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Useful Tips to Increase Your Web Security


Cyberoam offers web protection and content security against a wide range of web-based threats, including the entry of malware, phishing, pharming and intrusions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Useful Tips to Increase Your Web Security

Useful Tips to Increase Your Web Security
Web Security
  • Web application security is the process of
    securing confidential data stored online from
    unauthorized access and modification. This is
    accomplished by enforcing stringent policy
    measures. Security threats can compromise the
    data stored by an organization is hackers with
    malicious intentions try to gain access to
    sensitive information.

Importance of Better Web Security
  • A number of Indian companies have admitted that
    they use web security systems that are using the
    same kind of security systems used by their
    clients. There have also been amendments made to
    the legal laws that work for web protection.
  • According to a paper provided by Nasscom
    Information Technology Act, 2000, states in
    numerous provisions that it is entitled to keep a
    regular check on the tampering with computer
    source codes, breach of privacy, hacking, as well
    as unauthorized download of any kind of data.

Web Application Risks
Web vandalism and defacement Use of Path
Traversal exploits the attackers to access to
some parts of your website. Repudiation of
Service attacks Attackers overload your server
by manipulating incoming web traffic, causing a
crash. Visitors who come to your website to
purchase products or get information get
logged-out due to unavailability of the
page. Stolen user information Using SQL
Injection, attackers access any data stored in
the database of your website. Information like
customer credit cards, accounts and personal
details, can be stolen or manipulated. The
victims are easily tricked by the attackers via
cross-site scripting. Being flagged as
malicious by the search engines Attackers upload
various malicious software to cripple or sabotage
your website in one way or the other, These
include Trojan horses, adware, keystroke loggers,
spyware and other malware.
Preventing Web Application Attacks
  • Vulnerability assessments and code reviews are
    excellent ways to seek out and patch known
    vulnerabilities in a web application.
  • A web application firewall (WAF) helps to protect
    the web application with the help of application
    control or by regulating access for input and
    output operations.
  • A WAF inspects every SOAP, HTML, HTTPS and
    XML-RPC data packet. With the help of
    customizable inspection, attacks such as buffer
    overflows, XSS, session hijacking and SQL
    injection are kept at bay.
  • It detects and prevents unknown attacks by
    looking at unfamiliar patterns in traffic data.

Mechanism of Security
  • VPNs are unable to make anonymous online
    connections, they can only increase privacy and
    security. They typically allow the use of
    encryption techniques and authenticated remote
    access. Security models are as follows
  • Confidentiality an attacker would be able to
    see only the encrypted data, even if network is
    sniffed at packet level.
  • Sender authentication for the prevention of
    unauthorized access.
  • Message integrity for the detection of any such
    tampering instances with transmitted messages.

How to Improve Your Bizs Security
  • Secured network is difficult to breach
  • Unprotected system are easily targeted
  • Threats also occur from within
  • Change your mind
  • Know the Basics
  • Keep Your Security Tools Updated

5 Things Administrators Need to do to Ensure
proper Web Security
  • Get a Secure Emailing Package E-mailing is a
    central aspect of every organization.
    Unfortunately a lot things go wrong while sending
    emails you may wind up sending crucial
    information to wrong parties, receive virus
    through mail or wind up losing your mail to the
    web. This is the reason why it is necessary to
    subscribe to a comprehensive email security
    package that provides protection against all
  • Keep Your Servers Patched If you dont keep
    your system or services patched, you may be
    vulnerable to many kind of exploits. Keep all
    your software, OS, and clients secured through
    appropriate patches and anti- viruses to avoid
    security breaches and viral attacks.
  • Use Complex Passwords Whenever you are
    accessing any internal web space or tools to
    manipulate the website in any way through a
    username and password, remember to use a complex,
    long, alphanumeric ones, with special symbols and
    integers. Were guessing we dont need to explain

5 Things Administrators Need to do to Ensure
proper Web Security(Cont.)
  • Use the Latest Web Browser Version to Access the
    Website Any given version of a browser gets
    older and more vulnerable with time, as hackers
    and phishers keep identifying its loopholes and
    ways to exploit them. This the reason why it is
    necessary to use the latest web browser version.
    If you dont use the absolutely latest version of
    your choice of web browser, you are nothing more
    a sitting duck for sophisticated hackers.
  • Make Sure Your Firewall Is On Firewall takes
    out most viruses before they even think about
    taking over whats yours. Just be sure that
    youre using a reliable, modern firewall from a
    bankable provider.It only takes one security
    breach to lose your valuable data. This makes it
    necessary to take care of just a few elementary
    things to avoid such a situation.

Advantages of Web Security
  • Protects the user's computer from viruses
  • Easily navigable to which websites are contained
    with malware
  • Easy to renew after the subscription is expired
  • Real inspection of malware codes prevents worms
    from infecting computer
  • Can be shared through communication channels

Disadvantages of Web Security
  • The computer may run slower if too many web
    security applications are applied
  • Expensive to maintain and purchase
  • The Web Security software will not block all
  • Most web security software programs have been
    proven to be easily passed through (McAfee, Spy
  • There are some computers that run fine
    without complete web security

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