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Health foods through food substances


Get balanced diet by understanding health foods to consume. Develop healthy eating habits through learning food substances. Visit PPT to know more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Health foods through food substances

Ayurvedic science of food substances by
Prakruti JiyoFresh. (Part3)--
  • Hello folks,
  • We are at the last part of our threefold food
    substances understanding. Our last two parts
    explained how you can gain control and increase
    your body efficiencies. This article explains how
    you can nourish micro organs, dissolve toxins and
    much more. So, lets start.

  • Khar Foods -
  • Khar food substances are very good fiber rich
    supplies. They regulate blood sugar, decrease
    toxins and other unwanted substances from our
    body. Khar controls cholesterol and kapha dosha.
  • Source for Khar Foods- Nachni.

  • Fatty Foods -
  • Little do we know that fatty foods (when in
    moderation) provide stability and strength to
    cover internal as well as external organs. They
    spread slowly but are very effective. But
    definitely take time to get digested. Excessive
    consumption leads to increase in kapha dosha,
    cholesterol, constricted veins etc.
  • Sources for Fatty Foods - Meat, milk, milk

  • Sukshma Foods -
  • Sukshma dravya work on detailed body parts.
    These food substances heal macro as well as micro
    organs. Unlike fatty substances, sukshma spread
    and act fast. They heal internal health issues
    and excrete harmful substances.
  • Sources for Sukshma Foods- Medicated mixtures,
    shatadhaut grut.

  • Pichchhil Foods -
  • These foods give essential layers to internal
    organs including large intestine, small intestine
    etc. These foodstuffs provide natural oils to
    body organs, help cover wounds etc. But
    accelerate kapha dosha while decreasing pitta
  • Source for Pichchhil Foods- ladyfinger.

  • Shlakshan Food -
  • Such edibles help in recovery of any body
    erosion. It lubricates intestines, helps ease
    constipation and digestion related problems,
    strengthens organs etc. But excessive consumption
    leads to imbalance in kapha dosha.
  • Source of shlakshan food - Ghee.

  • Drav -
  • It dissolves toxins, moisturises organs,
    satiates internal and external organs, helps
    digestion and provide numerous other health
  • Source of Drav- milk, water.
  • Sandra Dravya -
  • Such foods keep organs well connected, provide
    flexibility to joint bones and supply skin
    collagen. It also keeps body sculpted and firm.
  • Source of Sandra Dravya - butter, moog dal

  • These are the 20 types of food substances
    classified by ayurveda. Our audience can now
    enjoy being their own food planners. But getting
    key to good health is keeping things in
    moderation. Anything in excess is damaging for
  • Exercise and disciplined routine is important
    but your diet largely defines your longterm
    health. You can keep an eye on early signs of
    chronic health problems and try to overcome them
    with appropriate food substances.
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