Five Easy Ways to Fade Hair Dye and Experts’ Views on Dyeing Hair Extensions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Five Easy Ways to Fade Hair Dye and Experts’ Views on Dyeing Hair Extensions


Their specialty is that they don’t harm natural hair color. They only remove artificial dye pigment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Five Easy Ways to Fade Hair Dye and Experts’ Views on Dyeing Hair Extensions

Five Easy Ways to Fade Hair Dye and Experts
Views on Dyeing Hair Extensions
  • Before you try anything on your hair to remove
    dye, decide what exact shade you wish to achieve.
    Do you want a pale shade for dying your hair
    another dark color? Or do you wish to remove
    unwanted dark tones?
  • Once you decide, choose one method that suits you.

How to fade hair dye through color removers
  • Color removers are similar to bleach but remove
    color with the least damage to tresses. Their
    specialty is that they dont harm natural hair
    color. They only remove artificial dye pigment.

  • Removers work by shrinking color molecules and
    letting them get washed off. You must read the
    instructions carefully before using any. Some
    removers can be used a couple of times to fade
    permanent dye. For example, if the instructions
    say you need to rinse your hair for 10 minutes,
    do it.

Can anti-dandruff shampoo remove color?
  • Yes!
  • The shampoo can remove pastel shades and other
    unwanted tones from hair. Blond hair gone ashy or
    hair that displays a tint of color from a
    previous treatment can benefit from a few washes
    with this shampoo. It lightens up the color

Use of sulfate-laden shampoo
  • Sulfates are known to fade hair color. However,
    they are also detrimental to overall hair health.
    They can roughen hair and cause an itchy scalp.
  • You may use it for a few washes, but then give
    your hair a nice, rejuvenating treatment with a
    high-quality sulfate-free shampoo. Stick to this
    shampoo thereafter.

Feed your hair vitamin C!
  • According to hair stylists, effervescent vitamin
    C tablets when mixed with shampoo can work as an
    effective dye remover.
  • Crush 2 tablets of 1000-mg vitamin C, and mix the
    powder into your shampoo. Apply this mixture
    immediately to your hair. Make sure each strand
    is smeared with the mixture. Wear a hair cap. Let
    the mixture stay for 20 minutes. Rinse with
    water. Finish off with a conditioner.

How to fade hair dye through bleach
  • According to experts, bleach should be your last
    resort to remove hair. This is the most powerful
    method to remove color, but it is also the
    harshest. It can damage your tresses.
  • According to hair stylists, before you rush to
    bleach your hair, know that bleaching fresh color
    can give you shocking results.

  • Dark blue hair dye can turn into bright pink on
    hair while bleaching.
  • Green colors may turn neon yellow.
  • Purple dye may turn pink.

  • Experts suggest washing out as much dye as
    possible through bleach. However, they also
    suggest avoiding this method and using it only
    when everything else fails.

  • It is good to consult experienced hair stylists
    before using any of these methods. They can give
    you tips on hair safety and effective removal of
    dye. They can answer your queries regarding hair
    coloryes, even the weirdest queries.

  • One of the queries that hair stylists get is Can
    I dye my hair extensions? This is mostly from
    fashion freaks.
  • The answer is Yes.
  • But . . .

  • Hair extensions are generally treated with
    silicone oil. This is to protect them and give
    them a shiny, soft finish. So, according to
    stylists, although it is a bit tough to color
    them, you can still do it if you are determined.

  • Avoid coloring extensions straight from the box.
    Wash them first. You might need some bleach to
    remove silicon oil so that the hair can grip the
    dye. Beware of using excess bleach. It can damage
    your extensions and crash your dreams of
    flaunting fashionable hair.

  • Stylists recommend performing a strand test to
    know exactly what the dye will do to the hair.
    Hair experts dont recommend dyeing hair
    extensions. The choice is yours.
  • Best wishes!