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Matcha Green Tea Powder


Why Matcha Green Tea Is Considered 'superhero' Of All The Teas? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • Why Matcha Green Tea Is Considered 'superhero' Of
    All The Teas?

Matcha Green Tea Is Favored Over Black Tea As
  • Black tea is fully fermented and toxins can be
    introduced during that process while matcha green
    tea powder is the least treated form of the tea.
  • This green tea has several times more
    anti-oxidants and other nutrients than black tea.
  • Matcha tastes distinct and is more delicious than
    black tea.
  • Black teas have caffeine which is harmful to
    health, while matcha's caffeine is healthy.

Why Matcha Green Tea Is Replacing Other Green
  • A bowl of matcha tea is approximately equivalent
    to 10 cups of green tea.
  • While you get only a fraction of neutrients in
    green tea, the green tea powder allows to consume
    leaf as a whole and so there is no nutrition
  • Green teas taste smoky and bitter in taste while
    matcha tea tastes awesomely delicious.

Some Health Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea
  • Fortifies immune system and prevents infectious
  • Induces calm alertness, improves memory and keeps
    you fit and energized.
  • Combats cancer, detoxifies the body and enhances
    leaning capabilities.
  • Improves cholesterol, metabolic rate and promotes
    weight reduction.

What Makes This Tea Distinct From Others?
  • Unlike Chinese oolong tea, black tea, green and
    several flavored teas, organic matcha green tea
    powder allows you to relish each content of it.
  • These teas are processed and oxidized at varying
    levels while in the later leaves undergo only
    grinding process and so there is no nutrient
  • It's taste is distinct and no other tea carries a
    rich arsenal of several nutrients unlike matcha.
  • Matcha tea contains no added preservatives or
    flavors and you consume what comes direct from
    the nature.

How To Identify Whether Or Not A Green Tea Powder
Is Matcha?
  • Matcha is sourced only from Japan and no other
    location in the world.
  • The smooth, talc-like texture and full greenish
    color of powder ensures that you're buying
    organic matcha green tea powder.
  • Cheap rate indicates poor quality or may be the
    product is not organic.

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