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Is Selling Beats Online Dead?

Description: Don't listen to anybody who says selling beats online is dead. There's plenty of ways to sell beats online today with Facebook ads leading the way. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Is Selling Beats Online Dead?

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  • Facebook is a powerful website to market your
    beat selling website on.
  • For one, its still the cheapest paid traffic
    source online today compared to Google Adwords,
    buying ad space on websites to solo ads.

  • Most music producers are looking to sell beats
    through Facebook and thats a huge mistake.
  • Facebook is a social media website, people go on
    Facebook to socialize, people dont go on
    Facebook to buy a product.
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  • The strategy we always recommend when doing
    Facebook ads is give away something for free.
  • Grab the email, build the relationship and then
    do the selling.
  • Its simple as 1, 2, 3 and it works.

  • The problem with us producers is we want the
    sales now without building the foundation of the
    business, and email will be the foundation of the
    music production business like it or not..
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  • Theres so many targeting options that you can
    use on Facebook that you cant really find
    nowhere else.
  • You got custom audiences where you can add a code
    to your website and target your website visitors
    which will decrease your ad spent.
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  • Doing Facebook ads, the right way is the key to
    the growth of your business.
  • If you master Facebook ads, you dont have to
    worry about traffic anymore.
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  • Retargeting is the cream of the crop on Facebook.
  • Lets say we created an ad that is giving away a
    free instrumental. Facebook gives us the option
    to add a tracking code on that signup page.

  • What this code will do is create a custom
    audience for you of people who already visited
    your website.
  • What makes this so powerful is that you can
    create another ad that targets that audience that
    Facebook helped build for you.
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  • You can promote your beats directly to this
    audience and will have a better chance of
    converting them into sales or leads
  • Remember, theyve been to your website and they
    already know its legit.
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  • Another important thing you should do when using
    Facebooks ads to promote your music production
    business is test the ads with different images,
    different headlines and different opt-in pages.
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  • You want to see which ad performs best and
    Facebook makes it real simple to find out which
    ad is your top performance ad.
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  • On the first day or two of running a Facebook ad,
    you are going to see your cost way up and thats
    natural, so dont be alarmed.
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  • If you dont see the cost go down after 3 to 4
    days, then you pause that ad.
  • Just dont be so quick to pull the trigger and
    pause it after 1 day because the Facebook
    algorithm takes some time searching for the right
    audience for you.
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