can lessen this risk and shade you from the
    heat. They can help cool your outdoor area by 20
    degrees and help stop heat from going inside your
    house. As sunlight can damage the fabrics of your
    carpets, curtains or furniture, the shade that
    awnings create can help protect your furnishings.

Protection from the wet seasons
  • The sun isnt the only thing that can stop you
    from enjoying your outdoor spaces. Drizzles and
    rain showers can be bothersome but you shouldnt
    let it stop you. Rain awnings are sturdy enough
    to withstand rain, even wind or snow in certain
    conditions. The fabric is also resistant to water
    and mildew, making it sturdy and worry-free. Rain
    awnings can let you enjoy the outdoors despite
    the rainy British weather.

Can redefine your outdoor living space into
something better
  • There are probably a lot of households not making
    full use of their outdoor living spaces due to
    lack of shelter. But you can get the most out of
    your home by adding retractable patio awnings to
    expand your living space. Your house can look and
    feel bigger with the simple addition, without
    doing a lot of remodelling. Not to mention,
    awnings can create a relaxing outdoor ambiance
    that you and your family can enjoy.

Increased aesthetics and better curb appeal
  • The first impression for your house is the most
    important. So your homes outer appearance should
    be well kept because it can increase the chances
    of selling it or adding value for it. With the
    styles and colours of awnings or sun canopies
    over your windows, this will not be a problem.
    Its their simplicity in design that gives off
    that look of sophistication with functionality
    for your home. They are certainly one of the
    things to consider when increasing your homes
    curb appeal and adding value to your property.

Can help save energy
  • Summers can be hot, which can lead you to turn
    the air conditioners on. This can result in
    spending more on your electricity usage. Awnings
    and sun canopies provide enough shade and help
    regulate your homes temperature, even with your
    windows opened. Awnings can reduce heat gain by
    up to 60-70, depending on the location of the
    window, during the summers. They do this by
    preventing solar radiation, which can add more
    heat inside the home, from penetrating through
    the glass. This can decrease your reliance to air
    conditioners by up to 50. The idea may sound
    simple but it can save you money on your energy
    bills. Speaking of money

Good deal for your money
  • There are a lot of ways to save money but you
    usually have to do a lot of things at once in
    order to do so. Awnings can take a load off your
    hands simply because of their benefits. You can
    have an added room without the time and effort of
    remodeling your house. They can protect your
    furnishings so you wouldnt have to change or buy
    new ones for a longer period of time. They help
    protect your windows from the elements, saving
    you the time for cleaning and the money for
    fixing. And all these for a simple awning for
    home windows. The deal gets better with
    Nationwides SALE, 40 off on awnings. You can
    request a free brochure so that you can be
    assured of the quality first.

 Bespoke Architectural Eye Candy
  • Awnings may have been here for centuries but it
    doesnt mean that modern homes cant have these.
    Awnings have evolved from the simple cloth
    covering to using quality fabrics for maximum UV
    protection and self cleaning. They also make use
    of aluminum frames for sturdiness. Modern designs
    of awnings are usually flatter than usual and
    they can be automated. These modern designs are
    readily available and can be created by skilled
    designers and manufacturers, depending on your
    preferences. Nationwide offers custom awnings
    that can be fitted with any kind of home. The
    good thing about bespoke is that the awnings are
    made for your home alone, guaranteeing yours will
    be unique and can fit all your needs.

Functionality and ease of control
  • A lot of people think that its difficult to
    maintain an awning, but its not. All awning
    designs are based on your requirements, to fit
    your needs so that the awning can fit your
    lifestyle without any hassle. Fully automated
    retractable awnings can be moved with just a
    touch of a button. Theyre flexible and sturdy
    enough to be changed to any angle or direction
    you want them to be, depending on the purpose you
    want them for. For example, for aesthetic
    purposes and shading, 5-15 degrees is best while
    0 degrees or a flat awning is good if you want a
    wider outdoor space.

Connecting family members together
  • The benefits arent just solely for your home.
    From simple sun awnings to large freestanding
    awnings, these home additions can create
    enigmatic spaces where you and your family can
    dine, talk, or just relax. You can even use the
    space to hold barbecues and small gatherings with
    relatives and friends. The space the awnings
    create can inspire you and your family to spend
    more time with each other and to strengthen your
    bonds. Parties and barbecues can be in your home
    instead of some other venue. Your friends and
    relatives will get to know your family best if
    theyre in your home. Weekend afternoons with
    your children can just be on your back garden.
    Its a good way for both of you to talk and just
    relax. Young children can play around on a shaded
    outdoor space undisturbed to foster their
    creativity, but still with supervision from the

Staycation Paradise Right Outside your Door
  • Vacations to sunny beaches or tropical islands
    might be a bit expensive and even when youre in
    vacation, you end up thinking about work and tend
    to enjoy your vacation less. But can always have
    that same relaxed and stress-free feeling even if
    youre at home. Just being outside on your
    garden, under the shade of a patio awning can
    already make you feel relaxed as if youre on
    vacation. Its the best staycation you can have
    without literally ever leaving your house.
    Another good thing about this is you wont have
    to feel guilty about thinking about work.

  • The space you can have can also be a makeshift
    office for when youre working at home, but with
    less stress and increased relaxation. This can be
    really good for you too as being relaxed
    increases your productivity and creativity,
    making your staycation worthwhile.
  • These are just some of the benefits of awnings
    you can have. They may have a simple design but
    their functionality and aesthetics are timeless.
    Theyve stood the test of time, from being a part
    of history to giving more to modernity by
    enriching homeowners every day lives and
    connecting family bonds.

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