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350-080 CCIE Data Center VCE Braindumps


The CCIE Data Center written exam validates an engineer's ability to design scalable, reliable, and intelligent Data Center Virtualization solutions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 350-080 CCIE Data Center VCE Braindumps

350-080 CCIE DC
  • CCIE Data Center Exam

350-080 CCIE DC Exam Archive
  • 1.0 Cisco Data Center Architecture
  • 2.0 Cisco Data Center Infrastructure-Cisco NX-OS
  • 3.0 Cisco Storage Networking
  • 4.0 Cisco Data Center Virtualization
  • 5.0 Cisco Unified Computing System
  • 6.0 Cisco Application Networking Services

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CCIE Data Centre
What Are the CCIE Data Center Exam Like?
  • Exams are proctored, timed, and delivered in a
    secure environment. Most exams last approximately
    one to two hours. Lab exams typically last eight
  • Candidates must acknowledge the Cisco
    Certifications and Confidentiality Agreement
    online at the authorized testing center prior to
    taking any Cisco Certification exam. Candidates
    will not be able to proceed with the exam and a
    refund will not be provided. Signing this legal
    agreement is required to be officially certified.
  • Exams can be very challenging, going beyond
    simple recall and requiring candidates to engage
    in on the job types of problem solving. Questions
    include multiple-choice single answer,
    multiple-choice multiple answers, drag and drop,
    fill in the blank and simulations. An Exam
    Tutorial is available to demonstrate the various
    question formats.
  • Exams other than CCIE lab exams are delivered
    online, with questions in sequence, and do not
    allow a candidate to "mark" and return to an exam
  • Candidates will be provided with an erasable note
    board and marker for notes and calculations to
    assist them as they answer the questions.
  • Exams may contain non-scored items to collect
    performance data on new items. Non-scored items
    are not used in determining the passing score nor
    are reported in a subsection of the score report.
    All non-scored items are randomly placed in the
    exam with sufficient time calculated and given to
    complete the entire exam.
  • At the completion of computer-based exams,
    candidates receive a score report along with a
    score breakout by exam section and the passing
    score for the given exam. Lab exams are Pass/Fail
    and results are available online (using login)
    within 48 hours.
  • Cisco does not publish exam passing scores
    because exam questions and passing scores are
    subject to change without notice.

CCIE Data Center Training
What Are the CCIE Data Center Are Requirements?
Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Data Center
(CCIE Data Center) certifies the expert-level
skills required to plan, prepare, operate,
monitor, and troubleshoot complex data center
networks. Professionals who achieve CCIE Data
Center certification have demonstrated their
technical skills at the highest level.
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Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Data Center
The best way to prepare for this certification is
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Expert-Level Training for CCIE Data Center Cisco
Expert-Level Training for CCIE Data Center is a
complete blended learning program to accelerate
competency and build the skills that are
necessary for expert-level certification.
Data Center Certification Comparison Chart
CCIE Data Sample Questions Overview
The sample questions are representative of the
type of questions found in the portion of the
CCIE Data Center written exam that covers
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Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Topic 2, Cisco Data Center InfrastructureCisco
Question No 1 - (Topic 2)
Which statements are valid for a local SPAN
configuration? (Choose two.) A. Source and
destination interface must be on the same host B.
Source and destination interfaces can be on
different hosts C. Destination vEthernet
interface can be on a different VLAN than the
source D. Destination interface can be a physical
port E. Destination interface cannot be a
physical port
Answer AD
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Question No 2 - (Topic 2)
Cisco NX-OS Software supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c,
and SNMPv3. Both SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c use a
community-based form of security. SNMPv3 provides
secure access to devices by a combination of
authenticating and encrypting frames over the
network. Which security features are provided in
Cisco NX-OS SNMPv3? (Choose three.) A.
encryptionscrambles the packet contents to
prevent them from being seen by unauthorized
sources B. passworda password (community string)
sent in clear text between a manager and agent
for added protection C. authenticationdetermines
that the message is from a valid source D.
message integrityensures that a packet has not
been tampered with while it was in transit E.
userto determine if user authentication is used
instead of community strings
Answer A,C,D
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Question No 3 - (Topic 2)
OTV is a MAC-in-IP method that extends Layer 2
connectivity across a transport network
infrastructure. Which three options are
high-availability features? (Choose three.) A.
OTV fast convergence B. fast failure detection C.
added the track-adjacency-nexthop command to
enable overlay route tracking D. added support
for unicast cores using an adjacency server E.
added support for IPv6 unicast forwarding and
multicast flooding across the OTV overlay
Answer A,B,C
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Question No 4 - (Topic 2)
Which statement about the Adapter FEX feature on
the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is true? A.
Adapter FEX is a software feature that can be
configured on any CNA as long as the Nexus 5000
is running a version of code that supports
Adapter FEX. B. Adapter FEX can be thought of as
a way to divide a single physical link into
multiple virtual links or channels. C. Packets on
each channel are tagged with an 801.Q header that
has a specific source VIF. D. When using a
dual-homed NIC on the server, active/standby is
not supported. Only active/active is supported.
Answer B
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Question No 5 - (Topic 2)
Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) join
interface is used to source the OTV encapsulated
traffic and send it to the Layer 3 domain of the
data center network. Which statements are true
about OTV join interface? (Choose three.) A.
Join interface is a Layer 3 entity, and with the
Cisco NX-OS release 6.0, it can only be defined
as a physical interface, physical subinterface,
Layer 3 port channel, or Layer 3 port channel
subinterface. B. A single join interface can be
defined and associated with a given OTV
overlay. C. Multiple overlays can also share the
same join interface. D. Join interface can be a
loopback interface. E. The join interface is a
Layer 3 entity that can be defined as a physical
interface but not as a logical one.
Answer A,B,C
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Question No 6 - (Topic 2)
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Topic 3, Cisco Storage Networking
Question No 7 - (Topic 3)
Which statement about the SAN Extension Tuner is
true? A. The SET configuration is persistent
across reboots. B. The virtual N Ports that are
created will register the FC4 features that are
supported with the name server. C. Only SCSI read
and write commands are implemented. D. SET cannot
be used if iSCSI is enabled. E. The data pattern
that is used for the data that is generated
between the virtual N Ports can be an all-zero
pattern or an all-ones pattern. No other data
patterns can be used.
Answer C
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Question No 8 - (Topic 3)
DCNM is capable of monitoring the network
performance of a SAN. What are the three primary
areas of this operation? A. Analyze traffic,
device management, and network monitoring B.
DCNM-SAN, DCNM-LAN, and device manager C.
Definition of flows, information collection, and
data presentation D. SNMP poll data, MIB
analysis, and report generation
Answer C
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Topic 4, Cisco Storage Networking
Question No 9 - (Topic 4)
Which two methods can be used to install the
Cisco Nexus 1000V VEM on an ESXi host? (Choose
two.) A. Installation using VMware Update
Manager B. Iinstallation via the esxupdate/esxcli
command with a tar.gz file C. Installation via
the esxupdate/esxcli command with a .vib file D.
Copying VEM executable files to ESXi host /bin E.
Installation from the VSM using the vem install
host command F. Installation from the VSM using
FTP and the vem auto-install command
Answer A,C
Cisco 350-080 Practice Test
Topic 6, Cisco Application Networking Services
Question No 10 - (Topic 6)
KAL-AP on the Cisco ACE allows communication with
Cisco ACE Global Site Selector, to report virtual
IP and real server availability. Which statement
is true about KAL-AP? A. It is a Cisco propriety
keepalive. B. It supports a maximum of 256 KAL-AP
entries. C. It supports a maximum of 256 KAL-AP
keepalives. D. It is used for both Cisco and
non-cisco load balancers
Answer A
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