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Famous astrologer Delhi | Famous astrologer Mumbai | Famous astrologer in Kolkata


Welcome to a famous astrologer in Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkata where you are at the centre. A genuine astrologer in Mumbai where all your problems are solved, your pain and agony are put at bay. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Famous astrologer Delhi | Famous astrologer Mumbai | Famous astrologer in Kolkata

Spiritual sadhana

Definition of Astrology
  •  A study of the positions and relationships of
    the sun, moon, stars, and planets in order to
    judge their influence on human actions. Astrology,
    unlike astronomy, is not a scientific study and
    has been much criticized by scientists. (See

Nature of Astrology
  • Uses
  • Hersonality
  • Horoscopes
  • Synastry / Compatibility
  • Bio / Body / Health
  • Career

History of Astrology
  • Astrology dates back as far as 20,000 years
  • Carvings on bones that are indicative of an
    interest in the motion of the moon
  • Today's Astrology
  • Esoteric
  • Dates back 4,000 years to around 1792 bc. in
    Mesopotamiamodern day Iraq

History of Astrology
  • Big Step for Astrology
  • Alexander the Great conquers Mesopotamia (331
    bc.) and takes Astrology back to Greeks
  • Astrology spreads through Europe when the Romans
    march through Europe
  • Society, from peasants to emperors, easily
    accepted Astrology

History of Astrology
  • The Mayans were practicing their own form of
  • Developed a 260 day calendar
  • Day you are born influences your whole life
  • They predicted the Conquistadors in 1519
  • Said the world is predicted to end 21 December
    2012, because of a 5,000 year rotation of
    destruction and new build

History of Astrology
  • Johannes Kepler the Father of Modern Astrology
    (17th century)
  • devised a theory to answer the riddle of the star
    of Bethlehem.
  • Early in the century he had observed a rare
    conjunction of planets Jupiter and Saturn in

History of Astrology
  • Johannes Kepler
  • They appeared to be a single star to the naked
    eyehe calculated the last date this occurred to
    be 7 bc.could this be when the wise men saw the
    star and baby Jesus was born?

History of Astrology
  • Evangeline Adams
  • made Astrology popular early this century with
    the launching of radio
  • She had her own show, where she gave people
    horoscopes and predicted their future.
  • Ms. Adams was arrested for fraud by
    fortune-telling in NY, she could have paid a
    fine, instead she forced it to court.

History of Astrology
  • Evangeline Adams
  • This put astrology on trial, for the first time
    Astrology was proven in a court of law.
  • Ms Adams was presented with an anonymous birth
    chart, she gave a detailed personality profile
    and predicted an early death by water, the birth
    chart was that of the judges son, who had just
  • Even Hitler had to do with Astrology

Methodology of Astrology
  • Terms
  • Chart
  • Signs (12)
  • Planets (10)
  • Houses (12)
  • Ascendent / Descendent
  • Midheaven / Lower Heaven
  • Aspects
  • Transits
  • Progressions

Methodology of Astrology
  • Signs
  • By Element
  • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Methodology of Astrology
  • Planets
  • Sun (Wisdom)
  • Moon (Emotion)
  • Mercury (Intelligence)
  • Venus (Love)
  • Mars (Aggression)
  • Jupiter (Luck / Phi)
  • Saturn (Discipline)
  • Uranus (Change)
  • Neptune (Idealism)
  • Pluto (Regeneration)
  • various asteroids

Methodology of Astrology
  • Houses
  • 1st (Self)
  • 2nd (Possessions)
  • 3rd (Knowledge)
  • 4th (Home)
  • 5th (Creativity)
  • 6th (Personal Resp.)
  • 7th (Primary Rel)
  • 8th (Joint Resources)
  • 9th (Social)
  • 10th (Reputation)
  • 11th (Goals / Groups)
  • 12th (Subconscious)

Methodology of Astrology
  • Natal (Birth) Chart
  • First step
  • Essential to everything
  • Map
  • Reading
  • Signs to house
  • Native sign to house
  • Ascendent / Descendent
  • Reading (cont.)
  • Midheaven / Lower Heaven
  • Aspects
  • Transits
  • Progressions

Studies and Debunking
Studies In Astrology
  • Bastedo of Berkley conducted a study of 1,000
    adults (1971) .
  • Tested personality traits of Leos and found no
    correlation for leadership etc.
  • The tendencies did not differ between signs.
  • Gauquelin (1979) gave free horoscopes.
  • Recipients responded to the accuracy.
  • 94 said was accurate and so did 90 of friends
    and family.
  • All of them had the same horoscope--of a mass

Studies In Astrology
  • Australian Skeptics collected horoscope columns
    for the week and rated on good, bad, and vague
  • Found little consistency between horoscopes.
  • For instance, one said it would be a good week,
    one said it would be a bad week.

Studies In Astrology
  • 1985 Harry Edwards checked Old Moores Almanack
    for 1984 predictions.
  • Less than 5 were correct and most could have
    been based on probability.
  • Famous scientists in Astrology (Gauquelin -- who
    had people rate the same horoscope --Newton).
  • Only 10 of Americans believe there cant be
    anything to it.

Debunking Astrology
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Remember coincidences not misses
  • power of suggestion
  • scientists who do believe in astrology doesnt
    prove it.
  • because users believe it works doesnt mean it
  • Electromagnetic effect of a clock would be
    greater than the nearest planet at birth.
  • Correlation does not imply causality.

Debunking Astrology
  • How can we be sure that planets were given the
    correct attributes?
  • Why were there not inaccuracies noted from not
    using yet undiscovered planets such as Uranus,
    Neptune, and Pluto?
  • Most full moon studies causing strange behavior
    have been attributed to suggestion not causality.
    Therefore, the moon does not effect behavior.

Astrology Video
  • Alexander the great introduced Babylonian
    astrology to Greeks
  • Roman empire spread astrology during the spread
    of Christianity
  • Caesar hired astrologists and killed them if they
    did not pass the test. Tiberius said he saw his
    life in danger from unknown source and Caesar
    hired him.

Astrology Video
  • Chinese scholars associated year with animal
  • Mayans developed calendar and day born associated
    with your fate.
  • Part of their names were taken from the day they
    were born.
  • Prophesy in 16th century that light skinned
    bearded men from east would come years before

Astrology Video
  • Mayans
  • Calculated date for the end of world and
    establishment of a new order (December 2012)
  • believed that the world destroys itself every
    5,000 years in order to establish the new order

Astrology Video
  • 1932--archeologists uncovered a 4th century
  • Center of temple was mosaic.
  • One theory was astrology was not forbidden, you
    just should not worship stars as gods.
  • 3 wise men were probably astrologers.
  • Time of Jesus birth was conjunction of Jupiter
    and Saturn and looked like bright star.

Astrology Video
  • 3 wise men
  • Jupiter means kingship, Saturn associated with
    Jews and Pisces symbolized Judea. The three wise
    men may have deduced that the king of the Jews
    was in Judea.
  • Keppler (father of modern astrology) calculated
    the last occurrence of Jupiter and Saturn in
    conjunction being 7 bc.

John D in Astrology
  • 1555 John D hired to draw up chart on Princess
    Elizabeth who had been on house arrest by the
  • Queen Mary was threatening to execute her. D
    said that she wouldnt be executed, but one day
    be Queen.
  • Queen Mary dies shortly and Queen Elizabeth
    appoints D as royal astrologer.

Keppler in Astrology
  • Keppler in 1608 drew chart for military officer.
  • Planet of war (Mars) was prominent.
  • Became a triumphant general.
  • 1632 same general consulted astrologist who said
    conditions were unfavorable.
  • His troops lost.
  • He was found a few days after killed by his own
    soldiers in the month Keppler predicted for his
    death 26 years earlier.

Hitler in Astrology
  • 1924 astrologist predicted the birth day of a
    great German leader.
  • Years later found that was Hitlers.
  • Hitler and his men consulted astrologists.
  • When one said that it was favorable to make peace
    with Britain, one of his men flew over, was
    arrested, and spent his life in jail.
  • After that Hitler put astrologers into
    concentration camps.

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