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Why we love fish


According to studies conducted in America, aquarium fish are the second most popular pet in the U.S. with more than 7.4 million American households keeping aquarium fish. More info: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Why we love fish

Why we love Fish
Fishkeeping According to studies conducted in
America, aquarium fish are the second most
popular pet in the U.S. with more than 7.4
million American households keeping aquarium
fish. Ever since the worlds first public fish
tank was exhibited in 1853, America and the rest
of the world have become obsessed with aquariums
and fish.
Have you ever wondered why aquariums and aquarium
fish are such a success in America and other
countries? Here are five reasons why
Therapeutic effects Research studies have shown
that aquariums have therapeutic effects. This was
proven by researchers from Purdue University who
studied the effects of showing aquariums with
colorful fish to Alzheimers patients, and found
that both their behavior and eating habits
changed. The study showed that those who had
contact with aquariums and fish were more
relaxed, alert and were eating more food than
Stress relief Many people feel stressed because
they have tight schedules to keep and a ton of
things to do at home, at school and at work.
Regular looking at an aquarium causes blood
pressure to go down helping you to calm your
nerves. The calmness, silence and motions of
aquarium fish have a soothing effect on any
stressed-out person. What are you likely to find
in the waiting room of a doctors office or a
dentists office? An aquarium, of course! Fish
tanks are used by doctors to reduce patients
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Good for children If you have a hyperactive
child, fishkeeping is the calming solution youve
been looking for. Fish tanks are also a great way
to help children get better grades at school.
Studies have actually shown that students who
have aquarium fish at home tend to perform better
in math and oral exams than their peers with no
pets or aquarium.
Both parents and teachers can use a fish tank and
aquarium fish to teach their children to
appreciate and care for the nature. It is also an
effective way to reduce the fear of animals in
children. A fish tank will also foster your
childrens creativity if you allow them to help
you set it up. By assigning chores to children,
such as feeding the fish, you will also teach
them discipline.
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Decoration An aquarium is a beautiful addition to
every home and any other venue displaying fish as
a decoration. With the right lighting and
appealing decor, your home will be sure to
inspire envy from your friends.
Harmony As fish swim in water, they make no
sounds at all. That way, you can have a pet and
enjoy peace and harmony at the same time. Unlike
cats, fish dont meow. Animals have always been
considered mans companions. Compared to other
pets, the benefits of keeping aquarium fish are
very high.
If you dont believe it, get an aquarium, and
enjoy the five reasons why aquarium fish are
great pets to keep instead of a dog or
cat. Fishkeeping is fantastic!
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