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Human Resource Management ppts from kamyabology covers tips and tools required to develop, train employees and to ensure they perform successfully in meeting organizational goals. Click here to get More Information about your any query. Contact Detail - Deepak Kumar Sales@kamyabology.com Tel no -98991 90519 Website: www.kamyabology.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Kamyabology Provides Best Human Resource Management ppts

  • What will you do if you are not promoted?

Missed it
  • Oh! Its unbelievable. I didnt get promoted.
    Its Suhas who stole it from me, he just butters
    up to all the seniors. I despise this habit of
    his. Infact, I deserved to be promoted.
  • Now, that is how Ankit had to react when he
    missed his promotion.
  • Each person is tempted to react this way, a bit
    out of disappointment a bit out of
  • Let us turn our attention to What you can do
    when you miss a promotion?

Dont get irritable
  • Just like Ankit, the first reaction is to get
    irritable petulant.
  • Yes, you can reveal your emotions say, I am
    terribly disappointed, I wonder what went wrong?
    Why did I miss the promotion?
  • Holding on to your emotions being unexpressive
    transpires into frustration.
  • Be yourself, you have all the right to, but,
    dont indulge in mudslinging.

Lateral opportunities
  • You can move laterally in your career.
  • Either you take an opportunity within the company
    or in some other company at the same level.
  • You will be able to explore new opportunities
    with a new team boss.
  • Though you dont reach a higher position, you
    still get to unravel the unexplored side

Expand your role
  • Get into new roles take responsibilities that
    exploit your talents.
  • When you take up a new project, it will unravel
    your hidden skills.
  • Never hesitate to try new roles, they may look
    challenging in the beginning.
  • But, when you succeed in new roles you will prove
    to be worthy of the promotion, the next time.

New skills
  • Our world is dynamic, technology keeps changing a
    hell lot of things around us.
  • Keep a tab on the new skills sets needed in
  • Research about new areas of work/career, which
    you can take up.
  • Be tech savvy futuristic. Be adaptable move
    with times.

Take up the challenge
  • Ananth missed his promotion instead of cribbing
    over the loss he moved on.
  • A few days later his boss declared that there was
    a new project asked someone to take the lead.
  • Ananth jumped at the opportunity headed the
  • Looking at his leadership abilities his boss was
    super impressed a year later Ananth had jumped
    two levels up in the hierarchy.

Sharpen your skills
  • There is always room for improvement.
  • Within the parameter of your skills, there is
    this huge opportunity to know more.
  • Find out ways to sharpen your existing skills.
  • You can either take up a workshop or a course.
  • Alternatively, take guidance from your mentor or
    boss about how you can shape up better in your
    present role.

Have a mentor
  • Dejected, a bit disappointed you need support.
  • Realistic advise will come from your well wishers
    like mentors, seniors in your office whom you
    trust, or a friend.
  • Open up your mind to take advise suggestions
    from them.
  • Fathom into the true reasons for not getting
    promoted device a plan that will make you the
    strongest contestant for the next promotion.

Plan your growth
  • Sarah applied for a half day. Her boss probed the
  • She said, I have joined a workshop to learn
    SAP. Her boss, Anil was impressed with her
  • Last week itself he had chosen her colleague Amit
    over her for a promotion.
  • Inspite of that she had taken the courage to face
    the reality move ahead.

Start networking
  • Often when you work in an organisation, you
    dont interact with people from other
  • But, connecting with people from your industry
    others, will help you know about new skills
    needed in the business world.
  • You will get some advise be aware of
    opportunities in other companies industries.

Speak up
  • Look inward, introspect most people know why
    they didnt get promoted.
  • No one will come out with the harsh truth, so you
    have to give them the permission to reveal the
  • Ask for what skills you need to sharpen
    specific incidents when you failed in your
  • Ask your boss to subsidise a course to sharpen
    your skills.

Get your answers
  • Rahul walked up to his boss said, I wish to
    discuss about my promotion to know how I can
  • His boss was surprised that Rahul though looked
    disturbed, wanted to learn from his experience.
  • You need to focus more on team building, while
    you focused too much on targets.
  • Rahul had never seen it from that perspective.
    When the conversation ended they both knew there
    existed a huge expectation mismatch.

  • Reframe you experience look at this as an
    opportunity to learn.
  • May be youve been complacent now its time to
  • Ask yourself, Did you really need a promotion?
    What about the promotion attracted you position,
    money, respect, title, recognition, etc.
  • There may be other ways to get these, without a

  • Find out why you missed the promotion act on
    the feedback.
  • Take help from others to know what you should do
    to get a promotion the next time.
  • Keep networking to know the new opportunities
    update your knowledge.

  • React or act right away. Let yourself cool down
    to see things in the right perspective.
  • Badmouth the person who got promoted your boss.
  • Over react turn this whole situation into a
    grueling experience. Infact, it is just a
    disappointment, let it sink into you.

Missing a promotion
  • Dont get irritable indulge in mudslinging.
  • Move laterally in your or any other company.
  • Get into new roles take responsibilities that
    exploit your talents.
  • Hone new skills. Keep a tab on the new skills
    sets needed in future.
  • Find out ways to sharpen your existing skills.
  • Take advise from mentors, friends or trusted
  • Start networking to know about new opportunities
    skills needed in your other industries.
  • Introspect also ask your boss as to what skills
    are needed for a promotion.
  • Reframe you experience look at this as an
    opportunity to learn.

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