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Kamyabology – Get Best Business management presentation


Kamyabology repository various Business management presentation which gives high impact learning to make you much more effective leader. This PPT provides an ideal foundation for future business leaders, whether you want to work within an organization or run your own enterprise. Click here to get More Information. Contact Detail - Deepak Kumar Sales@kamyabology.com Tel no -98991 90519 Website: www.kamyabology.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Kamyabology – Get Best Business management presentation

  • Wish if I was 21

  • Yesterday evening my daughter was fretting about
    her first social. I had never seen her so
  • I kept telling her she neednt be this anxious,
    it is just a social.
  • She wouldnt calm down. In a flash of a second I
    rewound my life thought about my heyday.
  • I realised when I was 21 years, I was no
    different. anxious worried about insignificant
    things. I smiled instantly.
  • A thought crossed my mind, What would I do if I
    had a chance to be 21 again?

Build relationship
  • If I get a chance to be 21 again, I would have
    invested my time building valuable relationships.
    At 21 you are making vital decisions to carve
    your path for the future.
  • Meet as many people you wish to build long
    lasting relationships with them, later in your
    life these people will support you stand by
  • Dont let your ego cross your path or stop you
    from knowing people learning from them.

Curb your ego
  • I remember at this age I wanted to flaunt my
    knowledge show off how much I know.
  • But, this is the age when you learn absorb the
    most. Let not your ego come in between your
  • Ask as many questions you have to share your
    dilemmas. Everyone would be happy to help you, as
    they know you are not a threat to them, since you
    are still young.
  • You gather knowledge in future this knowledge
    itself would come handy to you.

  • When I was 21, I hated someone advising
  • me over anything. I never listened to anyone, I
    cut them short left the conversation.
  • At this age everyone is trying to advise you, be
    patient listen to what people say.
  • They have varied views based on their
    experience they will advise you.
  • Dont take all the advise, but dont argue, keep
    listening. Your habit to listen will take you a
    long way in life.

Not a great place to work
  • My first job got me bored, I wondered how would
    my career be if this is the start?
  • When you take up your first job you find it a
    bare bore, dont complain. It doesnt give a
    great pay cheque or keep you interested?
  • So what? It is the first chance you have got to
    learn a few things about professional life.
    Forget the pay cheque or other concerns, your
    first job doesnt dictate your career path.

  • When you are young the ability to take risk is
  • So if you get a challenge in your life, go ahead
    face it. It might be a professional assignment
    or a personal challenge.
  • If you face a dilemma situation dont focus on
    the consequences.
  • Think about how much you will learn if you face
    the challenge. Never lose hope, keep trying.

Choose your friends
  • My frequent partying had worried my father.
    Coming home late became a habit. One such night
    he sat with me to explain
  • Remember, you should choose your friends. Make
    friends who care for you stand by you in tough
  • Friends who hang around you for fun good times
    arent your true friends.
  • Be with people who are ambitious want to
    achieve something in their life. The kind of
    company you keep, reflects your character.

  • After I quit on some friends I started getting
    lonely. But, soon I started travelling
    extensively to keep myself engaged.
  • Young age is a golden period of your life. At
    this age you have a lot energy enthusiasm. Use
    it to travel discover varied cultures,
    traditions places.
  • Travel to discover yourself better. Travelling
    expands your horizons, refreshes your mind,
    rejuvenates you, leads to a better insight, as
    you meet new people listen to their life stories
    visit new places.

Coping with failure
  • You didnt fare well at exams? You broke off
    with your girlfriend or boyfriend? What will
    your friends say, how will you face them? You are
    not always going to succeed in what you do.
  • These are things that dont deserve the attention
    we give. Whatever may be the case, failure is
    the starting point of success.
  • It is your test about your perseverance ability
    to beat failure with determination. Never give up
    due to failures, they are the greatest teachers.

What you wish to do in life?
  • At 21 I watched successful people felt confused
    what I needed to do in life.
  • Don't crib that you don't know what exactly you
    wish to do in life.
  • Start exploring yourself, understand what you
    love doing pursue it.
  • No one really figures out what they wish to do at
    the age of 21. It is your time to explore your
    talent instinct.

Keep learning
  • When I graduated I was happy that I had finished
    with learning.
  • But, later on I understood that learning never
  • If you realise you need some guidance about body
    language, soft skills or computer skills, join a
    class or a workshop.
  • If your new job demands you to learn some special
    skills never hesitate to do so or be lethargic.
  • Always be open to learning.

At 21.
  • Meet as many people you wish to build long
    lasting relationships.
  • Let not your ego come in between your learning.
  • Patiently listen to what people say.
  • You may not like your first job but, stick on to
    learn vital lessons about professional life.
  • If you get a challenge in your life, go ahead
    face it.
  • Make true friends who stand by you.
  • Travel a lot discover varied cultures,
    traditions places.
  • Face failures, dont give up, they are your best
  • Don't crib that you don't know what exactly you
    wish to do in life.
  • Always be open to learning.

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