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Superior Singing Method Book Review


Superior Singing Method Review – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Superior Singing Method Book Review

Superior Singing Method Review
  • Whenever an aspiring singer approaches me to
    become their vocal coach I always ask them what
    they are trying to achieve. One of the most
    common answers is that they want to Superior
    Singing Method become a professional singer. In
    most cases, after I hear them sing a couple of
    lines I know they have quite a way to go if they
    want to comply with the standards of professional
    singing. I do make a distinction between
    professional singing, which is essentially
    getting paid money to sing, and the standards of
    professional singing, which are what you should
    aspire to if you truly want to learn your craft
    and gain the respect of your peers.
  • As you may have surmised from the above
    paragraph, I have a much more critical ear when
    it comes to judging the quality of singing. The
    closest thing I would compare myself with
    Superior Singing Method Review is a ballet
    instructor because I do not only look for talent
    but also a strong grasp of the fundamentals. When
    the general public views a ballet dancer they see
    the grace and the poise. However, experts in the
    field see more. They are first and foremost
    looking at the compulsory elements which are
    required for all ballet dancers at the
    professional level.

  • After they see that these basic elements have
    been mastered they then view how graceful and
    poised the dancer is, ie. their artistic
    impression. I listen to singers as a professional
    vocal coach not a casual music fan. I too am
    looking to see if the basic elements required for
    professional singing are in place. If a singer is
    pulling on their vocal chords and howling like a
    cat in heat, the audience can Superior Singing
    Method Book tell the singing is not that great, I
    can tell exactly what the singer is doing wrong.
    I can also pick up the smaller mistakes by more
    accomplished singers that the general audience
  • The amount of equipment that you will need to
    bring on tour with you will depend upon where you
    will be playing, the number of instruments and
    performers in your band and your budget. The
    biggest tours take truckloads of equipment with
    them so Superior Singing Method Review that they
    can turn up at any venue and set up the stage
    using only their own equipment. Smaller bands
    will usually have to rely much more on the
    equipment provided by the venue, although even
    bringing something as seemingly inconsequential
    as your own guitar leads and microphone cables
    can help to improve the quality of your sound
    since poor quality cables can suffer from

  • Organize your tour carefully. Know where you will
    be, when, and how you are getting there. Check
    what equipment is available at each of your
    venues, and work out what items you need to bring
    with you. If the equipment at some of your venues
    is not of high enough quality, try to bring your
    own to use instead.
  • You will almost certainly Superior Singing Method
    Review want to travel with your own instruments.
    In addition to this, you may want to bring audio
    equipment such as amps and microphones, lighting
    and cables. Many venues will expect you to use
    your own cables. Carry spares of any items that
    are likely to be lost or damaged, such as guitar
    picks, stings and cables.
  • Make sure that your equipment will be compatible
    with any items that you will be using at the
    venue. You will need to bring the right sorts of
    cables and leads, so check what sort of
    connectors will be necessary. If you are touring
    overseas, you should check whether you will be
    able to plug your equipment directly into the
    power sockets or if you will need an adaptor or
    new power cables.

  • It is always useful to have some CD's and other
    merchandise to sell at performances, and you
    should also consider bringing flyers with your
    tour dates listed on them. Carry an Superior
    Singing Method Review inventory listing all of
    your equipment and use it to check that
    everything has been packed away safely before you
    leave the venue. Try to keep everything as neat
    as possible as it will make setting up at your
    next stop much easier. You don't want to waste
    your time untangling cables. If your tour is
    taking you overseas or by air, you will need to
    take additional care packing your equipment. You
    may also need to fill in a customs declaration.
  • A new form of "music" today is being produced
    through the use of modern technology. The
    targeted market in which this product is geared
    to is familiar with this concept under the laymen
    terms as "beats". This modern form of creating
    music is ready to take the producing of music
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