How to Expand Your Car Wash Business with Pearl Waterless Car Wash Wholesale-Bulk-Private Label-Shipped Anywhere in the World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Expand Your Car Wash Business with Pearl Waterless Car Wash Wholesale-Bulk-Private Label-Shipped Anywhere in the World


It's everything you need for maintaining your car's interior and exterior cleanliness. Treat your automobile to a serious shine with PEARL WATERLESS CAR WASH PRODUCTS. Visit for more information. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Expand Your Car Wash Business with Pearl Waterless Car Wash Wholesale-Bulk-Private Label-Shipped Anywhere in the World

How to Expand Your Car Wash Business with Pearl
Waterless Car Wash Wholesale-Bulk-Private
Label-Shipped Anywhere in the World
Did you know that waterless car wash business is
popping up all over the globe. If you haven
included these products in your brochure I bet
your existing clients would be thrilled to try
new product and a new way to clean their cars.
There are also many different business
opportunities to tap into a wider market. There
are a great number of people who are
environmentally conscious car owners and who want
to be friendly to the nature and environment they
live. What is Waterless Car Wash? Waterless car
wash is a car washing product and technique that
allows you to clean and polish your car
all-in-one without the use of buckets of water,
soap and the mess it makes. This waterless car
wash method can be done at the beach, in a
parking lot or in other public or private places,
absolutely anytime, any place and anywhere. You
can also use it as a business opportunity and
offer this new line of products and services as a
mobile detailing service so people dont need to
do it themselves. International Importers Wanted
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These days, car owners have less time than ever
to keep there car clean, polished and protected
as time is so precious they are in constant
search for better car washing and car cleaning
products. High quality and total satisfaction are
the keys for them purchasing these products. Many
have tried automatic car washing machines and
many have seen the massive swirls and marring
that can occur from them and their cars cars
paintwork. Nothing beats a hand car wash with
Pearl waterless car wash product and a microfiber
towel. Since this is done by a hand and with a
super soft microfiber towel, it is very gentle on
the paint. This is unlike those giant automatic
car washes which can and often does leave
scratches on the surface of your car. You should
try this product out to see if you like it as
much as millions of other people do. Thousands of
car detailing centres around the world are
focused on offering the very best detailing
services. Many have failed to offer a new array
of services that would keep costumers keep on
coming back
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Cleaning the car quickly and efficiently with a
high quality Waterless Car Wash product is one
way to win them back. Cleaning them quickly and
not having the customer stand around for hours is
the name of the game. Integrating Waterless Car
Washing can bring excellent impact to their
business. By using a Green product and offering
an environmentally friendly service you can gain
the trust of the eco-minded costumers. This may
increase your sales and many more costumers could
be interested in doing business with you. Pearl
Waterless Car Wash products has been a pioneering
brand that has reached the far corners of the
world with our products around all continents.
With years of constant improvement and research
to develop the best waterless and conventional
products is the main focus of Pearl Waterless.
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Our products have been commercially tested and
accepted by many companies in 60 countries
around the globe. Many have become international
importers and offer their own style of waterless
car cleaning business in their country. Some with
the Pearl brand and other with their own private
label branding. Pearl Waterless Car Wash
International importers are from US, UK, Romania,
Finland and more locations. Pearl Global
Limited is the home of Europes leading ISO
Accredited Manufacturer in Environment-Friendly
Premium Waterless Car Wash, Cleaning,
Maintenance, Detailing, Rectification and
Exterior Interior Protection Products.
Safeguard your business and your clients
vehicles with the best products available on the
Planet. Go With Pearl. If you are a car owner
searching for a new or better way to clean your
car, its is good idea to keep a 750ml bottle in
your car at all times. Its worth the money,
especially when your car stands out like you are
entering a car show. Get an instant shine in
minimum time. Choose Pearl Waterless products.
Spray wipe and buff and you get WASH, POLISH and
WAX in one step. Satisfaction guarantee.
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Waterless Car Wash and Detail centers are popping
up all over. We are here to help every one of
them. 20 years experience giving them the help
they need. Products, Mentorship, Media Promotions
and much more. We do it all. Just add hustle. If
you are interested in purchasing the Pearl
Waterless Car Wash products, please contact Dave
and set up a time/ date/ time to meet On the
phone or on Skype. 866 285-1051  Ask about ordering a sample
kit and our latest price list 
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