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Important Tips To Known About Cat Care


The Catniptimes offers cat behavior tips, training advice, solutions to litterbox problems,behavioral tips and tricks, and all things to improve your life with your favorite feline friends.For More Detail Visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Important Tips To Known About Cat Care

Welcome To The Catnip Times
The Catnip Times is a site for people who love
cats. The content is 100 focused on cats. Cat
news, trending stories About cats.
Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe at Home
Cats are much more sensitive to their atmosphere
than dogs and people, so we have to be careful
and conscious of some basic safety problems.
While we, our kids, or our dogs might suffer some
discomfort from ingesting certain harmful items,
cats are more likely to die,because they lack the
liver enzymes that would process those chemicals
from their bodies.
Moreover to a higher sensitivity, cats are also
experts at concealing any discomfort, and we may
not even observe they do not feel well until is
too delayed. It is important to their safety and
health, then, that we take precaution measures to
avoid ianjuries and poisonings, and to be
attentive of their wellness to observe any
changes that might warrant a veterinary visit.
Furthermore, cats are a very curious bunch and
are thus more likely to find and get into certain
items that the rest of us can understand to leave
alone. This has an extensive range of plants,
cleaning items, and some foods.
Here are some tips that help to keep your cat
safe at home-
1. Prevent access to any place you store yard
chemicals, cleaning supplies, insecticides,
automotive products, and plumbing chemicals,
such as drain openers. These products are
especially dangerous to cats traps and sprays,
antifreeze,powdered cleaners, weed killers,
insecticide baits, and anything containing pine
2. Keep cats away from certain houseplants such
as azalea, oleander, and yew.Look for a harmful
plant list for a complete list of risky plants.
If your cat is allowed outdoors, be certain to
plant-proof your garden as well and growing only
those that do not risk to cats.
3. Do not leave small items laying around. Think
about toddler and you will be able to secure your
cats too. Cats are very curious and like a small
child can swallow things like buttons, coins,
nails, string, paper clips, screws, etc.
Ingesting them usually needs urgent surgery to
eliminate them before fatal damage has been done.
4. Read labels on the products of pet. Never give
something to a cat which is designed for a dog.
They have different physiologiesa and do not
process things the same at all. Understand more
information about these from the news about cats.
An excellent example is a flea or tick products,
such as powdears, collars or sprays. Dogs can
handle the ingredient, a synthetic insecticide,
permethrin, but it can be fatal to cats.
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