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Best Way to Lose Weight in a Healthy and Safe Manner


This power point presentation describes about the best way to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Way to Lose Weight in a Healthy and Safe Manner

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Causes of Obesity or Being Overweight
What are the basic causes of obesity or being
overweight? Is that possible to lose weight in a
healthy and safe manner?
Causes of Obesity or Being Overweight
There are many factors that affect a persons
health. These factors offer him with adding extra
mass in his body. They are unhealthy lifestyle
and diet habits, drinking alcohol excessively
medications to treat migraine, hypothyroidism,
and psychological factors like stress and anxiety
and related medicines.
Causes of Obesity or Being Overweight
If a person eats more and does less physical
work, he is likely developing ugly cellulite in
his bodys specific regions.
Causes of Obesity or Being Overweight
It is absolutely possible to lose weight in a
healthy and safe manner. There are certain
numbers of tricks that work wonders to an
individual. These tricks also dont offer any
sort of harmful effects.
Natural Ways to Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner
Now we are going to reveal the top 10 natural
ways to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner.
These steps will greatly help you in getting rid
of the problem without facing any harmful impacts
Plan Your Schedule
Choose any day that is either first day of the
week (Monday) or month (dated as 1st). Be sure of
following the regime positively. Do not skip this
in anyway. Prepare yourself mentally that this
time you are not going to listen to your comfort
Keep Anxiety at Bay
There are many and obvious day to day reasons why
a person feels stressed out or anxious. Do
anything to fight this. Meditation, listening to
music, walking in the natural surroundings,
keeping yourself away from negative entities, are
the few steps you need to take to accomplish
Keep Anxiety at Bay
Psychological distress induces the sugar cravings
Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol is the key culprit that will always stop
you in shedding extra pounds. One needs to avoid
this completely in order to achieve the goal
fast. Start from cutting down few amounts to get
totally rid week by week.
Avoid Junk Foods
Foods like pizza, cheese, ice-cream, brownies or
burgers offer no help in supplying nutrition to
anyones body. They are just meant to increase
the weight. Even their moderate consumption is
harmful to health. They also bring the mood
swings and tiredness.
Exercising enhances blood flow and its nutrient
supplying abilities to all body parts, hence
fastening the metabolism of the body and burning
the accumulated cellulite. Start with a brisk
walking for about 15 minutes for first few weeks,
followed by jogging in the next few weeks for
half an hour to 45 minutes, and then cycling for
1 hour.
Bring a Company
Company of anyone in your family or friends
circle who also desperately wants to reduce
weight like you do. This brings the encouragement
between you two and is yet a proven fact that
this is the best approach in getting the results
soon. But choose the person who has strong will
power, else this ends up in laziness in both.
Sometimes problems like extreme stress or anxiety
induces the persons urge to eat sugary treats on
a regular basis in large amounts. So, one need to
overcome this by means of meditation.
Consume fresh or frozen green leafy vegetables,
fruits (avoid banana), boiled egg, skimmed milk,
nuts, beans and berries. Also fresh citrus fruit
juices and healthy soups cooked at home work
It is recommended to take at least 7 to 8 hours
of sleep in a day. Lack of this affects
everything from psychological issues to tiredness
to weight gain.
Make a Target
Think about a day yet to come when everyone would
gaze at your charming body and you step inside
the hall like you are the boss. This day can be
any festival or one of your relatives or
friends wedding, or farewell. This makes a
person work fast and be serious about the
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