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Assistive Listening Devices


Effective,portable assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired from Conversor. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices
Conversor Assistive Listening Devices
Conversor assistive listening devices are
portable, lightweight and adaptable to key
scenarios where sound can be an issue. So whether
you want to absorb new information more
comfortably in classes, be on the ball for a new
client meeting, or just perform your daily tasks
more easily, Conversor is there to support you.
Conversor Pro
Conversor Pro helps you to hear better in
difficult or noisy environments such as a
restaurant, meeting place or conference or
lecture hall. Conversor Pro also helps you to
hear better when listening to the TV. View more
Listenor Pro with earphones
Listenor Pro is an amplified listener which is
ideal for individuals who have a mild to moderate
hearing loss. View more details...
Conversor 3RX Multi-Channel receiver
Conversor Pro 3 Channel receiver is designed for
using 2 to three transmitters at the same time
with one or more receivers. View more details...
Conversor Pro Kit
Conversor Pro kit is a Conversor Pro with an
additional Conversor Pro receiver and power
supply unit ideal for two people listening to the
same speaker or TV sound. View more details...
Conversor TV Pro transmitter
Conversor TV Pro transmitter is a wireless radio
transmitter which can be plugged in to a TV,
audio or sound system and broadcasts the sound to
one or more Conversor Pro wireless receivers.
View more details...
Conversor Pro Plus
Conversor Pro Plus gives you two affordable
assistive listening devices for the price of one
that offers the user the versatility to enjoy the
most out of everyday life. View more details...
TV Pro
Conversor TV Pro is an ideal companion for
watching the television or listening to radio at
home. View more details...
If you are with a group of individuals with
varying degrees of hearing loss Conversor Pro
Multipack can be an ideal solution for use in
meetings, lectures, conferences and school
classrooms to improve the quality of sound you
hear. View more details...
Conversor Pro Notetaking kit-1
This kit is for a hearing aid wearer who wishes
to listen to the speaker and record the speaker's
voice at the same time. View more details...
Conversor Pro Notetaking kit-2
Make better notes on your smartphone or tablet
using Conversor Pro as a wireless microphone.
Place the Conversor Pro microphone next to the
speaker and transmit their voice wirelessly to
the Conversor Pro receiver which is connected to
the smartphone or tablet using the Conversor
cable and connection kit. View more details...
Conversor TV Pro upgrade kit
Conversor Pro TV Pro upgrade kit for your
Conversor Pro provides you with two transmitters
to use with your Conversor Pro receiver. View
more details...
Listenor Pro with headphones
Listenor Pro is an amplified listener which is
ideal for individuals who have a mild to moderate
hearing loss. View more details...
Listenor Pro with inductive neck loop
Listenor Pro with an inductive neck loop for
listening with your hearing aid. Listenor Pro
will help you hear what your friends are saying
and can also help you amplify the sound from your
audio devices, like an MP3 player, PC or other
device. View more details...
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